Friendly Ghost Of William

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Messiah

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013




That was the day when he believed that God is somewhere out there and listening to his prayers. A U-Haul truck stopped on the driveway. Someone was moving in the house. He was jumping and screaming like a teenage boy. After 5 months he was about to share this house with a living person. A middle aged woman entered in the house. She was graceful and decent looking woman. She looked very excited but the moment she entered in the house, she turned immediately in the direction where he was standing. She kept staring in that direction and her face turned pale like she saw a ghost.
“What she is looking at? There is nothing except me. No one can see me”, he thought.  A man’s voice broke the silence, “Should we start the unloading Miss?” He was one of the helper, who came to help moving in.
She answered yes in disappointing tone. Where her excitement was gone? What is going on with this woman? He was confused and wanted to know everything about this woman as soon as possible. The whole day passed with the moving and adjusting in the house. Her name was Janet. He kept following her in the house, while she was acting as someone was following her and she was as alert as she could grab the cell phone any moment and dial the 911.
“Why she is acting like that? She seems to be a normal person, but something is strange about her. Who is bothering her?” he wondered if he could ever find the answers of his long list of questions. 
She ate her dinner quietly while watching the television, but at the same time she was observing everything around her. He wanted to ask her, but his ghostly limitations were stopping him to do so as no one can see or hear him. After watching the television for some time she moved in the bedroom. It was the same bedroom where he died few months ago. She sat on her bed and looked around as something was terribly bothering her but she was not able to figure out what it was. She opened the drawer of side table and grabbed a shining cross in her hand. “Oh, this woman is superstitious and afraid of ghosts”, he laughed. He always found this subject very amusing and funny.
“Why are you bothering me? What is so funny that you are laughing?” she said angrily. Her words shocked William like he touched a high tension wire. Was she talking to him? He looked at her carefully and realized she was looking at him only and next moment he was almost on the floor. His voice jammed in his throat. For a moment he acted like he was still alive and she was a ghost. This gave some strength to Janet. She asked him firmly why he was bothering her. “You can hear and see me,” he answered timidly.  Janet said, “You still have any doubts about it. Yes I can see and hear you. Who are you?”
“I am real owner of the house”, he replied with a little pride, “I am William and I live in this house.” He noticed that Janet was not scared of him instead she seemed to be upset. He continued, “I am sorry as I did not mean to scare you. I thought, like others you cannot see me. I was just curious.”
“Scared…huh!” she snarled, “I moved here so that I can live in peace, but that now seems to be impossible.” Her tone surprised William as he was expecting her to be scared but she was annoyed and scaring him with her attitude. He managed to speak in firm tone, “I already said sorry to you. Believe me I want to leave this house but I do not know why I am not able to go out of this house.” He stopped to read her expressions, “You want peace so am I, and all I can do right now is to promise you that I won’t bother you again. I will maintain distance between you and me.”
“I don’t know what to say. Yes, I can see you and that is why I am upset because you are following me from the moment I entered in this house and I cannot complain as no one can see you. Just imagine you in my situation” she fixed her gaze on William.  He was speechless as he knew that she was right in her place but at the same time it was also not his fault as he did not know that she was not like others.
“What you want from me? Will you leave this house if help you”, she asked. William was clueless, what she was talking about. This woman was scaring him. For a moment he wanted to run far away from her. He wanted to know, what she meant by help but could not dare to ask.
 “Are you listening to me”, she repeated her question again. William gathered all his strength and asked her, “What help you can give a dead man? I am not a bad person. I am just stuck here and do not know what to do and where to go. I was glad for a moment that there is someone who can see me, but your anger made me believe that it is good that no one can see me.”
“I did not mean to be harsh with you. I am sorry” she sounded composed. “Let’s start our conversation again.”

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