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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Yin and Yang

Submitted: March 09, 2013

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Submitted: March 09, 2013



Chapter 6

Yin and Yang

My wife has been imprisoned in her own body. Vengeance is the jailer and he holds the key to her soul. Her only means to escape is to hide in the memories of a better time and place. I feel a wave of sadness wash over me as I think back to a better time and place of my own.

I arrive home from a hard day at the office. My thoughts plagued with work related problems. It’s late afternoon and the sun’s lost its intensity. A cool breeze swirls around the tall trees that are dotted around our front lawn.

Sarah catches my eye as I exit the car. She’s a vision to behold. , Slowly swaying back and forth on a swing chair that sits on our front porch. She focuses on a book. I just stand there and admire her from a distance. All my earthly concerns drain away as my love for her takes hold.

Her long blonde hair cascades down her pretty face and comes to rest on her shoulders. She’s wearing a long white summer dress that flows down to her ankles. The dress is covered in different coloured flowers that seem to dance in the gentle breeze.

I just stand there in a trance, thinking how lucky I am being loved by such a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. She senses me standing there and looks up with a smile. One reserved only for me and for my eyes only, one that melts my heart.

I walk towards her with a smile of my own that would span the length of the Grand Canyon. Suddenly from out of nowhere a voice calls my name. It’s distant and very faint. “Steve”. It’s soft and sounds like a woman’s voice.

I keep walking towards Sarah and her infectious smile. I am close enough to see her green eyes gleam like emeralds in the soft light. I am distracted by the voice again. This time it’s a little louder. “STEVE”. The heavenly apparition before me starts to fade away and becomes blurred. I instinctively grab at it. Too late….. My heart starts to cool and my smile turns to a frown. Fantasy becomes reality……

I’m unsure of where I am and I feel a little disorientated. Then my mind starts to catch up with my sight. Jasmine is waving her hand in front of my face.

“Steve” she says softly.

“Oh. Hey Jasmine. Sorry, I must have zoned out for a second” I say rubbing my watery eyes.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s not nice knowing that your wife’s in trouble and there’s nothing you can do to help her.” Jasmine says smiling compassionately.

“Don’t worry?! I’ll help her alright! I’ll track down that selfish little bastard and tear him limb from limb!” I say abruptly and completely out of the blue , my transition from dream state to harsh reality complete as my hurt turns to hate.

“You can’t fight him on his level. You’re an amateur in his domain. You’ll have to put your personal feelings aside and focus all your energy on the positive. Your anger will only make you lose control. Then you will be of no use to Sarah at all.” Jasmine pleads.

Jasmine’s right, I lose control and I lose everything. I am more frustrated than angry. Frustrated that I am powerless to help the one I love. I need to snap out of this feeling of being helpless. If I can keep positive and use Sarah’s rescue as my motivation I may just be able to wrangle a happy ending out of all this. So it’s only looking on the bright side of things from now on.

“Right, so what’s the plan? How do we choke the life from Vengeance?” I say ready for action and a lot more composed.

“That’s the spirit!” Jasmine says smiling.

“I believe the dream I had holds the key. The heavily guarded forest and the protective sphere surrounding vengeance tells me that he’s vulnerable….THATS IT!!”

“That’s what?” I reply.

“Even though divinity didn’t talk to me I could feel what he was feeling. He felt sad and partly responsible for what was happening. Divinity is the light and vengeance is the darkness, There opposites, yin and yang!” Jasmine says gesturing me with her hands palm up like I should know what she is talking about.

I guess you have to think like Jasmine to come up with a conclusion like that, especially with the little information that she just gave me.

“Did the penny just drop?” I say smirking. Not letting on that I think that she is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. “Yeah, yin and yang, black and white, I use to have the emblem on my surf board. But how does that make Vengeance vulnerable?” I ask looking completely confused.

“Don’t you see?” Jasmine says throwing her arms up in the air.

“Obviously not” I say glumly.

“They used to be one and somehow they have split into two. Divinity is the soul and vengeance is the vessel. Sorry, Vengeance is the flesh and blood. That’s why he’s hiding behind a shield.”

“So he can bleed, that means we can kill him” I say eagerly.

“He won’t just die either, he will cease to exist. He has no soul, no conscience, and no remorse for his actions. He is pure evil. There is no chance of him ever finding his way home”

“Wasn’t Lucifer a fallen angel? I mean, he’s supposed to be at the root of all evil and he has a soul, right?” I question, hoping that Jasmine will answer with a “no” because if it’s a “yes” we’re in it deep.

“Yes, of course, he has a soul, he’s an angel” Jasmine replies.

I feel the blood drain from my body. I promised myself to keep positive so it’s onwards and upwards.

“Anyway back to the dream.” Jasmine says quickly.

I think she picked up on my dread. I’ll have to get my poker face on next time.

“The dream is symbolic. Vengeance or Yin, yeah I think we should call him Yin from now on. It’s simpler and Divinity is Yang. Yin can’t physically out stretch his arm to pluck threats out of the sky. I believe that was to show me that his powers are far reaching and that his terror attack has gone global. The light that surrounded me when the things in the forest became agitated was showing me that Yang will protect us and for us to have faith in him. We can’t let anyone know of his existence either. He knows that we are old souls and he is putting his trust in us to do what has to be done. If Yin finds out we are in league with Yang he will no doubt force a battle to wipe out mankind just in spite of Yang. We can’t even trust Sarah, Steve. She could be under Yin’s control and not even be aware of it.” Jasmine says with a serious look.

“So now he is a Hypnotist as well as a ventriloquist.” I say sarcastically and happy that I have finally made sense of something that Jasmine has said.

“Precisely my dear Watson, your power of deduction is improving by the minute.” Jasmine says light heartedly with an English accent.

“Well thank you Sherlock, you’re too kind.” I reply sounding more like Sean Connery’s double “0” seven than Peter Cushing’s Sherlock Holmes.

“I thought Dr Watson was British.” Jasmine says trying not to laugh.

“One more question?” I say looking embarrassed.

“Hit me with it” Jasmine Chuckles.

“Why doesn’t Yang take care of Yin himself?” I say as I start to laugh out loud. That just sounded so stupid. Both Jasmine and I burst into laughter that we can’t control. After a few minutes of recurring laughter we both take a deep breath and pull ourselves together.

“Thanks Steve, I think we both needed a good laugh”

“Why thank you Miss Penny” I say while taking a bow.

“Now to answer your question, Yin and Yang are opposites but they are also one. They know each other inside and out. A one on one battle between them would be fruitless. Neither of them would win. It would go on forever and the only casualties would be all life on earth and that is exactly what yang is trying to avoid.”

”Well that pretty much seals the deal then. We are earths only hope. So I say that we head into town or what’s left of it and scavenge what supplies we can. Then head to this cave I know that I found when I was a kid. After a rest we can head off at the crack of dawn on our holly crusade and victory.” I say passionately.

“You really missed your true calling Steve. You should give up your day job of physical education teacher and become a motivational speaker for the round table.” Jasmine says while shaking her head like you would if you were answering “No” and trying to hold back a giggle.

I really don’t think she’s taking me seriously.

“Lead the way King Arthur” Jasmine says gesturing me to lead the way and still smirking

“Yes, well that’s the problem. My trusty stead caught a fiery ball in the bread box and his days of crusading have unfortunately come to a stale end.” I say disheartened and putting an anti climax to my fist pumping speech.

“Oh, don’t worry; my trusty stead will see us right.” Jasmine says winking at the same time.

She heads off in the general direction of where my car is parked. Or what’s left of it anyway. She fades into the dark night as I follow behind. The moon and stars providing our only means of light as the entire school has lost power after the attack. I wonder what sort of car she has. What would a psychic hippie drive? I hope it’s not a “VW” Kombi van. Dam! I could run faster than one of them. She did refer to it as her Trusty stead too. I might be pleasantly surprised and find that she has the latest “V8” Mustang.

Suddenly a vision of us entering town in Jasmine’s bright red Mustang pops into my head. With me at the wheel we drift round the corner into Main Street with the precision of a professional driver, coming to a screeching halt in the middle of the road. I rev the engine as Yin’s henchmen look on with stunned looks on their faces like animal’s caught in our head lights. While they are still in a state of shock we leap out of the car like the Dynamic Duo, armed to the teeth with a look of true grit and determination plastered all over our faces. We open fire without mercy and take no prisoners. I think I’ve seen too many action movies. I have a bad feeling that my expectations are about to be shattered.

“Ah, here she is, right behind this wreck” Jasmine says excitedly.

“Wreck, that’s no Wreck Miss Penny. That’s a fully restored 1969 Pontiac GTO or “the Judge”, as it was known.” I say proudly.

“Well, it looks like “the Judge” has been handed out his own death sentence.” Jasmine says mockingly with a false sense of pity on her face.

I reply with a grunt of displeasure.

I am starting to dislike this woman. Then I spot her ride.

“That’s your trusty stead? A moped, you’re having me on right?” I say as my face drops. My thoughts of a grand entrance laid to rest.

“Yes a moped and I only have one helmet”

“Could things get any worse?” I complain with my mouth still open in shock.

“They will with that attitude” Jasmine retaliates.

Now I get an image of us chugging into town on a pink moped after travelling all night. , Armed with a matching pink helmet and a nervous grin, Yin’s evil army dying by an over dose of uncontrollable laughter.

I really don’t think things could get any worse...

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