"Tails" of a Kitsune

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Maria a young girl is immortal and she hates it. She believes it only makes more room for mistakes. Despretly seeking someone who can finally put her soul to rest but she is torn in between her friends or death.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: July 30, 2011

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Submitted: July 30, 2011



A burning red phoenix shot into the air and soared above a graceful critter, the kitsune. She was a lovely silver color that shine in the moonlight, the phoenix slowly glided closer to her. The silver creature was still running her way across the field, her blue eyes pierced on her goal, the entrance to her home. She was in trouble with the red and orange bird even though they were friends. They shot into the bronze gates and they shut behind them and they both came to a stop. The bird landed softly and slowly started losing its own parts; beginning to gain human parts. Once the 'bird' finished changing he spoke, "Maria, that is the 5th time this week!"

The kitsune used its multiple tails to cover her muzzle in shame. "Change." The young male demanded.

Before she did, she looked over the male's features. He was pale and had black hair that covered both eyes that had red and yellow streaks in it. His pale face was now angry with his hand balled in fist. Muscular enough to choke her if she didn't change right about now. She started losing her fur being covered with human skin and her hair was a silver color with a yellow headband. She was soskinny and fragile that her long hair looked as ifit could knock her down.Her long blue gown hugged her body andthe end flowed onto the ground. She pulled her sleeves to cover her hands before finally meeting themale's eyes. Crimson metBlue. "That is the 5th time this week that I've seen you try to kill yourself, you're immortal so stop trying!" The teen lectured.

"Its hell! How many tails do I have?!" Maria responded.

"3, why does that matter?!" He asked.

"I'm 300 years old but look like I'm 18! Every hundred years, a new tail grows and tommorow I get my fourth." She sighed.

"I'm 500hundred alright Maria? I've been at this for many years. I know its hard to accept immortalty and thosehumans thinks its great. Its not,butyou have to put up with it. Your parents wanted you to have it and now you do. Consider it as a gift not a curse." The malesaid softly.

"That's easy for you to say Sage. You don't growtails to remind you how old you are." She reminded.

Sage chuckled before responding, "Atleast you don't have to keep track in your head like me. That's whyI gotta watch you, everytimeI try to relax; I know you're up to something. I don't think anything is up there." He knocked on her head.

"Shut up, you might knock me over if you keep doing that." She responded while giggling.

He threw his arm over her soulders, bringing her closer and giving her a noogie while saying, "Come here you!"

She laughed happily and rubbed her head whenhe was finished. "Let's get to the village before the others start to worry." Sage said.

"They're probably worryingabout me but not you." She joked.

"Maybe you're right because I don't try crazy stunts like you." He answered and she punched him playfully in the stomach.

Together they startedto walk back tothe village, Maria now happy.

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