Everyday is a Rainbow Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Farhan and Jhelum have a brief chat on the balcony. Chowhan arrives in Bangalore and messages his friend. Archie and Chowhan come home for a dinner arranged by Farhan.

Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter X: Good Morning to New Beginnings

Submitted: July 28, 2016

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



Jhelum was standing in the balcony that overlooks the beautiful Bangalore city.

“Good morning” said Farhan.

“Good morning” replied Jhelum. her sun-bleached cheeks shone in the soft morning light.  There is no trace of last night’s fatigue or depression on her.

“You, up already?” asked a surprised Farhan.

Jhelum did not reply. Instead she said,” What a beautiful view from the balcony! Don’t you ever come to see the sunrise?”

”No. actually… “He paused for a second. He did not know what to say.

“So, you miss out on all the beauty, huh?” she said.

“Yeah” he stood beside her with folded arms,” I suppose I am not as romantic as you are, Jhelum”.  She looked at him with her deep black eyes.  Oh, it is so difficult to look into those eyes, at times, which notices everything.

“Oh, is it? “She asked with raised eyebrows, “who listens to romantic songs most of the time?”

“Yes, I do like listening to romantic songs. But you have a romantic spirit.”

“You mean to say romance does not turn you on?” Jhelum looked at him, askance.

“Not really,” His eyes could not meet hers. Something was bugging him. He looked slightly uneasy. Fortunately, the message tone on his mobile gave him find an excuse to look away.

He dug into his track pants pocket to find the mobile.

“We’re in Bangalore, buddy. See you tonight at your place.” That was Chowhan’s Whatsapp message.

Suddenly, he remembered.

“Chowhan and Archie are coming tonight for dinner.”

“Hey, that’s great news!” she jumped in joy. “I have not seen them for more than two years.”

It was so nice to see her smiling again.

Chowhan and Archie, now married with two sons, are settled in Pune. They are on a short vacation centering Bangalore and Hampi.

“So, what’s for dinner?” Jhelum asked.

“Have not decided, actually” he said.

“What about Biriyani and Galauti Kabab?” she suggested.

“Great! And red wine.”

“I can make the starters. Say prawns in hot garlic sauce and chicken sausages?”

“Wonderful. All set for party?” he asked.

“Yep” she turned around,” Life is a party. Enjoy it and let others enjoy too.”

Farhan threw a quick glance at her face. He remembered last night’s message from her husband. Has she read it? Is it the first one of its kind, or are there are many more? He wondered. He must know the whole story before it gets too late.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“That must be Vimla” he said and instantly her reaction on seeing Jhelum flashed across his mind. What would he do about it?

“I’ll open the door” she said and moved towards the main door, before Farhan could say anything.

Hey, Vimla amma, how are you? Jhelum greeted her with a smile. She was smarter than he thought.

Vimla was surprised to see her, but smiled back and said “I’m doing well. How are you, madam?”

“Great, as usual. You see, I came back once again to bug you and Farhan.” Jhelum said, smiling.

“No worries, madam, you are always welcome. After all, this is your cousin’s house” said Vimla taking a quick glance at Farhan. Jhelum looked surprised for a minute, but looking at Farhan’s face she could read the invented lie.

“Oh yeah.” then as if she remembered something suddenly, Jhelum said, “Vimla amma, we have a party at home tonight. So, special cleaning is required. Come, let’s start.”

Farhan felt relieved as she and Vimla got busy with cleaning and dusting. At least no more embarrassing questions needed to be answered.

He came to the kitchen and thought of preparing breakfast for two. He took out eggs and sandwich bread from the fridge and saw them. Vimla was cleaning the bedroom floor, while Jhelum was dusting the bedside table with a soft cloth.  After she finished with bedside table, she started dusting the lampshade, and was instructing Vimla to sweep off the dust under the bed.


By noon, the apartment was sparking clean. The living room curtains were changed under Jhelum’s instructions, party crockeries were out of the kitchen cupboard, and washrooms cleaned. She had also sent Farhan to market with a list of items to be bought for the dinner party.

When Archie and Chowhan arrived at 7, they got twin surprises: first, Jhelum and second, beautifully done party arrangements with drinks, music, and food all in place, and in perfect order.

“What a pleasant surprise! Didn’t expect you here, Jhelum” exclaimed Archie.

“Well, it is always nice to get little surprises in life.” Said Jhelum and hugged her dear friend.

She also gave a quick hug to Chowhan who smiled back. “Saw you after ages, it seems.” He said.

“Where are your twins?” she asked.

“They are with mummy. We thought they would create ruckus over here” he said.

“Hmm…. But I would have loved to see them here.” replied a pensive Jhelum.

“No problem. We will bring them another day” was Archie’s quick reply.

The next two hours flew just like that. Jhelum served them the starters, which she herself made, while Farhan poured out the spirit. Four of them were having a gala time, with sumptuous dinner and loud music. The subjects varied from jobs to stock market, from films to yearly increments, but carefully bypassing anything related to Jhelum’s presence in Farhan’s house.

Archie and Chowhan exchanged quick glances every time Jhelum or Farhan got up to get something.

At about 10, when they were almost done with dinner, Chowhan wanted to have one more drink with his buddy. “Come; let us have a manly chat in the balcony, Farhan.”

Archie in the meanwhile took another helping of her favorite strawberry ice cream and took a surprised Jhelum in tow and headed for one of the bedrooms.

“Come Jhelum, let us have a gossip session. I have lots and lots to say.” 

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