Tiberius Rising

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Chapter 15 (v.1) - LIBERATION

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Submitted: July 13, 2014



Stryker was truly about to get revenge. Jenkins death would not be in vain.

Thankfully the radio room was silent. It was profesionally built, so it was muffled. Whoever was inside never heard any signs of gunfire and was totally clueless. Stryker pried open the door ever so slowly and looked inside, seeing a young man with a large black beard hunched over a radio speaking in Arabic, reading from a Qu’a’ran and quoting passages of violence to his brainwashed innocent followers. Stryker mentally translated it in his head: “And now, my brothers and sisters, it is time for Salaat. Please take out your prayer rugs and put the radio to volume.” Coughing the man took out a CD and put it in the radio, putting on the musilm call to prayer. Stryker mentally blocked it out, resisting the music's subliminal effects. He knew he had to save all the nearby innocent villagers from this menace. These radio towers were built by the Russians but now they were being used to spread propaganda and dangerous brainwashing.

Knowing the perfect timeing to take out the enemy soldiers, Stryker opened the door as silently as a cat and crept in with his silenced USP45-S. He waited until the Prayer call CD was in and the Musilm stood up to take a break… then he put it to the back of his neck, with one hand covering his mouth. “Prayer time’s over” he siad. “I’ve got a message for your “brothers in arms” and you’re going to translate it for me.” he explained. Then the man nodded in fear. Stryker could smell that he soileed hi,mself

Throwing the man to the side with a wrestling throw, his shoulder impacted the table and knocked it over as he cried out in pain. Satisfied, Stryker looked, took out the Salaat prayer call CD, and broke it in half with a resounding crack. Millions of Musilms listening in were now confused as to what was happening until Stryker threw on the mic so they could hear. Then Stryker threw the CD on the ground as the Arabic man cried for him to stop that he was violating the Salaat ritual and that he was comitting a crime against Allah. Stryker only smirked as he shot the CD with his USP45 several times, breaking it into tiny pieces. He went up to the man and brutally pistol whipped him with the USP45, then took the CD’s pieces and jammed them into his mouth. “Eat it, bitch”, he said, and grinning to himself. “You love your fucking god so much? Prove it.”

“I do not fear the Americans!” the man tried to shout, before Stryker punched him in the jaw, the shards of CDs thrashing about inside his mouth and cutting open his throat as they impacted the wall. He began to bleed from the mouth and gurgling, about to choke on his own blood, when Stryker walked over to the radio. He opened the frequency to all listening Muslims, both simple farmers doing prayers, and terrorists waiting for orders on the encrypted ffrequencies. He took up the radio his voice raaspy and said:

“Surprise, assholes.” He shot the original radio conductor in the head to make a point that he meant business for real. “There’s a new sherrif in town. A sherrif on the edge with nothing to lose. And his name is Commander Stryker. There’s going to be some new rules in this hellhole, and I’m going to be judge, jury, and executioner… so listen up and listen good.”


Already, the radio phone line was getting flooded by calls from angry mosques. Stryker raised his pistol and shot the phone reciever. “Nice try bitch” he said. “But your time is up. You bastardds killed my fucking squaddie and now your entire religion is going down in flames, starting right now. In this desert we’re on a hell ride to the ends of the earth and I’m the conductor so strap yourself in mother fucker because it’s going tog et rocky.” He took the Qua’ran from his feet, took out a lighter, and set it ablaze to the shock and awe of millions of Muslims.

“You got this loud and clear? Omar Khadr, I’m coming for you. Starting right now, a countdown is happening until your death, and once it hits zero…” He took his pistol and shot it a few times for effect. “That’s all I’ll say. Stryker over and out” He closed the comms, took a grenade and stuffed it in the Muslims mouth, then walked out of the room. He closed the door to a resounding BOOM that was barely muffled by the now destroyed room, when he looked to his squad, their faces shock and awe.

“Holy shit, Searge!”, ramirez added. “Every single Muslim in the world is going to be after you!” he said. Stryker merely narrowed his eyes. “I know. I’m going to have to go easy on them or it won’t be fair.”

Right at that moment more Muslims burst in the room from the other side of the room, hearing the explosion and Stryker’s horrific apostasy against their religion. They tried to shoot Ramires but his juggernaut armor deflected most of their ammo and the rest of it missed. He just took his SAW and mowed them down 1 by 1. “This is for Jenkins” he yelled at them as he was killing them with his gun because of the fact that his friend was dead not a few feet from him but stryker said “Hell yea man!!!  The Muslims died in droves as they fell to the ground of the bloody floor and their corpses were all over blood stained prayer mats. But at that very moment he looked outside.

There was a Russian T52 tank just outside. With bristling firepower it wasnt the kind of thing you could find in a catalog because it seemed like these terrorists had probably stolen it just from the Soviets in 1984 during the war in afghanistan when they invadedBut now it was being used against them. Stryker looked down the barrel of the tank in panic and he took cover again. “Oh FUCK” he whispered to himself. It was the first time Ramires had ever seen fear in the mans eyes. “This is some shit ese!” Ramires said as he dove for cover just in time to dodge a tank round. “DAMN!” He said as it blew up the side of the room! Wow!

“ There was also debris everywhere now.” stryker

This is when, Stryker said “Okay, Cover me!” I have an idea’Then he went back into the radio room and tuned the controls to High Central Command. “Report in. Report in are you reading me. This is Tiberius.”stryekr said “Yea, Loud and clear. Whats the callsign?”

“Bluebird Halo” Stryker said. The radio guy said “This is Panda Alpha Foxtrot. We are receiving loud and clear. What is mission status?” He said, Pressing the radio transmit button with his finger.

“Jenkins is dead but we took out the enemy base of the soldiers” he said. “Good work!” The radio man said. “I’m going to need some air support here. Danger close! There is a Soviet tank outside and we need some fucking airstrikes, stat! This is getting heated!”

“Confirmed. Airstrike inbound, ETA 1 minute. Get clear of that building now soldier”, the voice said. “And Stryker?”


“Good luck”

“I wont need it” he said as he slammed the radiop receiver to the floor and sprinted out of the room. He caught Jenkins just in time and dove to the floor knocking jenkins out of the way of a RPG missile that blew up behind them. They scrambled to their feet as the tank bulldozed into the building and an endless wave of Muslims followed. Ramires looked back. There must haev been 20 or 30 of them easily, on Jeeps and stuff. “We got to get out of here! We’ve got air support ready to blast this fucker to the ground, danger close and coming in hot!”

“Shit searge you don’ fuck around!” Ramires said. Stryker agreed with him. but He knew it was time to head out. “Theres no time! Follow my lead!” he said, grabbing Jackknifes AK47 and strapping it to his back. He wasnt going to leave a beauty like that.

“But sir, how are we gonna get out of here? We’re pinned down!”

“Give me your grenades!” stryker said. “Do it now!” Ramirez took some flashbang and smoke grenades off his vest. Quickly and ingeniously Stryker unwrapped his paracord bracelet and tied the string around all of the safety pins in the grenades, making a necklace of them. Then he did the same with flashbangs. With 5 or 6 grenades in total he took the combined string of them and tied it all together. “This my friend, is what I call a multi grenade. 6 for the price of 1.” Ramirez said, “Hurry up there MacGyver, we’ve got to get out of here!” Stryker knew he was right so he took the multi grenade, spun it around like a slingshot, and then threw it. As it soared through the air the string yanked out all the safety pins basically activating all of the grenades at once and they spread out in different directions in the air like a cluster bomb. In the next second, every Muslim in the room was DEAFENED and blinded by a massive explosion of flashbangs and the next second Ramirez and Stryker had covering fire with the smoke. Its two birds with one stone stryker said.

“NOW!” he yelled. In an instant Stryker dashed to his feet and kong vaulted over the console. Ramirez followed closely behind. The two tac-rolled to safety and then sprinted towards the window. There was a large drop below, a cliff that went maybe 200 feet to the plains below out of the huge glass window. Ramirez screamed as he fired at it with his SAW while sprinting at 25mph. The glass broke and him and Styyker dived out of the window in slow motion side by side like two American eagles like in assassins creed or something when the guy jumps off the tower and everything. Just as they flew out they looked to the sky to see a trio of F-22 bombers flying above them, soaring right past them barely 50 feet from them as they unloaded their bombs into the building, reducing it and the entire surrounding area to rubble and killing an entire platoon of Muslim soldiers and a tank. As they free falled into the valley the air was showered with debris and broken glass and screams of “ALLAH SAVE US!”. Just in time Stryker and Ramirez hit the buttons on their built-in emergency parachutes and glided down to safety. As they watched the sunrise they hit the ground and tac-rolled to safety in the middle of the terrorist poppy farms. They both landed in a three-point landing and rolled to their feet with catlike reflexes and stood up. As Stryker tried to regain his composure Ramirez just looked to the sky to see the smouldering ruins of what used to be an Islamic brainwashing center.

“Nothin like the smell of dead Hadjis in the mornin” he said, his voice muffled into a robotic tone by his blood-stained Juggernaut armor. Stryker chuckled, his voice hoarse and dry. "All in a good days work" he said, lighting a cigar with the supressed mussle flash of his Sig-TF.

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