Everyday is a Rainbow Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jhelum and Archie talk among themselves. And so does Farhan and Chowhan. But the conversation centers around Jhelum' arrival in Farhan's place. Jhelum does speak up and at end, attempts to do something ghastly.

Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter XI: Light and Dark

Submitted: July 28, 2016

Reads: 190

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



“Tell me Jhelum, how it all happened? How did you land up here?” Archie asked Jhelum.

Her long blue dress hung loose on her crossed legs. She started narrating her story.

After she finished, Archie said, “Now, I can connect the pieces.”

“What pieces?” asked a surprised Jhelum, plucking a cherry piece from the ice cream cone.

“From what Roopayan has been posting online in Facebook and Whatsapp group chats since the last few weeks.”

“I have already blocked him in both places…” she said.

“…but that has not stopped him from connecting us or with your other friends.” intercepted Archie.” Putting the tall ice cream tumbler aside.

“This is so very embarrassing for me”, Jhelum said grimly, covering her face.

“You say it is embarrassing for you.  But I would say, it is becoming a menace for us” said a miffed Archie.

“What?” Jhelum lifted her face, “to be my friend?”




At the other end of the apartment, Farhan was asking his friend,” What posts?”

“He has been posting very offensive posts announcing that Jhelum has fled from Singapore, without informing her husband and that she has intensions of having fun outside marriage.”

“What?” Farhan sat up straight, stopping midway, while dropping ice cubes into his glass.

Chowhan continued, “There was some serious issue between them. I do not know the exact details. Archie is trying to get it out from her.”

Farhan tried to catch a quick glimpse of the other bedroom where the two ladies were having a serious talk over ice cream.

“What are you saying? You knew everything about her?” But you never said anything.” he was surprised.

“Not exactly; we didn’t know that is she with you.”



“So, how long have you been with him?” Archie asked.

“What do you mean by with him?” Jhelum was slighted at her question.

“Look Jhelum,” she took a breath, and then looked at her squarely,” don’t act so naïve. I had no idea that you and Farhan were seeing each other.”




“What?” exclaimed Farhan,” Come on, Chowhan, how can you judge me like this?”

“Look buddy, let’s get this straight. Things didn’t work between Jhelum and Roopayan. Whatever be the reason. He tried explaining by moving both hands. Have you any plans of starting afresh with Jhelum?”

“What? You know what you are talking about?”Chowhan’s question left him staring in surprise.



“What are you saying, Archie? Are you out of your mind?” Jhelum’s voice sounded angry. ”he is a married man. His wife will be here any day. And I will go to my hometown very soon.”

“Who’s married?” asked Archie.

Now it was Jhelum’s turn to be surprised, “Farhan, of course”

“He is not married.” Archie replied.

“What?” Jhelum could not believe what she was saying, “he was engaged to Aisha, when we worked in WW and his wedding date was fixed. And in fact, we share the same wedding date.”

Archie shook her head in negative.

“You and Roopyan got married on April 24. Not him.” Then she said, after a pause, looking at her surprised face, “He could not, actually.” She lowered her voice, “something very tragic happened.  Aisha eloped with another guy, a day before the wedding.”


“Yes.  It is true.”

“But he never told me anything.” Jhelum was still not convinced.

“How do you expect a guy to reveal all about his life in seven days?” Archie said.

Just then it struck Jhelum that there is not a single photograph of the couple or Aisha in the entire apartment.

 “Jhelum, I know that he is a nice guy, there is no doubt about it. But give yourself some time. Do not start courting him immediately.”

“But, Archie, I think you have got me wrong…”



“Farhan, she is a married woman and also pregnant. Do not try her please. Not a good choice, I must say.” Chowhan continued to say. ” just get the hell out of this lafda.

“Come on, buddy. What the hell are you talking about?” Farhan was getting furious, “she’s just been staying here for a couple days, recovering from the fall.”

“Staying as what…?”

“As my friend and ex-colleague”

“Oh really? You think anybody is going to believe this?”

“Forget the rest. I expect you to believe.” Farhan spoke brusquely. “I brought her in when there was nobody to help her out and I meant no offense.”

“I am sorry buddy if I had been rude. But take my advice; do not take this extra trouble. Send her home immediately. Let her parents take care of her.”



“I know your parents are displeased with your choice, Jhelum”, said Archie, “but even then, it is far better than staying here.”

Jhelum was silent, but her friend continued to say, “Take my advice, baby. You need care and comfort in this state. Do not be stubborn. It is not good for your health. You can also consider patching up with your hubby. Give it a thought. After all, he is the father of your child…”

“…a father who wanted to kill his own child?” Jhelum spoke in a steely sharp voice.

“Oh come on, Jhelum that was a mistake, or may be an accident…”

“Oh is it?” Jhelum laughed sarcastically, “did he give you the explanation himself, or you just made it up?”

“Whatever it is” Archie moved her hand impatiently, “it is your matter; I mean yours and Roop’s.  Don’t put me or my husband into this messy thing. We would like to live our own lives.”

“Definitely, honey. You have every right to. “Jhelum stood up, “thank you for coming tonight and giving me and Farhan the pleasure of serving you. I assure you that you will not be asked to play part in this dirty drama anymore.”




The couple left after half an hour or so. Farhan went till the elevator to bid them goodbye. He returned to the apartment and found Jhelum missing.

But where did she go? He was looked for her all over the apartment calling out her name. He then heard sounds of wine glasses from the kitchen.

What he saw made him rush towards her. There she was, sipping martini and pouring more for herself. He snatched the wine glass from her hand and threw the remnants into the washbasin.

“Stop it Jhelum. Will you?”

“No Farhan, do not stop me today. Let me drink. I am just sick and tired of life “and her hand reached out for the bottle. He took the bottle and put it away.

“No.” He sounded very angry, “how can you be so irresponsible? You are carrying a child.”

“Please Farhan, I have had enough. I cannot take it anymore!” her face was flushed.

“Calm down Jhelum. Please. For God’s sake” Farhan spoke softly, “please sit down. “

Very slowly she walked towards the nearby sofa and sat on it.

He sat beside her and asked her very gently, “what happened, Jhelum?”

Her large black eyes seemed totally blank for an instant.

A brief period of silence passed.

Eventually Farhan spoke, “I know that you have lied to me “after a pause, “from the very beginning.”

“But you lied too” she mumbled, her voice breaking, she looked at him with a childish stare.

“I did not. But yes, I have hidden some facts from you.” He tried to be firm. But something was hurting him as well. He took a deep breath and asked, “But why did you, Jhelum?”

Suddenly Jhelum began to cry; very slowly. Tears trickled down her cheeks and she covered her face with both hands. Farhan did not stop her. He understood how difficult it was to conceal all the tears behind the smiling face for so long.

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