A New Kind of Addiction

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Aiden and Mallory are two friends who just got busted for drugs. They are put in jail. Asher Baker, a 27 year old pentecostal preacher, come everyday to speak to them. He is cool, athletic, and funny. Can he get to these two young people and change their lives dramatically.

*PG rating is for some mentioning of drugs

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A New Kind of Addiction

Submitted: October 04, 2009

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Submitted: October 04, 2009



Mallory looked into Aiden’s mysterious green eyes, and for once, she could actually see some emotion. It was fear. That scared Mallory. Aiden was always the one that was sure of himself; the one that kept her safe when she was scared; and the one that never, ever, let anyone know what he was feeling.

He noticed that she had seen that hint of fear in his eyes and immediately shook his head so that his dark, shaggy, hair covered most of his eyes, almost blocking his ability to see. He looked away and didn’t look back until he had gotten control over himself. After all signs of emotion were gone, he turned back to Mallory and they followed the police out of the building and into their car.

The bust was bound to happen some time. They had been playing with fire for too long, it was only logical that the ended up getting burned. Mallory always kept a close eye on things out front while Aiden was in the back at clubs, parties, or whatever. But this time, she just didn’t catch on in time. Right when Aiden had gotten his money, the doors were knocked down and police came barging in with guns ready to fire. Mallory had instantly tried to run, but was grabbed by a strong policeman and pulled to the back with them. She saw Aiden on the floor with his hands behind his head. They had checked his pockets and found the drugs. Mallory had watched as her pay for the week was bagged and taken for evidence. They then kicked him and told him to get up. He was then pushed into the corner. The policeman holding Mallory had thrown her over there with him.

Now they were in the police car on their way to the station. They were both handcuffed behind their backs and were extremely uncomfortable. They were both looking absentmindedly out the windows as the world went streaming by in flashes of every color. Watching this, Mallory realized with a shock that she may not see these things again for a long time. She just knew that she was going to be in prison for a few years, separated from Aiden for all of that time. The thought saddened her deeply. Although she and Aiden weren’t a couple, they may have well as been as well as they knew each other and as much time as they spent together.

 By the time all of these thoughts had run through her mind a few times, they were at the station. Mallory was led in, right behind Aiden, into the gray, depressed looking station. The walls were the dullest color she had ever seen. There were several desks spaced throughout the station, some more organized than others. One of them was covered with empty coffee cups and the papers weren’t in any particular order.

They were led into separate interrogation rooms and questioned for hours. Neither one of them gave up anything. They were too busy trying to protect each other. The cops never got a straight answer from either one and neither of their stories matched up. They were threatened several times, but still refused to give either one up.

Finally after several hours of this, they gave up and allowed the two to see each other. They instantly grabbed each other in a tight hug and didn’t let go, or even say a word until they were led to a holding cell.

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