My Fallen Angel Boy

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I kinda forgot to write a summary and can't think of one right now so please just read and see if you like it. I shall think of a summary by the next chapter hopeful~

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Fallen Angel Boy

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013




My Fallen Angel Boy


I had ten minutes till my mum would come out and tell me that I’d have to look for Tabby tomorrow morning.  I didn’t like that idea though, due mostly to the fact that it was ten at night and we were in the middle of a snow storm.


I wondered a little farther into the woods, the cold nipping at my bare skin.  “Tabby!”  I called out.  “Tabby!” I called out again.  A soft meow came from my left.  I looked towards a tree to see two golden eyes peaking out.  I started to push myself towards him, having trouble taking steps through the snow that came almost to my knees.


“Tabby.” I said softly, smiling as I stared at my cat lying inside a small cave under a tree root.  He slide out and pranced into my arms.  His black silky fur felt cold and wet under my fingers tips. 


“You’ve been a very bad kitty you know that, but I’m just happy you’re safe.” I say sighing.  I stand up and start to head towards the direction the light from the house was coming from.


I was about to climb up the stairs leading to the back door when movement under them caught my eye.  I bent down and peered between the steps.  Two pricing blue eyes stared back.  I move to the side of the stairs to get a better look at who or what was under them.  I froze when I saw him.


“Stay away!” his voice flew towards me clear as the wind that whipped at my face.  Tabby jumped out of my arms only to go stand under a tree near by.  I took a step then another not knowing what was controlling me too.


I was only a couple steps away when I crouched in front of him.  His hair and wings were as beautiful and dark as night.  His icy eyes that stared at me were clouded with angry, distrust and fear.


I moved an inch and his body tensed a bit.  I raised my left hand with my palm up towards him.  He looked down at my hand then meets my eyes again with a questioning look.


“I promise.” I say looking him straight in the eyes.


“You promise what?”  He asks raising an eyebrow.


“I promise I’ll keep you safe.” I reply.  It was truly what I wanted to do.  I wanted to protect this angel like boy who I didn’t even know before me.


An unsure smile slipped across his lips.  “Are you sure you shouldn’t be fearing me, instead of saying you want to keep me safe?”


“Yes.” Was all I replied.  He reached out and grabbed my hand.  Shivers ran throw me and even the skin under my winter coat broke out in goose bumps.  Seeming to sense this his grip loosens and he’s about to let go of my hand when I tighten my grip on his.


He gets up giving me a better look at him.  He’s about half a foot taller then I am at 5.2 and I can only guess he’s about my age.  His wings are about as long as he is tall.  With my other hand I reach out and touch his wings and just stay there standing in front of him for a while. 


“What are you?”  I ask rising my eyes from his soft warm wings to his eyes.


“Fallen” Is what he says looking down and with that I lead him up the stairs and call Tabby to come.  I open the door peering into the hallway making sure it’s all clear.  It is and I pull him in as Tabby walks by us into the house and to the end of the hall into my room.


I tiptoe down the hall hoping my mum won’t notice but she does.  “Sweetie is that you?” she asks.  I can hear her washing the dishes from the kitchen.  “Yes mum” I say.


“Did you find Tabby?” she asks and everything goes quite for a moment.  “Yes mum.  He’s in my room and I’m really tired now so I’m going to bed. Good night.”  I say pulling him into my room and closing my door. 


“Good night sweetie.” I hear my mum say.


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