Haruka- Another Novel

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The three find themselves in the Between, a place between alternate worlds.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Haruka- Another Novel

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012




 Chapter One: The Beginning

Haruka rubbed her eyes. Her long dark brown hair hung behind her. She sat up on her bed, in a small room with white walls. The only thing in it was her bed and a desk with a wooden chair. It also had a large window, opposite the bed on the right side of the room. On the wall next to her bed was a poster with ? on it. She stood up in her striped PJs. She slowly and sleepily got herself dressed to go to school. She was 14 and went to Masaaki high school.

She combed her hair; she was now wearing a basic school uniform, with a long skirt and a buttoned polo shirt; with a small navy blue jacket over the shirt, buttoned up to. She walked out the door, and headed up a small hill, toward the school, as she slowly headed up she saw a book, it was black and had some unusual with  writing, she shrugged and left it alone, maybe it was some ones homework.

She kept walking up the hill and passed an odd circle drawn in the ground. It was filled with strange symbols. She shrugged again and kept walking. She was now heading down the hill; she could see the school from there.

She approached the door for the school, as she reached for the handle to open it; she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around quickly, and saw a girl her age; she had pale pink hair that only reached down to her shoulders and she was wearing a long white gown, almost a wedding dress. Her skin was pale. “Hello?” she asked the girl “Who are you?” “I am Eiko, pleased to meet you. You are Haruka? Yes?” She said in a voice so faint, it almost wasn’t there. “Yes, but, how did you know my name?” “Never mind that now.” She said, fiercer than before, now she was louder. “We need you. You have the power.” Haruka’s eyes widened, “What?” She asked “What power?” Eiko said nothing; she just stood there, with her gown dancing in the wind. She looked almost ghostly. She had a very serious look on her face. “Come.” She said. She grabbed Haruka’s hand, and she felt like she was being pulled under water, she could see blue spirals swirling all around her, when she breathed all she could feel was cold.

Finally they stopped, she was standing in a small room, a bedroom, and it had a single bed, two windows and a table, with three chairs round it. She looked for Eiko, she was sitting in one of the chairs round the table. She was reading a novel; it had no words on the cover. She looked up from her book and smiled, her skin was no longer pale, and her hair was a bright bubble gum pink. Her teeth were snow white, she looked almost perfect, except her gown had rips and tears all over it, but I had three layers of delicate cloth, so it was still complete.

Eiko nodded, and said “Okay Suzume, Haruka has arrived. From thin air came a young girl, she looked 12. She had dark black hair that hung all the way down to the floor. She was wearing a black gown, almost exactly like Eiko’s except it wasn’t torn. She was standing looking up at Haruka, since she was just a little shorter, she spoke, very quietly but very surely, “I am Suzume, and I am a spirit of night.” Haruka looked down at the girl, she was very shy looking. “What?” Haruka asked “What is a spirit?” Suzume looked up at Haruka “A spirit is one that makes up a certain element or time. So there are millions of Night spirits, not just me. But you can see me, that’s the power. You can see spirits, not just that, you can do much more Haruka.”

Haruka was beginning to worry. She had some sort of power she never knew of?! Eiko saw she was worrying and said calmly “Don’t worry. Many people have this power to.” Haruka gasped, she just realised something; she was now wearing a light blue gown, not anything like Eiko’s though, it was straight, and more modern.

 “Excuse me?” came a low voice, from outside a door opposite Haruka, “Ms Eiko?” In walked a tall young man, about fifteen years old. “Yes, hello Shoji?” replied Eiko “What can we do for you?” Shoji looked at Haruka, he was wearing a black suit. But what were most remarkable were his eyes; they were a bright red. “Well,” he continued “Haru wishes to see you.” “Send her right in” said Eiko; she suddenly sounded much older than she looked.

 Shoji left, and in walked a girl Haruka’s age. She had short grey hair, and was wearing a grey tee with some jeans. She had a black butterfly on her shoulder. “Hello Haru” Eiko greeted her. “Hello Eiko, hello Suzume.” Suzume waved shyly “You are Haruka right?” she turned to Haruka. She nodded, staring at the butterfly. Haru smiled brightly. “So Eiko,” she had turned to Eiko again “You wanted me to take Haruka to Jun and Kei?” Eiko nodded “Are you sure Eiko” Suzume interrupted “Them in a team?” “Yes.” Eiko said confidently.

Haruka obediently followed Haru out of the bedroom, they walked down a long corridor lined with doors. They stopped outside a large wooden door; labelled: Team 8; Jun, Kei and Haruka. They stepped inside, there were three beds, each with names on them. Bed one: Jun, Bed two: Kei, Bed three: Haruka. On the first bed there sat a boy Haruka’s age.

 He had short blonde hair, and was wearing a black tee with some sweat pants. Next to him, on bed two was a girl Haruka’s age as well; she had long black hair, around the same length as Haruka’s. She was wearing a long black dress, the same as Haruka’s but it was longer, and had frills at the bottom, near her feet. Jun tilted his head and smiled brightly, so did Kei. And eventually, so did Haruka.

She never had any friends. “Now,” said Haru, from behind Haruka “You can get to know each other.” She left and closed the door behind her. Haruka went to her bed and sat on it, cross legged. “Well,” Jun began “We all know each other’s names right, on a count of our beds.” He smiled again. “Your one happy kid aren’t you?” Haruka giggled “Yeah” Kei added happily, which just made Jun smile more. “Where are we even?” asked Haruka. “I don’t know” added Jun bluntly. “Well that helps” added Kei sarcastically. “But I think we’re in the Between.” Kei said. “The what?” asked Haruka “The Between. It’s the place between worlds, silly.”

Haruka remembered being told about different worlds, but she had never believed it. “So what are these teams for then?” asked Jun. “Missions?” suggested Haruka. Jun looked through the window. The sun was setting making the room a dull orange. The door slowly opened, in stepped Eiko. “Ready to meet your master, he will be guiding your teams, on the missions you will be completing.” Everyone nodded, and Haruka silently cheered, for being right.

“He will be here shortly then.” With that Eiko left the room. A few minutes later a man stepped in the room. He was wearing track pants, and a dull green vest, underneath the vest was a black shirt, with long sleeves. He had a grey headband. His hair was spiky, and pointed up through, over the headband; his hair was also a dark grey colour. “Hello.” He said brightly, “I am Satoshi.” Everyone was looking up at him. “Well,” he said bluntly “You better get some sleep, we have a very big mission ahead of us tomorrow”

With that, he left the room, closing the large door firmly behind him. 

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