Tiberius Rising

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - CHAPTER 14: BURSTFIRE

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Submitted: July 07, 2014




Ok so basically the building aws .ike this  OK http://imgur.com/Jt7BkvN Except with muslims praying on rugs everywhere, and eveyrhing just not even ready for what was about to happen. when stryker came into the buidling, it was from rappeling in a window. First off though, it was time for Jenkins to crawl into the air duct with his silencer-modded USP, which he did and then aimed at tangos, two of them. Waitignf or the go-time, he heard Ramires bullets burst through the windows at full speed towards the soon-to-be-shredded muslim flesh of the enemy soldiers inside of the base. Just at that same time Stryker’s flashbang flew through the air like an American eagle as it exploded deafening the cowardly terrorists with its pericing eagle cry. When the inside of the base was perforated thoroughly Jenkins could immediately smell the scent of gunfire in the air when he hung down upside-down from the air duct in the middle of the room. He spun around in the air like Batman as he whipped his USP pistol back and forth across the room scoping out tangos down the barrel like there was no tomorrow inside the building he was in so bullets flew as terrified Muslims began desperately shooting back and in a panic, they dropped their Q’urans and picked up AK-47’s and the entire room went from just peaceful praying to a hail of gunfire ine very possible direction dude. However these Muslims were never very accurate with their shots and all but one missed. All but the one that hit jenkins in the shoulder, and it hurt him and sent him him dropping down to the ground. He landed in a breakfall three point landing safely, but he was wounded amist a horde of muslims and corpses on the floor. In every possible direction he was surrounded and he knew he was neck deep in FUBAR. It was at this time in the chaos and panic that Ramirez burst in through the window. He saw jenkins fall and he yelled “DUCK!” Jenkins glanced over just in time and hit the deck, as Ramirez filled the entire room with a chorus of automatic fire. He sweeped back and forth oscillating between each raghead as he sprayed the room with their blood. In the midst of the red mist Ramirez CQC’d his enemies with deadly precision and intentionality with Ramirez mowing down most of the horde but Jenkins was right in the middle of the chaos. He was set on all sides by Muslims mere feet from him and pinned down… at the same perfect timing Stryker burst in.


Stryker shot the window, then frontflipped into the middle of the scenario with his pistol in one hand and a knife in the other and landed on a standing terrorist before sinking his knife into his head as he fell. He got up just in time to counter another enemy coming at him with an AK47 bayonet. Stryker pushed the gun to the side with his pistol in a clever gun kata move as he sunk his knife into the terrorist’s throat to his surprise. By this time most of the living Muslims were either retreating to a defensive cover position to take out the squad either that or they had fled out of the building. After taking his knife back, Stryker looked back to Jenkins, who was being choked out on the floor by a disarmed Muslim. Stryker raced over, and within three bounding steps he kicked the Muslim off his fellow comrade, drew his pistol and ended the bastard’s life. As he did so he holstered his knife and gave Jenkins a hand to help him up. Jenkins was wounded Stryker could tell, the AK47 bullet hit him in the shoulder. Styrker said “Get up! We’re not done yet!” Jenkins choked out “Yes.. Commander!” as he coughed up blood. Stryker helped him get to his feet and supporter him as the two took cover against a radio console. It seemed like all of the enemies were dead now. “Clear!”, he heard over the radio from Ramirez. “Good. Now get in here for some medevac”, Stryker ordered as Ramirez said “Wait… we’ve got movement at the double doors right past you. Someone’s knocking.”. Stryker ordered him to cover the door, and then he grabbed his survival mirror from a pouch and peered around the corner with it. What he saw was bad news indeed.

The steel double doors to the transmitter room kicked open and a hulking silouhette stood in the doorway. There was a hulking terrorist boss just across the room. Seconds later the console that jenkins and stryker were taking cover behind was peppered with seriously intense automatic fire. Sparks flew everywhere and stryker and Jenkins were in deep shit! “RAMIREZ!!!!” Stryker shouted desperately over the radio.

But it was too late. By the time Ramirez swept his gun over and tried to open fire, he was already surpressed by the enemy boss. He was forced to take cover or get his head blown off. “Mierda!”, he swore over his radio. “I’m dry! Cover me, I’m reloading!”  Stryker grimaced. “Shit.” He was truly in a sticky situation iv he’d ever seen one ok dude.

In the midst of the terror Stryker heard a Russian voice laughing evilly. The gunfire intensified and debris flew all around Styrker and Jenkins as they desperately tried to not catch a bullet. The richochet made it even worse off the cement floor because each bullet had an even greater potential to kill them even worse which was super fucking bad news ok.

“FUUUUUUUUUUCK!”, Jenkins drawled out as blood spat from his mouth. Stryker merely listened carefully and his mind worked like a detective to try and get himself safe. “That sounds like AK47 fire”, he said. “Must have drum magazines to keep up a sustained rate of fire.”

To his utter surprise, a Russian voice called out, muffled by his gas mask’s built in voice modulator “You’ve done your homework… JACK. Clever boy, aren’t we?”


Jack Stryker froze. Seizing the moment he took out his hand mirror and peered again but this time he got a better picture of his enemy.


Jack was right. The boss was armed with two AK47’s with drum magazines, he was a serious threat. Worse off he was armored head to toe in what looked like juggernaut armor. It was super-advanced US military armor that could withstand even RPG blasts. It was crazy to think these bastards got their hands on it… And the first second Stryker recognized the armor he could tell from a glance that this guy was going to be trouble… big trouble.

“Who the hell are you?” Stryker yelled in his most intimidating voice. “You’re not working with the Muslims… you’re Russian!”

“You may know me… as Jackknife” the man said as he dropped one of his AK47’s (because it was out of ammo) and drew a massive Ka-Bar knife with serrations. Jenkins watched in horror. Stryker only grimaced.

“Rule number 1”... Stryker heard Ramires’s voice pierce the awkward silence. Jackknife looked over trying to find the source of the noise but he couldn’t. Until Ramirez appeared from the side door flanking Jackknife with his Para LMG. “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, puto!”

Ramirez held down the fire button and screamed as Jackknife stumbled backwards. The bullets couldn’t pierce his armor but they could sure as hell stun him. “You fool!”, Jackknife shouted as he put a 3-round burst downrange at Ramirez. Ramirez ducked just in time and quipped as jackknifes shots missed his cunning body. “Try again next time cabron!”


By the time this had happened, Stryker had already parkoured across the room, cartwheeled through the open space and was face to face with Jackknife. Stryker was running along the wall and was about to kick off the wall and spin-kick Jackknife, when Jackknife to his surprise caught  Stryker’s entire body in mid-air and threw him to the ground with a sickening CRACK as his body hit the ground. Stryker tried to roll to his feet but Jackknife was too quick… and before Stryker knew it a heavy boot was right on his stomach. He looked up to see the barrel of a modded AK47 in his face with laser scope, acog sight, drum mag, pistol grip, extended M4 stock, bayonet, RIS handguard, all topped off with a red dragon finish with red paint and white painted image of a dragon symbol going along the side of the gun towards the barrel end. The gun also promenently featured a RD AK M4 stock adapter so that it could take an m4 stock which is actually more ergonomic for purposes of firing and such but does not contain an accessory case like the ak47 stock does but in a crucial danger situation you might not even need one in the first place so it is just extra weight really and with all the customization you could be forgiven for thinking maybe it was even an m4 not an ak47 because it was basically like a cross between the best of both of these worlds in the gun term of life. The ak47 also had 30 round Magpul-style clips which are detacthable and double stack in design and constructed from properietary aerospace polymers. This sets itself apart from other clips because they have purpose-built design and multiple unique features such as little ridges for the fingers to grip on better.The gun even featured an angled foregrip ont he bottom of the new RIS handguard fitted custom to the barrel.  This wasnt the kid of AK47 you could find in a catalog,. Jack stryker thought.But none of that mattered now. “Ready to die”? he heard Jackknifes voice say.

“NOT TODAY MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Jenkins screamed as he jumped off a console. Stryker saw the whole thing as if in slow motion as Jenkins soared through the air screaming, holding a Mossberg taken from a dead tango, and blasted Jackknife in the face at full speed. The force of the blast sent Jackkknife reeling, off of Stryker’s helpless prone body. The AK47 was knocked out of Stryker’s face. He seized the moment and sprung to his feet and grabbed his SIG-TF off the floor. He was up just in time to see Jenkins get blasted by a full-auto spray of AK47 fire right in front of his very eyes. He sailed onto the floor and laid limp, a lifeless look in his eyes, but Stryker swore he was looking him right in the face.

“NOOOOO!” Stryker said!
“You MOTHERFUCKER!!!! AAARGH”, Ramirez screamed as he charged towards Jackknife at full speed firing his Para on fully auto mode. Jacknife turned to Ramirez and stryker knew it was time to strike. Distracted by the huge mexicans fury and stunned by his hail of gunfire Jacknife never expected to feel Stryker’s hands on his leg. Stryker grabbed his leg and threw them up in the air flipping the soldier boss over on his back as he brought his AK47 to bear and attempted to shoot jack stryker but jack was too fast because he had already spin kicked the gun out of his hand but not before taking a deadly knee to the groin from Jackknife. Stryker recoiled and hit the nearby console.When ramirez went close to him he jumped on Jackknife, drawing his knife in the process and tossing his gun to the side. His skill in martial arts came to be useful as he entered a ground top mount position. The Swift Latino began swinging his knife at Jackknife trying to cut his helmet open but it was to no avail as Jackknief kept bobbing and weaving, deflecting and dodging his attacks from his ground position or deflecting the knife with his wrists. Stryker got to his feet, still wobbly, just in time to watch Ramirez’s knife get knocked aside by Jackknife. “Toss me the axe!” Ramirez yelled in desperation as the two giants faught.


Thinking quickly Stryker removed his Tactical throwing hatchet and tossed it to ramirez. Stryker had nevef been happier to see his high carbon steel 19.27"  1.9 lb. customised Gerber Downrange Tomahawk Tactical Throwing Axe with G10 handle and MOLLE compatable sheathe. It was always strykers favorite weapon for both breaching and clearing and also armed combat because it was also ramirez signature trademark weapon as well for the following fact because it was good at both what it does as a tool and a weapon of deadly combat dude. The axe has a beveled head which can chop through entire drywall doors and walls just turning them to splinters in a few hacks and also has a rough surface backside usable for CQC hammer blows and nonlethal strikes to incapacaitaite an enemy soldier downrange whenever the oppertunity may be necessary but it also allows the axe wielder to actually bash through locks hinges and doorknobs and pretty mucha nything else. On top of all that the handle is shaped like a crowbar pry thing with a cutaway grip at the ax head’s built in carrying handle design allowing crowbar atactics on the go.  Truly he thought This wasnt the kind of axe you could find in a catalog.,With all these tools in this 3 and one weapon of disaster ramirez could enter any building and take out any enemy which stryker made sure of when he would oil and clean the axe regularly making sure to use the diamond universal sharpener he had in his kit to give regularr maintanance and keep thwe weapon a shining example of deadly ability in the arms of an actual soldier dude. That is why that when he saw the axe flying through the air he smirked to himself on the inside knowing that its deadly edge was perfectly tuned to battlefield conditions with sharpening ability passed down from other weapons experts to him in his tours of duty and armed with the knoeldge of an axe in his hands that will soon to be landing in his posession after he actually grabs it out of the air from ramirezes throw that he siad “Thanks” to him and knew in his heart that he was now able to actually take down the enemy dude

But none of that mattered now. Stryker grabbed the axe and used the hammer portion to bash Jackknifes helmet in. He broke the plexy glass on his helmet quickly and then turned the axe around to the sharp side. What he saw however shocked him because behind the helmet ramirez wasnt even a muslim he was actually american looking. “Whats the matter” he siad “Dont you know the americans are the real terrorists dude.” he said also as he was kneeing stryker in the groin and lower body and stomach with punishing blows from his Olive Drab Blackhawk Advanced Tactical V2 Knee Pads. Their injection-molded flex cap design allowed jackknife to rapidly plow into stryker with a large amount of attacking motions and also prrotect his knees from injury or discomfort at the same time and the advanced flexibility was gauranteed almost by the padded side extensions (giving addicitonal comfort) and improved strap positioning over other items. Okay because this wasnt the kid of knee pads you could find in a catalog. Jackknife would have probably slipped or moved the knee pads accidentally if it werent for the countoured interior ledges, which actually kept the pads from slipping at all even when he was doing extremely intense motions. The elastic hook and loop straps also kept them faithfully attached at all hours and the closed cell foam padding provided such excellent shock resistance that Jackknife didnt even feel anything as he repeatedly and angrily kneed stryker stomach time and time again like a deadly hammer blow to try and get him off him so he could continue fighting because he knew stryker was actually an expert in mma having read his dossier and knew the ground and/or pound tafdctics being employed against his life could only end in one way and that way was disasterous damage impending on him from relentless and punishing blows delivered with accuracy of a laserlike nature bitch.


Even if it was raining (but it wasnt0 the rain the caps had little or no mostirue retention at all meaning that the weight of added retainedl iquids would not slow down this devious terrorist in his treks across the rain storms. This was bad news if hed ever seen one stryker that is.As the surface of the 600 denier nylon shelled knee pads burst into his stomach 1 by 1 stryker grimaced knowing he was probably soon to face internal bleeding on this battlefield. “Cold day in hell” he thought to himself trying to wishstain the amazing array of attacks that nearly broke his ribs but what one thing that could NOT be broken by knee pads was his spirit he thought as he took his axe and then moved himself up like kinda in a mount position and swung it down savagely. He screamed “JENKIIIIIIIIIIINS” as he smashed the axe down in Jackknifs face like a Mohawk warrior from assassins creed 3 or something he took the axe and hacked it down into jackknifes throat with a sickening CRACK. He heard the spine snap and jack knifs whole body turned into a limp dead body ok.

“Headshot” said Stryker as he unloaded his Sig-TF into the helmet and listened as the rounds richocheted back and forth inside the helmet turning his face into a mushy red paste. Jackknife was already dead but hey he wanted to celebrate ok. “Hell yea man!” Ramirez said.

Immediately jack took the ak47 and grabbed it. He didnt bring a primary weapon in to hism ission because he knew he would find a ak47 or other weapon like thsi and with the customized potential of the weapon he held it like a tropy from his pride of taking it and silently he just took all the clips out of jack knifes armor thing and put them in his clip holders on his armor knowing he would need extra ak47 ammo and at the same time he was like “Hey Ramirez. “Time to suit up.!” Ramirez he could tell had a huge smile on his face from seeing it, the smile that is. He was like “Hell yea man!” and looked at the armor. A few minutes later he had changed into the super advanced battle armor and was basically ranked up because of the super advanced gear he had now. “No offense boss but don’t you want this shit? Hey its your kill man finders keepers.” Stryker merely glanced at him as he looked up from doing a medical check up on jenkins just in case he could save him. “Im an agile warrior ramirez. I dont need that bulk slowing me down. Your the kind of huge latino that could handle it but im not. Plus..We have bgigge rproblems to deal with right now dude”  “Oh shit” Ramirez said. “Is he okay?”

“Hes dead……………” Stryekr said

“NO!””””” ramirez screamed at the top of his lungs!!! But what he didnt know is that scream probably alerted all the enemy soldiers in the base to him!!

Chapter 15 coming soon

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