Don't Let Me Fall

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Everyone knows what goes up must come down but that doesn't neccesarily mean it has to fall and hurt right?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Don't Let Me Fall

Submitted: January 30, 2011

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Submitted: January 30, 2011



Another break up. I'm not sure how much more I can take. I walked through the rain as if it was nothing, I've done this many times. I Kiki Harper have been through many things for a 25 year old woman. Starting since I was 18, I was never able to float without falling. Who cares though, My best friends are always there though. Daisy, Dusty, Viola, Corazon and Yen. I pulled out my house keys and opened the door with a soft click. I walked in, flipping lights on as I went down the hallway with my drenched clothes. I was suppoused to meet all my friends today and they wouldn't let me cancel. So i headed up to my bathroom to get ready. I turned on the hot water and stripped from my wet clothes. I stepped in and banged my head against the tile multipile times. I washed myself quickly and then stepped out, grabbing the towel. Wrapping it around me as I made my way into my closet. I went into my jean's area and picked out a dark pair, then wondered over to my casmere sweaters and slipped on a purple one. Just then my cell phone rang, I looked at the caller ID to see Dusty's number pop up. I quickly answered it.

Dusty:Kiki Harper, where are you young lady!?

Me:I'm on my way Dusty, chillax.

Dusty:Alright but hurry.

I hung up and grabbed my purse shoving a comb, compact mirror, pads, extra make up and cell phone into it. I made a run for my car and slipped into it, I didn't get too wet. I started my red ferri and backed slowly out of my drive way. Turning the wheel quickly and stepping on the peddle, my car headed straight towards the diner.

I walked into the diner and looked around for my group of friends to see them in the back of the diner. I slid into the booth with them. "Kiki, you finally made it!"Yen exclaimed and I nodded. The waitress came over.

"Drinks?"She asked.

"Um, I'll take a strawberry flavored water please."I said and she jotted it down. I zoned out while the others ordered. I looked out of the window and sighed, poor raindrops. Everyone was letting them fall.

"Kiki. Kiki? Kiki?Kiki?!Helllllloooooo!!!!!"Viola said and started waving her hand in my face, I jolted out of my thoughts and looked at them.

"Somethings up. What's up girl?"Yen asked.

"Another break up."I said.

They all looked at me sadly. We all knew why no guy would date me....I wasn't too much into sexual stuff but that's all guys wanted these days. All my guy friends thought that way too except for one...Miles. We met up every Thursday just to hang out. The waitress returned with our drinks and I took a huge gulp of mine to keep myself from sobbing.

"Doesn't matter Kiki, you'll find the one."Corazon said, everyone of us could all agree that she was the smartest when it came to realtionships. Why?Well because she was married and had 3 kids. Couldn't be happier. We all thought it had something to do with her name.

After meeting with the girls I decieded to spend the rest of my day at home. I collasped onto my bed and started to zone out again. After thinking for about 5 minutes, I stuck in a movie to watch but didn't even finish it for I fell asleep.

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