Friendly Ghost Of William

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It is story of a young man who discovers the real meaning of life after his death. The things we understand only after loosing everything.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Friendly Ghost Of William

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013






It was the happiest day of his life. He was not happy but going mad with the happiness. Finally his work is recognized and admired in the world of art. Today he received the invitation letter from the famous art gallery of Paris to exhibit his paintings.  He struggled very long and very hard and it was his first step towards the fame and success.
That day he celebrated his achievement with his friends. They laughed, sang some melodious songs in very horrible ways, danced and drank till they dropped. However he was not supposed to drink alcohol that much as he was diabetic since he was 7 years old. But he was young and thought he can break the rules sometimes. It was the early morning of July 3rd, 2009 when he decided to go for a walk on the sea beach. He was very much drunk but beach was not very far from his home. After crossing five red signal lights he reached the destination.  He was not at all bothered about the possible tickets he may get. All he wanted to feel the fresh, cold and salty breeze. While walking on the beach in the darkness he could see some light blue light on horizon.  A new day was about to begin. He began to smile and then he started laughing. He was trying really hard to stop himself from laughing but somehow he could not stop. Sea waves were roaring and crashing on shore as if they were giving him company in the mad act of laughing. Finally he managed to stop his madness. May be it happens when your dream starts turning into reality, he thought. 
The dark blue sky started turning into the light blue, purple and red. “Good Morning to me”, he shouted and again started laughing.  He said, “Oh no, not again, dear God it is not me, a bottle of whiskey is responsible for this madness. I am very grateful to you; do not think that I forgot about you.”  And then he headed back towards his car. 
He wanted to go back home and sink in his bed as soon as possible, so again he missed three red light signals, but reached home safely and went straight to his bedroom. “I hope this is not a dream and if it is then I do not want to wake up.”, he thought.
When he was thinking that he did not know that it would be his last wish. July 3rd, 2009, he died in his bed while sleeping. His name was William George Jr. 


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