A Petunia For Anya

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All little Anya wanted was a petunia....one single petunia....this is a oneshot so i won't be making a second chapter .

The cold, winter wind kissed my cheeks as me and Anya stood still, staring out at the setting sun. I really didn't care much if the wind hit me....i was worried that Anya would get sick. Last time she stood out in the cold, she had got phenomea and it had almost killed her. Due to my family's extreme poverty, we couldn't afford to take her to the hospital. so we just....waited it out. We tried to give her all the finest luxeries we could afford while she lay in bed, half dieing. Of course, Anya always got the better belongings than me. I didn't care though. Since the day I was able to understand that Anya wasn't like the others,that she suffered from very weak immune system, mental retardation, and....cancer....I, myself, have been trying to make Anya's life as enjoyable as it could be in my families economical conditions, even if it meant sacrificing my own happiness. The last time we went to the doctors, which had been about two years ago, they had told us that, because of Anya's ridiculously weak immune system, she would only last a year with her type of cancer. But here she was, two years later, sicker than ever, but alive. I know its a blessing to have her with me to this day, so i make sure to enjoy evey second of it. Nighttime had enveloped itself around us already, so i took Anya by the hand and pulled her lightly. \"Come on, Anya. We have to go back now.\" I said, but my six year old sister didn't even look my way, a she continued to stare at the point were the sunseere t had been a xouple of minutes ago. Again, I pulled on her arm. Then Anya turned and gazed up at me with her unfocused eyes. \"You know what I want for christmas?\" She asked me. I bent down to be at her eye level. \"What do you want?\" She smiled. \"I want....petunia.\" My face froze. Christmas was tommorow and we hadn't gotten her a petunia. I decided to come up with a plan to on how to get ahold of some petunias later, when she was asleep. \"I'm sure santa clause will bring you some,\" i responded. Then we both made our way to our small, crooked house. I silently tucked her in her bed and kissed her forehead goodnight. Pretty soon i heard her brearhing even out as one's does when one sleeps. After securing myself that there was no danger for Anya, i slowly relaxed and soon i, too, fell asleep.

I woke up with a start the following morning, suddenly remembering Anya's christmas wish and my determination to fulfill her wish took over. I swiftly made my way to my parents room without waking Anya and shook my dad awake. \"She says she wants a petunia,\" i said to my father. With out saying a word, my father nodded in understandment and quickly got dressed. Then he left through the door, taking a handful of some of our stored money with him. I made my way back to my room, were Anya still lay asleep. She was smiling in her sleep. After picking out her clothes for her like i did every morning, I tried to shake her awake. Only she didn't wake up. Thats when I noticed that her chest was not heaving with her breathing. I burst out crying just as my father barged through the door, carrying a whole beauque of petunias. One look at my tears and the motionless body of Anya and he instantly knew what had happened. Then he cradeled both me and tje lifeless body of Anya in his arms. Soon, my mother heard our crys and she, too, joined us, none of us disgusted by Anya's body.

We wasted our entire life savings to give Anya the best funeral we possibly could and many people attended, for Anya had been a really liked little girl. After the death ceremony, everyone eventually left me alone with my sisters newly covered grave. I leaned down and kissed the cold, stone grave stone. Reaching into my pocket, i pulled out the only petunia from the beauque my father had brought Anya that hadn't dried up. Gently, i layed it before the grave stone baring Anya's name. \"Merry christmas, Anya.\"

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That is so so sad it brought tears to my eyes:(

Sat, March 10th, 2012 7:33pm


yea it brought tears to my eyes just to write it :'(

Wed, March 14th, 2012 4:18pm

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