Dear Idiots Who Surround Me

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dear Moronic Society

Submitted: July 18, 2011

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Submitted: July 18, 2011




(Mostly the ones who hurt my feelings at some point)


Dear Skinny Person with the perfect body/hair

Stop acting so perfect and making the rest of us feel awful

We are what real people look like


Dear Preppy Boy who loves thinking you are a stud

Even though you may get a lot of girls now

That wont last – actually most of us wouldn’t dare come near you


Dear Prom Queen who is overly involved and secretly meaner than you seem

The act you put on for the crowd doesn’t overpower who you are in private

Stop trying to live two lives and be yourself – it’s refreshing


Dear Desperate Girl who will do anything with any guy

No guy will ever stick with you, and will only use you

No girl will want to be your friend because of jealousy


Dear Shy Girl who I know is secretly loud and open at home

Come out of your shell! Have fun and make friends!

No one is watching you under a microscope – its ok to make mistakes


Dear Mr. Hit It and Quit It

You make girls feel used and worthless.

Stop doing that. They deserve better.


Dear Class Flirt

You don’t have to flirt with every boy in class to be liked.

That actually will cause more people to hate you.


Dear Holier Than Thou

Don’t shove your religion down my throat, please.

Watch what you do, not the rest of us, because your not perfect either.


Dear Teacher’s Pet

Stop spending all of your time talking to the teacher and talk to us.

Your classmates want to spend time with you, too.


Dear Football Player who is too cool for school

Change that attitude soon, because after high school football,

What will you have?


Dear Pregnant 15 year old

You really should have made better decisions.

Start doing that now – It’s not too late.


Dear Scholarship People

Stop giving scholarships to the screw ups (like the teenage mothers)

And start giving them to those of us who actually worked for them


Dear Welfare Program

If we have to be drug tested for our money to go to welfare

Shouldn’t they be drug tested to receive it?


Dear Pro-Choice People

Life is Life and Murder is Murder.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that.


Dear Gay People

You have the right to live your own life

Just please don’t bring that into my home


Dear Person Reading this who I just offended

I would love to say I’m sorry but I shouldn’t have to apologize for a personal opinion.

Freedom of speech gives me that right (If it hasn’t been taken away yet).


Dear People with your Pants on the ground

Do you really think that you look cool?

Buy some clothes that fit and talk right


Dear Girl who insists on showing the world your cleavage

Do I really need to see this?

Buy a shirt that isn’t so low cut.


Dear Miserable Person who hates the world

You only get one shot at life - please don’t waste it being miserable.

Go out and enjoy yourself while you can.


Dear Soldier at War

Thank you for everything that you do.

Even if some people just wont support you.


Dear People Who Protest War and the people in it

Do you know who gave you the right to protest it?

The soldier who died for your right to hate him.


Dear People Who Ignore Me

You are not any better than I am

Stop acting like it and get your nose out of the air

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