Everyday is a Rainbow Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

The ball just begins to roll as the two protagonists meet after a long hiatus in the most unlikely situation ever. Watch out for more details.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Accident at the Airport

Submitted: January 04, 2016

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Submitted: January 04, 2016



Farhan was had just collected his bags from the conveyor ring, when he heard the scream like all others at the Kempegowda International Airport.  It was 1 a.m. and the airport lobby bore a deserted look.  He could only spot a few of his fellow passengers from the Doha flight; or, probably few more, checking in for late night flights.

He turned his head, but could not see anything. But he could sense that something had happened at the other side of the lobby. Some airport staffs were running in the direction.

Farhan walked towards the cab booking counter. The scream had stopped by now. But a slow moaning sound could be heard.  People looked at each other questioningly.

“Your destination, sir?” asked the lady at the cab counter in a tired voice.

“Kammavari Pete, Hoskote.” Farhan was looking away. He was still trying to figure out the source of the scream.

“One thousand and seventy five rupees, sir” The lady entered his details and asked “cash or card?”

Farhan took out his card and handed it to the lady who swiped it.

‘’Your good name, sir….?’’

His jaws dropped at the sight of four airport staffs wheeling a lady. What happened to her?

The lady was badly injured; both her feet were bleeding, the t-shirt she wore already had blood stains, her jeans ripped off, her hair disheveled and her shoes were missing. She was clutching her tummy and her wrenched face clearly showed that she was in pain. 

‘’Your name, sir?” the lady at the counter asked again.

He moved forward. What happened to her? He asked the airport staff.

“Madam tripped and fell from the escalator. She needs immediate hospitalization. But we need to inform our supervisor” the security staff looked impatient, “I think he is off duty.”

They were looking at each other,” accident sandarbhadalli. ?nu m??ab?kendu?’’ (It is an accident case. What should we do?)

Farhan came forward and intercepted in Kannada,” N?nu n?vu help m??abahudu? (May I help you?). Can I take her to the hospital? ‘’

The staffs were surprised, ‘’do you know her?’’

Farhan nodded. “She needs immediate medical supervision. May I…?’’

They seemed to be relieved by his initiative and gave a prompt response, “Sure sir.  You just need to enter your contact details in our register, sir.”

“No problem. “ Farhan turned to the lady at the cab counter, “Please cancel my order. I need to take her to the hospital immediately. We don’t have time for an ambulance. Please make a fresh booking for me.” He stole a quick glance at her, “Carewell Hospital.”

The lady looked baffled at the sudden change of events. With a surprised and reluctant expression she made changes in the bill and asked him, ‘’ your good name, sir?’’

‘’Farhan Zaveriwala’’ He replied without looking. He was dialing his friend, who was a doctor at Carewell Hospital.

The phone once, twice, thrice… but nobody was responding. Shit. He was irritated.

‘’ Two hundred fifty rupees, sir’’ The lady at the cab counter confirmed the payable amount. Farhan was signing the airport staff’s register.

D?varu nanna ?h (oh my God) sir, she is passing out.’’ They yelled.

‘’Oh no ‘’ he ran towards the wheelchair. ‘’are you okay?’’ he asked looking at her drooping eyes. She did not answer. Perhaps she could not recognize him.

‘’Ma’am, I need the cab right now. ‘’ he told the lady at the cab booking counter.

‘’Yes sir, this way please” She directed with her right hand. ‘’Yellow Indica, Number BA78908.’’

Farhan lifted the lady from the wheelchair and carried her in his arms. He walked towards the cab and opened the back door to lay her on down on the back seat.  Her eyes were shut and her hands hung loose on the side. He suppressed a deep breath.  

The cab driver and the airport staff helped him with the luggage.

The cab was about to start, when the lady at the cab booking counter came running, ‘’ Nir?k?isi nir?k?isi (Wait. Wait) your card, sir.”

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