Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street - Chapter V

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Do you believe in witches? Do you believe in the devil?
We have all been intrigued with the mystery that surrounds witchcraft, the devil and sacrifices. From as early as the written word Satan has been with us, and the idea of sacrifices has captured the imagination.
Did you know that there is a private club in Baltimore, Maryland that practices witchcraft, and its members worship Satan? The club members are doctors, lawyers, judges, and business man and woman who are very wealthy and famous.
“Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street” will take you on a journey through time. The story interweaves its way through elements of supernatural events and human drama. I leave you to determine if what you read is true… or fiction.
Through excerpts from her diary you will come to know Miss Catherine Rhodes, who in 1854 settled in Baltimore to start a business with her brother Alexander. You will feel in your heart some of the pain and suffering the American people lived through in the years leading up to the Civil War. You will experience how undivided Baltimore was during this time period, and how a group known as “The Baltimore Roughians” would roam the streets and question anyone who would gather in groups of two or more.
But most of all you will discover a secret that has been hidden behind wooden doors for more than one hundred years. No one has known about it because the fear that surrounded it still exists today… and that secret is “The Freedom Crusaders.” You will also find out about the tunnel, and what it meant to the Freedom Crusaders, how they used it, and closed it off, never to be opened again.
Then, you will travel through time to 1962 and live with Special Forces Sergeant First Class, Thomas Kirkland. You will experience the new war that the American soldier was unprepared to fight. The battles, the misery, the friends lost, and the prizes that came from the jungle.
Sgt. First Class Thomas Kirkland will take you through the streets of Saigon as he learns about Vietnam and its people, and how they suffered for over a century with the French. In your mind’s eye you will meet and see Michelle Bover’e standing in front of you. You will feel the pain she and her people lived with, and like the Baltimore Roughians you will discover the Binh Xuyen.
I ask you to imagine some of the ‘unknown’ things that were supposed to be going on in Vietnam in the early years. Follow Sgt. Thomas Kirkland through a battle where he loses his friends, and has a rude awakening to what Vietnam was really about.
Travel home with him on R&R as he brings home the spoils of war, and stumbles across a diary that would change his life.
Watch his life change when he retires and brings home with him the knowledge of “Satan’s Fifth Wave,” and the Devil.
Do I believe?
Do you believe?
Ask Phillip Thomas if he believes.
Phillip witnessed something he wasn’t supposed to see: he wasn’t supposed to be there. Now he’s scared. He’s got to tell someone. Who will believe him? It’s too unreal. In the 1970s you don’t have witches and they don’t sacrifice babies… it’s too unreal. How can he prove it? Who can he tell, who can he trust? He needs to get proof. So, he must continue to go down to the club, and continue to see his girlfriends best friend, Marlie. But not just for sex: this time it will be to get proof. He remembered seeing a diary that had names in it: Catherine Rhodes, Thomas Kirkland and Samuel Cross, with notes about drugs, prostitution, and kidnapping young children and babies… yes, for Sacrifices.
Phillip has witnessed something that he wasn’t supposed to: now what will he do?
Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street will take you on a journey through time from 1854 to 1976. Phillip learns about slavery, the Civil War, Vietnam… and witches. But most of all, Phillip learns about Twenty-Two Saint Charles Street.
Remember when I ask you if you believed in witches? If you believed in the devil?
Remember when I said that we all have been intrigued with the mystery that surrounds witchcraft, the devil and sacrifices.
After reading Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street you’ll know if there is a private club in Baltimore, Maryland that practices witchcraft, and its members worship Satan. And you’ll know that the club members are doctors, lawyers, judges, and business men and woman who are very wealthy and famous.

Ask me, do I believe?

After you put down Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street, ask yourself… do you believe?

I leave you to determine if what you read is true… or fiction.

Yo no creo brujas-pero hay

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street

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Submitted: December 24, 2010



Chapter V
The next morning Phillip was up early. He put his sweats on and went out jogging as he usually did when Elizabeth worked on the weekends. It was a cool, fall morning and one of the prettiest times of the year. As he jogged down the street he kicked up the bright colored leaves that lay on the sidewalk.
Their townhome was in a new development, and the area still had a little country atmosphere. The city hadn’t reached this far yet. That’s why Phillip and Elizabeth loved this area so much. It was like living in the country, yet only minutes from work. When Phillip got back to the house he went right to the kitchen to make his morning coffee. As he picked up the coffee pot, he noticed the note Elizabeth had left for him:
My Dearest Phillip,
I put a tray with some food and coffee in Marlie’s room.
She should be pretty sick so I don’t think she’ll come out. But if
she does, it’ll just be for something to drink. Please be nice to her
and thanks for letting me bring her home. See you tonight.
I love you,
Phillip made his coffee, ate breakfast, then went up and took a shower. He drove to the supermarket to pick up a few things, and then came home. He cleaned a little, washed his breakfast dishes, and then sat down at the kitchen table to do some work that he brought home from the office. It was about 11:30 and the stereo was playing low. He looked up as Marlie walked into the kitchen, wrapped in Elizabeth’s bathrobe. She looked like shit. Her hair was a mess, her make-up smeared, and she had bags under her eyes. She had a cold stare on her face as she walked past Phillip.
“Good morning,” said Phillip. Marlie said nothing.
“Good morning,” he said again.
Marlie didn’t return his greeting. “Where are the sodas?” she asked.
Phillip turned and pointed at the refrigerator. “In the fridge,” he said. Marlie opened the door, pulled out a couple of sodas, shut the door, turned, and walked out of the kitchen without saying another word.
Phillip watched as she walked past him, her face cold, looking straight ahead, and showing no expression at all. He could hear as she made her way up the stairs and back to her room. The door closed, and that was the last he saw or heard from her for the rest of the day. Phillip turned and looked at his papers in front of him and became lost in his work.
Elizabeth opened the door and walked into the living room, where Phillip was stretched out on the floor, watching a football game. He looked up at Elizabeth, then at his watch; it was 6:30. “Hi, honey. How was your day?” he asked as he sat up.
“Ah, these sales. They’re the shits,” Elizabeth said as she sat next to Phillip. “Oh, my feet are killing me,” she gave Phillip a kiss on the cheek then she kicked her shoes off.
“How was your day?” She asked as she pulled a cushion from the sofa and leaned back against it.
“Oh Marlie,” said Phillip.
“Yeah,” Elizabeth said as she adjusted the cushion and moved closer to Phillip. “How was she today?”
Phillip put his feet up on the coffee table, folded his hands across his stomach. “Well, she came down around 11:00 or so and got something to drink, then went back upstairs.”
“She didn’t have anything to say?” asked Elizabeth.
“WHERE’S THE REFRIGERATOR,” Phillip said with a deepvoice.
“Well,” Elizabeth reached over and put her hand on Phillip’s hand. “She’s feeling pretty bad right now Phillip, so please don’t make fun of her.”
“I’m not,” said Phillip. “I’m sorry. “She came down, I said `hello.’ I pointed her in the direction of the refrigerator, and she got something to drink and went back upstairs. That’s it. I haven’t heard another sound all day.”
“Okay,” Elizabeth squeezed Phillip’s hands with approval. “I’ll go up and see how she’s doing.” she said. “Then I’ll come down and make dinner.”
Phillip kissed Elizabeth’s hand. “No babe. Go up and sees how Marlie is doing, take a shower and relax. I’ll cook dinner . . . okay?”
“Oh, that sounds great,” said Elizabeth as she got up. “What are we going to have?”
“That’s a surprise,” Phillip said as he picked up the sofa cushions from the floor and hit Elizabeth on the rear. “Now go on I want to get started. I’m hungry too.”
Elizabeth knocked lightly on the door. “Marlie.” She knocked again. “Marlie, it’s Elizabeth.” She opened the door and peeked in.
The lights were out and only the setting sun shining under the window shade lit the room. The stereo was playing low and Marlie was lying naked across the bed. Her eyes were half-open as she looked up at Elizabeth as she came into the room.
“How do you feel?” asked Elizabeth as she walked over to the bed and looked down at Marlie.
“Like shit. How do you think I feel?” Marlie strained to open her eyes a little more as she looked up at Elizabeth. “What happened last night?” Elizabeth sat on the edge of the bed, reached over, and pushed Marlie’s hair back from her face. “Dinner didn’t go too well,” she said. “I think you had a little too much to drink. And I’m a little disappointed that you were doing that shit in the restaurant.” Elizabeth pulled back so she could look Marlie straight in her eyes, “And that you were like that the first time you met Phillip.”
“What shit?” asked Marlie.
“You know what I mean,” said Elizabeth. “I don’t like to see you doingdrugs. You know you can’t handle them.”
“Well, I don’t remember,” snapped Marlie. “It couldn’t have been too bad anyway. You don’t look pissed at me.”
Elizabeth held Marlie’s hand. “We’ve been through this before honey . . . I, I just don’t like to see you like this. It upsets me and I worry about you.”
“Yeah, well you forgive me don’t you?” asked Marlie. “I mean, I’ve missed you and I guess I was a little lonely. I don’t know. Shit happens.”
“I know, I know,” Elizabeth kissed Marlie’s hand. “But you have to do something about the drugs honey,” she said.
“Promise me that you’ll try to stop, okay?” Elizabeth stared at Marlie waiting for a response.
Marlie looked up at Elizabeth. “Yeah sure, we’ll try to stop . . . I promise.”
“Good, good. I’m glad to hear you say that,” said Elizabeth. “We’re like, like sisters, and I only want you to be happy,” she said. Elizabeth kissed Marlie’s hand and reached up under her chin. “Are you hungry?” she asked. “Phillip is making dinner. I know you’re not up to sitting at the table with us right now, but I can bring a plate up for you.”
Marlie cracked a half smile. “Sure, sure I’m hungry.”
The next morning, Sunday, Elizabeth was up early for work. She hated Sundays, especially this one. It was the last day of a big sale the store was running, and she knew that every woman in town would be out shopping today. She liked to get to the store early to make sure all the girls were at their stations by opening time. Most of the girls were young and Sundays were a little rough trying to get everyone to look bright and awake by the time the doors opened.
Elizabeth looked at her watch. Shit, she would be late if she didn’t get going. She hurried to get dressed, trying to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake Phillip. She peeked into Marlie’s room on the way out to check on her. Marlie was under the covers sound asleep. The TV was still on so Elizabeth tiptoed in quietly to turn it off. She looked at Marlie as she closed the door. Phillip had been very understanding. She hoped Marlie would be okay today and would stay in her room until she came home. Then she’d take her back to the club tonight, and make this up to Phillip later. On the way out she went into the kitchen and wrote Phillip a note telling him how much she loved him and that she would try to get home as early as she could tonight. She put the note next to the flowers on the table and left for work.
Phillip slept in late as he usually did on Sunday. It was a warm and sunny Sunday morning. He took a late morning jog and when he returned he went into the kitchen to start coffee. He found Elizabeth’s note and was smiling to himself as he went upstairs to take a shower. When Phillip got out of the shower, he put on his robe, opened the curtains to let the sun shine into the bedroom, and went downstairs to make breakfast. He turned the radio on. “Ah, some moody jazz to scramble eggs to,” he thought to himself. He put some bacon on the stove then poured himself a cup of coffee. Then he cracked a couple of eggs into a bowl and started scrambling them to the sound of the music. Phillip was dancing in front of the stove, scrambling his eggs when he heard something behind him.
He turned and saw Marlie standing in the doorway. The dining room curtains were open behind her and the glare of the morning sun cast a glow around her body as she stood in the doorway. Phillip stared for a second, motionless as he looked at Marlie. The sun’s soft rays bounced off her body. They reflected off the silk robe. He couldn’t quite see her face but was stunned by her beauty. Marlie leaned against the door frame.
The robe was tied tight around her waist and clung close to every curve of her body. She had her hands in her pockets and her head was leaning against the door.
“Making breakfast?” she asked.
Phillip caught himself staring, and quickly started to scramble the eggs again. “Yeah, ah, yeah, you hungry?” he said as he turned back towards the stove.
“Yes, yes I am.” I heard the music and smelled the coffee. Could I have a cup?” she asked.
“Sure, sure,” said Phillip. “Let me get it for you.” He started to put the eggs down and reach for a cup.
“No, no I’ll get it,” said Marlie, as she walked towards the coffeepot. “I don’t want to take you away from your cooking. You seem to be enjoying it so much.” She poured a cup, then leaned against the table towards Phillip and took as sip. “Ah, that tastes great.” She took one hand and pushedher hair as she leaned her head back. “Oh,” she said as she stretched one arm over her head and arched her back pushing her breasts out against the thin silk robe.
Phillip noticed that his mixing strokes were getting slower. He picked up his pace and turned back to the stove. “How do you like your eggs,” he said as he turned and looked at Marlie again.
She was holding the coffee cup up to her lips taking little sips, “Scrambled will be fine.” She held the cup with both hands as she lowered it down to her breasts, “Would you mind if I shower first?” she asked.
“No, no not at all,” Phillip said as he put the eggs down and reached to turn the bacon over. “It’ll be about ten minutes, is that okay?” He turned to look at Marlie.
She was standing in the doorway on her way out when she turned back to Phillip. “I’ll be right down,” then turned and walked out of the room. Phillip stood at the stove staring as he watched her leave. His eyes followed her as she disappeared into the sun’s glow. His mind was drifting with all kind of thoughts. She seemed to have some kind of presence about her that he couldn’t pinpoint. He just didn’t know exactly what it was but she had some kind of overwhelming presence about her. It seemed that when she talked to you everything stood still. The bacon grease popped and Phillip snapped out of it. He shook his head, and turned his attention to fixing breakfast.
Phillip was pouring coffee as Marlie walked in. “Come on and sit down. It’s fresh off the stove,” he said.
Marlie sat down at the table. “This looks great,” she said. “Come to think of it I’m starved.”
“Well here, try this,” Phillip put some eggs on her plate. “I’m the best scrambled egg cooker in this neighborhood.”
Marlie reached over and touched Phillip’s hand. “I want to thank you Phillip . . . well, for being so understanding. I want to apologize for any trouble I’ve been.”
He looked at Marlie, looked straight into her face. Her hair sparkled from the sun’s rays. It was cut close and her bangs covered most of her forehead, then circled around to small points just below her eyes then tapered off to her jaw and down to her shoulders. She wore no makeup, and didn’t need any. Her eyes were dark, a sort of a shining dark, andpenetrating. When she looked at you she looked right at you. Her skin was soft and clear white. And her lips, her lips were perfectly formed and pink, a beautiful color of pink.
“It’s been no trouble, no trouble at all,” Phillip said. “And your apology is not necessary,” he said. “You’re Elizabeth’s friend, and now I hope mine also.”
Marlie held her head down and looked up at Phillip with her penetrating eyes. “Thank you Phillip. Thank you very much,” she said slowly. “You don’t know how much that means to me,” as she continued looking straight into Phillip’s eyes.
“Hey, let’s eat it’s getting cold,” Phillip said as he reached and picked up his coffee. He was looking at Marlie as he tipped his cup to her and then took a sip. “Yeah, let’s eat.”
When they were finished, Phillip pushed his plate to the side and leaned back in his chair. “I’m stuffed,” he said. “This is the only time of the week I eat a breakfast and I always seem to eat too much.” He put his hands on his stomach. “Christ, I think I’ll have to go jogging this afternoon just to build up an appetite for dinner.”
Marlie looked at Phillip. “No, I’m sure you won’t,” then smiled. Phillip smiled back. He reached over and picked the coffeepot up and said, “I think I can fit one more cup in, how about you?”
“Sure,” Marlie said as she pushed her cup towards Phillip.
As Phillip poured the coffee he looked at Marlie. “Let’s drink this in the living room. I’ll do the dishes later.”
Marlie said, “No, after that wonderful breakfast I’ll do them, but later sounds fine.” She walked over to the sink and put her plate down then turned to Phillip. “Coffee in the living room sounds fine too.”
Phillip turned the stereo on, picked the Sunday paper up from the table, and sat on the sofa. “What section do you want?” he asked as he thumbed through the paper.
Marlie was sitting up against the end of the sofa. She turned towards
Phillip and put her legs up on the cushion, then pulled her feet up to her side as the robe slid up her thigh. She leaned her head back and took one hand and ran it down her neck to her breast. She pushed open the robe to let her hand run down over her skin, back and forth.
“I don’t read the paper,” she said. Marlie stared at Phillip for a longwhile. She remembered Elizabeth telling her about him, how good lookingshe said he was, and he was. She ran her finger across her lips as she lookedhim over, from top to bottom. Phillip was around five eleven, one hundredand seventy five pounds and not a pound of fat to be seen anywhere. Ifhe had a dimple on his chin he’d look just like Kirk Douglas, strong andhandsome. She watched him closely as he read the paper.
Phillip could feel Marlie staring at him. He looked up and their eyes locked. Without taking his eyes off hers he watched as she ran her hand across her chest then to the back of her neck. “Yeah, yeah,” he said as he looked back at the paper, “I just read the sports section myself.”
After a few minutes, Marlie looked over to Phillip. He was half reading the paper, nervously shuffling through the pages.
“Let’s talk,” she said as she put one arm over the back of the sofa and rested her head on her hand. Then she took her other hand and ran it down the crack of her robe from her cleavage down to the belt, playing with the knot. “What time will Elizabeth be home?”
Phillip put his feet up on the coffee table then laid the paper across his legs and said, “Oh, they’re having some kind of sale today, so I guess around 6:30 or so. But she said she would try to get home early if she could.”
Marlie looked up at the clock on the wall, just 12:00. “She doesn’t mind working weekends and leaving you alone?”
“No, no not at all,” Phillip said. “She really likes her job and she’s happy at what she’s doing.” Phillip sat up, took his legs off the coffee table, put one leg up on the sofa as he turned towards Marlie. “I understand you helped get her the job.”
“Yeah, yeah, someone I know has something to do with the store,” Marlie said. “Elizabeth and I have been friends for a long time, so it was no problem.”
“Right, she tells me that you guys were from the same neighborhood and sort of grew up together,” said Phillip.
“Grew up together.” Marlie laughed. “We were inseparable, closer than sisters. All the way up until she married that asshole.” Marlie reached down, picked up her coffee, and took a sip.
“You mean Robert,” asked Phillip.
“Yeah, Robert,” Marlie said as she put her coffee back down on the table then leaned back into the corner of the sofa.
Phillip looked over at Marlie and with a smile on his face he said,
“Elizabeth doesn’t talk much about him.” He leaned back into the corner, put one arm up the back of the sofa, and clasped his hands together. “Just that they didn’t get along for some reason or other, and that she left him.”
“Ha,” Marlie said as she threw her head back. Then she slowly moved her head down to where she was looking Phillip straight in the eyes. “Didn’t get along,” she said slowly, “no, they didn’t. The asshole was fuckin’ loaded all the time. I don’t think she got laid more than a dozen times in all the years she stayed with the prick,” she giggled, then one eyebrow arched up, “figuratively speaking of course.”
Phillip looked down to his hands. “Oh, well, she never talks much about her marriage, accept that she wasn’t happy.”
“No she wasn’t, not at all. And not satisfied either.” Marlie straightened one leg out along the cushion and moved it down till it touched Phillip’s knee.
“I think that’s why she likes you so much. I understand you’re really something, and I think you’re helping her make up for all that lost time with what’s his name. You know when he couldn’t get it up.” Marlie ran her foot along Phillip’s leg.
“There’s nothing more dissatisfying then trying to make love with a man who can’t do anything for you. But from what I understand you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” Marlie continued to move her foot up Phillip’s leg, and then pushed it up under his robe.
She looked at him as she moved one hand down under her robe and started to run her fingers over her breasts. And she liked what she saw. “You’re blushing,” she said. “And you have a right to. I’ve heard about you, about the things you do, and the things you would like to do,” she
Phillip took his hand and pushed against Marlie’s foot. “I think that’s a little private, don’t you?”
“Oh Phillip, you know how us girls are. And Elizabeth and I are very close. We talk about everything.” She moved her foot back up Phillip’s leg. “Everything,” she said. “Everything,” said Phillip. “What do you mean by everything?” He looked at Marlie. Her robe was open just enough to see her thigh.
“Well, I know Elizabeth, and I know how traditional she is in her love making. And I know how you like to do things . . . and have things done to you. Things that Elizabeth won’t do.” Marlie’s legs slowly started to part.
Phillip watched as more of her thigh became exposed. He looked up at her. She was running her finger across her lips and staring at him. Her eyes were dark and cold, and just for a moment it seemed as if they were telling him something. He looked back down at her legs. He could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. She had nothing on under the robe. Phillip pushed himself back into the corner of the sofa, “I think we’re getting a little personal.”
Marlie pushed her foot further up Phillip’s robe. “How long has it been Phillip, how long has it been since you’ve been totally satisfied in your . . . special way?” She moved her foot slowly up his thigh until she found what she was searching for.
Phillip moved even further into the corner of the sofa. “Marlie, please,” he said as he put his hand on her leg, half pushing it away. “Please.”
Marlie was staring into Phillip’s eyes as she pulled her leg away. Then she moved slowly towards Phillip, inching her way across the sofa cushions.
Phillip just stared at her as she moved closer. She put her hand on his leg, then moved it up under his robe. Phillip couldn’t move any further. He was backed into a corner. He wanted to resist, but he couldn’t. He just continued staring into her eyes.
“You didn’t answer me, Phillip,” she said as she ran her hand further up his leg and moved closer.
Phillip didn’t say anything. He just stared and did nothing.
“Ooh,” Marlie said as she found what she was looking for. She took her other hand and opened her robe as she moved closer. Christ, she was hot. Phillip could feel the heat from her body as she moved within inches of his face.
“I-I don’t know what you mean,” Phillip said as Marlie stared into his eyes. “I, I don’t know.”
Marlie opened Phillip’s robe. She ran her hand slowly from his innerthigh up to his chest.
Phillip looked down at Marlie. He looked at her breasts, firm round breasts with nipples as big as nickels. Dark nipples, almost black against her white skin. He looked at her flat stomach, straight down from her rib cage to her pelvis, flat and firm. Then his eyes opened wide as he lookedat her. She was totally exposed. His eyes locked on her as he stared. Shewas shaven, not a hair on her body.
Marlie leaned over and began to kiss his nipples as she moved her hand back down to his inner thigh, kissing his chest, then his stomach as she moved down lower and lower.
Phillip had dinner made and on the table when Elizabeth came home.
She walked in the kitchen where Phillip was standing at the sink.
“Oh, honey, you’re wonderful,” she said. “I’m starving and tired as hell.” She put her arms around his waist and rested her head on his back. “I think I’ll go upstairs and check on Marlie and get washed up for dinner. I’ll ask her to join us, okay?” as she kissed Phillip on his back, then turned
to walk out of the kitchen. She stopped at the doorway and turned back, “How has she been today honey? No trouble I hope.”
Phillip turned towards Elizabeth, “NO, no, no . . . trouble at all. She’s been quiet all day, no trouble.” He smiled at Elizabeth. “Sure, sure tell
her to join us.”
Elizabeth walked over to Phillip and kissed him lightly on the lips, “Love you.” Then she turned and walked out into the dining room. “Smells great, honey.”
Phillip watched as she walked out of sight, then turned and stared into the sink.
Elizabeth tapped lightly on the door, then once more as she stuck her head inside. Marlie was lying on the bed half asleep. “How do you feel?” Elizabeth asked.
Marlie lifted her head. “Oh hi. Come sit and talk with me.” Marlie patted the bed.
“Sure, how do you feel today?” Elizabeth asked as she sat down.
“Oh better,” she said.
“Well, you look one hundred percent better,” said Elizabeth. Thenshe began to stroke Marlie’s hair.
“I feel all right. As a matter of fact, I had breakfast with Phillip this morning. He’s a great cook, huh.”
“Yes he is, and he’s got dinner waiting for us,” said Elizabeth. “You’ll join us, won’t you?”
“Sure, sure, I will,” Marlie said, reaching for Elizabeth’s hand. “And
I want to thank you for taking care of me, okay? I love you for it.”
“Hey, don’t worry about it. As long as you’re all right, and healthy, that’s all I care about,” said Elizabeth.
“Look, let’s go into my room and find a dress for you. I’ll get washed and we’ll both get ourselves fixed up and go down and join Phillip for dinner, okay?” Elizabeth grabbed Marlie and pulled her up from the bed towards the door. “Come on let’s go.”
They walked over to the closet and opened the door. “Here,” said
Elizabeth as she ran her hands through the dresses. “Anything you want to wear. The shoes are over there,” pointing to the floor, “and the makeup is on the table over there. Make yourself look pretty. I’m going to get washed up and then we’ll go down for dinner,” then she walked into the bathroom.
Marlie looked over and said, “Sure, go on, I’ll pick out something.”
She started to look through the clothes. At the end of the rack were some sport coats, shirts and pants. “Hum, Phillip’s,” she thought to herself as she moved further into the closet. She riffled through them looking at every one, touching them, and moving on to look at his ties and hold them in her hands for a few seconds. Then she turned back and continued to look through the dresses until she found one she liked. She walked over to the bed and laid it down, then stood back and looked at it for a second. She walked back to the closet to pick out a pair of shoes and found herself staring at Phillip’s clothes again.
She drifted for a second and thought about this morning. She thought how long it had been since she had been with a man and how good Phillip made her feel. She could understand why Elizabeth loved him. He was gentle, yet eager and rough when you wanted him to be. She knew that Elizabeth was not very experienced. She remembered Elizabeth telling her of different things Phillip wanted her to try, things that were unnatural to her. She smiled to herself. She knew that those were the things she liked.
And now she knew that Phillip could satisfy her, and that she could satisfy him in all those ways he wanted to try with Elizabeth. Marlie knew that she would have Phillip again.
She picked out a pair of shoes and put them on the floor next to the bed, then walked over to the dresser to get a pair of panties. She opened the drawer to look in. “Oh,” she said to herself as she noticed the clothes. “This must be Phillip’s drawer, socks, tee shirts, and underwear.” She pulled a pair out and looked at them. Then she looked over her shoulder to the bathroom. She saw Elizabeth in the mirror. She was washing. Marlie opened her robe and slipped the underwear on, then looked through the drawers until she found some panty hose. She took a pair out, went over to the bed, and put them on over the underwear, then put the dress and shoes on.
Elizabeth called from the bathroom, “How you doing out there?” Marlie answered, “Oh just going to put some makeup on. I’ll be ready in a minute.” Elizabeth came out of the bathroom with the towel in her hands drying her face. She looked over to Marlie. “Oh I like that dress on you.”
Marlie was sitting at the makeup table putting on some lip-gloss.
“Stand up and let me see you,” said Elizabeth.
Marlie finished with her lips, and then stood up for Elizabeth’s approval. “Turn around,” Elizabeth said as she smiled, “and let me look at you.” Marlie held her hands over her head and turned for Elizabeth.
“It fits you great and you look wonderful in it,” Elizabeth said. “Why don’t you keep it?”
“Oh, honey I have more dresses than I know what to do with,” said
“I know, I know, but please keep it,” said Elizabeth, “from me to you, okay?”
Marlie smiled at Elizabeth. “Okay, sure, from you to me.” Then she walked over to Elizabeth and gave her a hug.
“Come on and sit down. You finish putting your makeup on and
I’ll comb your hair,” said Elizabeth. “You know like when we were little kids.”
“Well maybe a little eye makeup to cover these bags,” Marlie sat andlooked into the mirror, “but that’s all. I don’t wear this shit anymore.” Shestared at Elizabeth in the mirror for a minute, then reached back and tookElizabeth’s hand and held it to her face for a second and kissed it. “We’vebeen close for a long time, haven’t we?” she said.
“Yes,” Elizabeth said.
“We share everything, don’t we?” said Marlie.
“What’s mine is yours,” said Elizabeth as she combed Marlie’s hair.
“Yes I know, I know and what’s mine is yours,” said Marlie.
Elizabeth finished Marlie’s hair and stood back. “Now you look great.”
Marlie stood up then leaned over, looked into the mirror, and ran her finger under the bottom of her lip to make sure the lip-gloss was just right. She stood and turned to Elizabeth and said, “You know, I do feel a hundred percent better.”
Elizabeth sat down and ran the comb through her hair. She looked into the mirror to see if her makeup was all right, then turned to Marlie and said, “Well are you ready?”
“Just one more minute. I’ve got to go pottie first. “She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. As she washed her hands, she noticed a comb and brush next to the sink, which she knew must be Phillip’s. She pulled some of the hair from the brush and balled it up between her hands. Then she pushed the ball of hair down her dress between her breasts. She looked at herself in the mirror, adjusted her dress, played with her hair, then turned and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom. “Well, you ready? I’m starving.”
“Okay,” said Elizabeth, “let’s go. I know Phillip’s got a great meal waiting for us.”
“Yes, I bet he does,” said Marlie as she looked at Elizabeth with a small smile on her face.
It was Monday afternoon, and Phillip was sitting at his desk when the phone rang. “Hello. Phillip Thomas speaking. Can I help you?”
“Well, hello Phillip. How are you?’
Phillip stopped for a second. “Fine, just fine.” he said. It was Marlie “You sound better.”
“I feel 100 percent better, and it’s only because of the fine care I wasgiven, and fine food. And . . . I do want to thank you for being so kind tome Phillip. I enjoyed the . . . weekend a great deal,” said Marlie.
“Well, you’re welcome,” said Phillip, “and the thanks weren’t really necessary.”
“Thank you Phillip, that’s very nice of you. But let me say that, well,that I wasn’t at my best this weekend, and I didn’t want to leave you with a . . . a bad impression of me. I hope you understand.”
“That’s okay.” You didn’t leave anyone with a bad impression,” Phillip said.
“Oh Phillip, you don’t know how that makes me feel,” Marlie said.
Phillip noticed a change in Marlie’s voice. She spoke in a soft and seductive tone.
“But that’s not the only reason I called, just to thank you. I would like to show you my appreciation by inviting you to lunch, and please don’t say no. Let me at least once repay you for being so nice to me.”
“I don’t know,” said Phillip. “My schedule is pretty tight, and that’s ah, not really necessary.”
“I know; I know, Phillip. But I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t thank you, and this is my way of doing that. Just from one friend to another, that’s all, a friendly lunch. And I know you come downtown at least once a week to check on some kind of building or something, so let’s just say when you come down to check on your building that lunch is on me.”
Phillip turned his chair around and looked out of the window. “I don’t know, Marlie. I don’t really have much time for lunch. I usually grab a quick sandwich on the way back to the office.”
There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds.
Then Marlie spoke. “Phillip, listen to me,” she spoke in a soft but firm voice. “We are friends, and we are going to be friends for a long time. So
Phillip, please make me happy by doing this one favor for me, okay?”
Phillip listened. He didn’t say anything for a few seconds. “Well, I guess I could find time to stop by,” he said.
“Good, good Phillip,” said Marlie. “You don’t know how happy that makes me.” “Now when is your next trip downtown?”
Phillip thought to himself as he held the phone. “Why am I giving
in to her?” His mind drifted away and the voice at the other end of the phone seemed to become more distant. His eyes focused on something outside the window as he thought to himself. “I think I should just tell her I can’t make it.”
“Phillip, Phillip listen to me,” Marlie said. “When is your next trip
Phillip’s attention was drawn back to the phone. “Um, ah actually tomorrow—yeah tomorrow I’ll be coming downtown.”
“That’s great Phillip, that’s great. Now listen to me. I want you to write this address down. Okay Phillip?”
“Right, let me grab a pencil,” said Phillip as he reached for a pencil on the desk. His hand stopped as he reached across the desk and he looked at it. His mind was blank, totally blank. He picked up the pencil. “Okay, what is it?”
“It’s Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street, Phillip.”
Phillip could hear Marlie take a deep breath, he just listened. “Do you know where it is, Phillip?” asked Marlie.

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