Everyday is a Rainbow Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jhelum has adjusted herself to Singapore pretty well. She has started applying for jobs and is getting calls too. Finally, she gets a job offer from... guess who? Barclays!

Chapter 13 (v.1) - Chapter XIII: The Job- Journey

Submitted: August 05, 2016

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Submitted: August 05, 2016



One month later.

Days are flying like anything for Jhelum. Her days start with a brief yoga session followed by preparing breakfast and lunch for Roopayan and herself. Once she is done, she wakes up her husband and hurries him for office. After half an hour or so, we see a well-bathed, squeaky clean Jhelum, before her laptop. The next 2 hours are spent in applying for jobs, replying mails, making phone calls, calling up her parents through Skype and odd jobs (for which she does not like wasting time once Roopayan is back home). Once or twice a week she leaves for job interviews or attends interview calls on skype.

Today, Jhelum is getting ready for a job interview. She adjusts her shirt collar, looking at herself on the mirror, when she gets a phone call from the agency girl.

“Hi Stella, good morning” says Jhelum, taking the call.

“Good morning Jhelum, you are coming for today’s round, right?” asked the lady from the other side.

“Yes. I will be there in about 20 minutes.”

“Great. One more thing, Jhelum” she stopped for a minute, to check something.

“Yes, tell me Stella.”

“They might negotiate salary with you today…” and before she could finish, Jhelum asked,

“What? Today? How come? Is it all over? I mean have I got the job?” she was very excited.

“Hold on. Hold on. Not so fast. ” the middle-aged experienced recruiter calmed her down with, “only if you can deliver a good presentation”

“Oh, is it? I will give it my best shot.”

“Yes. Please do. Best of luck. And remember to give me a call after the salary negotiation is over.”

“Of course, Stella.”

She hung up the call.






Two hours later.


An ecstatic Jhelum is talking to her husband on the phone.

“I have got it, Roop. I have done it, yeaaah….” She was talking so loudly, that the other two ladies nearby were almost scared to death. Like Jhelum, they are here, to grab a cup of coffee.

“Oh sorry” she said, apologizing, and lowered her voice a little.

“What is it? Have you finally got through?” a slightly apprehensive Roopayan asked from the other side. She had made him come out of his cubicle and move to the basement for speaking to her.

“Yes Roop. I have got through all the rounds and got the job at Barclays!” Jhelum’s voice rose again. This time the two ladies in the cafeteria laughed at her silliness.

“What? Really? That’s great!”

“Yes. They were very impressed with my presentation.”

“Okay. What’s the pay?” he asked, lowering his voice.

She told him the figure they quoted, happy, partly because of the offer, and mostly, because her CTC was lower than Roopayan’s (even if, by a very small amount).

“Hmm.” Probably he was also thinking the same, when Jhelum suddenly remembered something “oh dear, I have to call up Stella.”

“Share the news with my mom.” he spoke very fast.

“Yes. I will. Will call you later” and she disconnected the call.



Same day. At dinner.

Jhelum bought stir-fried Hakka noodles with Chili Crab from a local take-away outlet to celebrate her new job offer.

They were midway through dinner, when Roopayan asked her, “Did you call up my mother and tell her about your job?”

“Yes. I did.” She replied, clawing the noodles with a fork and passing them into her mouth.

“What did she say?”

Jhelum stopped munching and looked at him.

His mother was not actually pleased, as expected, even though she said she was. She handed over the phone to Jhelum’s father-in-law, who asked a string of questions regarding the company, her position, and even her package. Jhelum was very surprised when instead of congratulating her, he said Barclays is a bigger and better performing company than DuPoint (the company for which Roopayan works) and asked her if she was ready to take up the additional pressure and responsibilities.

“What happened? What did Ma say?” Roopayan was looking at her face.

“Oh yes. She was very happy” and Jhelum lowered her glances, concentrated on her food.

“Hmm. So, when are you joining?”

”Two weeks later.”


He continued eating silently.  

Jhelum realized all of a sudden that everybody, including Roopayan asked her about the job, the company, and the salary, but nobody congratulated her or asked her how she felt.

She looked at him. The same expression was on his face when she got her first job at Bangalore, where he was posted.

Her mobile beeped. She looked at the screen and her eyes twinkled. That was a message from Jishnu, her younger brother.

“Hey Di, how are you?” was his message on Whatsapp.

“I’m doing great. I got a job with Barclays.”

“Wow. Congrats! Di, you simply rock!”

“Come to skype. Will talk to you.”

She finished her dinner in a hurry. Roopayan noticed her hurried movements, in quickly finishing off the chores and heading towards her laptop, and muttered to himself, “the chatterbox starts.”

Jhelum started her skype conversation with her brother Jishnu.

“Hey bro, tell me, how are you doing?” How about your college?” he was a second-year student of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur.

“I am doing well. I am at Bolepur for my summer vacation.”

“Hey, that’s wonderful!” she screamed in joy, “I can talk to Ma and Baba then.”

Roopayan, who had already finished dining, was watching a cricket match on television, at the other side of the dining hall, gave her an irritated look, which meant cannot you speak a little softer?

Jhelum noticed that and went to one of the bedrooms with her laptop.

“Yes Jishnu” she said, “tell me how your last semester was?”

“Oh great, as usual” came the reply. “You know I never need to mug up like you”

“What? I mug up?” cried Jhelum in false anger.

“No madam, you are a born genius. Only I failed to recognize you” said Jishnu, laughing, “now, will you please talk to Ma? She’s getting impatient.”

“Oh yes. How are you, Ma?”

“I am fine, Jhum. I heard you got a new job? At Barclay’s?”

Purbasha, her mother’s voice over Skype video call sounded like a pleasant music from the other world.

“Yes Ma… You won’t believe how it came to me as a surprise…” she continued, in a the way bird chirps, regardless of the eyebrows raised or faces darken at her unabashed innocence and childishness.


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