Perfect; A boy named Allister

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Inspired by Simple Plan's Perfect. Enjoy =)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Perfect; A boy named Allister

Submitted: June 24, 2011

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Submitted: June 24, 2011



A teenage boy by the name of Allister sat out on his porch with his nose in a book. This was part of his average day, waiting for his Mom to get back from the post office to make sure she was safe. It would sometimes take a long time but he had a friend for that reason, he had lots though. He had only one best friend though; Maggie. She would always join him on the porch and the two always sat together. "Hey Allister!" Maggie called and the boy pulled himself from his book to see his best friend.Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail with a bow and it flipped as she jumped up and down happily. A smile spread across her face and her stool like jegs jumped into the air as she hid something behind her back.

"Hey Maggie, what's the occasion?" He asked.

"I got you something, Silly!" She replied and giggled.

Allister held out his hands and Maggie placed her 'surprise' in his hands. He looked and saw a sketch book and colored pencils. Not only did the boy like to read, he loved to draw. A smile spread across his face and he tackled his best friend with a hug on the grass. "Thanks Maggie, this means alot." 

She tussled his brown hair and patted his head while answering, "No problem, Allister. That's what friends are for."

The two moved to the porch and talked about diffrent things until his mom got home. "Hey mom." Allister greeted.

"Hi Mrs.Ace!" Maggie said happily.

"Hey kids, how are you?"


Soon after Maggie left, Allister's dad arrived. Allister made an escape into his room, he didn't like his dad and his dad didn't like him. The teenager quickly hid his new sketch book and his reading book under his bed. After making sure everyhting was out of sight, he quickly went to find his younger sister. She was sitting at the table coloring till his dad snatched her crayons and threw them away and scoffed, "Learn to do something that gets you money!" 

This causing an arguement between his mom and dad. Allister motioned for his sister and he ran towards him with her coloring. He took her upstairs to his room and pulled out the coloring pencils Maggie had got him and handed them to his sister. She took them and her tears stopped and she went back to coloring. Allister was furious at his dad for trying to stop Maddy, his younger sister from having fun. He sat on the bed and pulled her into his lap while she colored humming happily. Then he heard something break downstairs. "Maddy stay in here." He spoke sternly and she nodded.

He ran downstairs to see his mom on the ground with her hand on her cheek and a broken vase behind her. His dad with his hands in fist with a deadly glare. "These kids will do things thats actully good for them!" He boomed.

He stepped in front of my mom. "Leave her alone!" He screamed.

"Get out of my way." His dad threatened.

"Or what?" 

His dad hand went into the air and was rady for a strike but a plea for it to stop was heard.

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