Lightfur and Duskclaw Detective Warriors,

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This is a Death Note/Warriors Crossover, you need to have watched Death Note to understand it, I also recommend that you've read at least Fire And Ice or the Warriors series~
Summary: Light, L, Ryuk and Misa go to the Clans, but an ominous prophecy makes the clan cats wary of the new comers and somehow, Kira continues to kill even now.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lightfur and Duskclaw Detective Warriors,

Submitted: April 10, 2013

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Submitted: April 10, 2013





A small grey tom walked cautiously through a huge, complicated forest, large roots and sharp plants preventing him from easily walking on. Brambles snagged at his fur and he cursed under his breath as he tripped over a large red mushroom, causing him to land in the mud. After more painful walking, the tom reached a beautiful clearing, there, in the middle of a circle of shining stone, was a black orb, like a huge poppy seed.

The tom raced toward it, but awoke abruptly just as he touched it.

Chapter one:

The sun was setting slowly and an orange-peach light filled the room. There were many computers all hooked up to a large monitor, and staring at all the screens was a young man, he was in an odd crouching position, wearing a white t-shirt and baggy jeans. His dark black hair was unbelievably spiky and messy, and he held a cup of tea in his left hand.

Next to him sat another young man, with perfect light brown hair, he wore a white dress shirt with a red tie, and black dress pants. He didn’t seem to be paying much attention, and is was if he was lost in thought. Behind him, was a very odd creature; it looked almost like a demon, with a white face and a twisted smile lined with sharp teeth. It had large black feathered wings and was almost entirely black, except for frizzy dark blue hair.

Both people seemed oblivious to the monster behind them.

“Light?” asked he oddly sitting man, curiously,

“Yes,” the other replied, annoyed at being brought out of deep thought.

The dark haired man sensed the annoyance in his voice, and noted it, before asking, “Have you seen Misa lately, Matsuda seemed concerned for her lately.” The man lied about his college Matsuda, only to get and honest answer out of Light.

“I thought she was still in that place you gave her.” Light replied, clearly not concerned about Misa or Matsuda,

Moments later, all of the computer screens flashed, and went black, and every single light that was currently on went out.

“Blackout” Light sighed,


The man let Light go to his room to sleep, however he had to keep investigating the Kira case, no matter what, and he never slept anyway.

Soon enough, after hours of research through books, all the lights flickered on again, and to the man’s relief, the computers came back, all the data had saved.

“L!” The detective heard Light shout from his room,

He hastily made his way to Light, but after reaching halfway there, he slipped on something and fell, hitting his head on the hard ground. 

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