Everyday is a Rainbow Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Looking Forward

Submitted: February 09, 2016

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Submitted: February 09, 2016



Two days later, morning, 8 AM.

Jhelum is sitting up on bed. She is looking at the sunlight filtering in through the window pane.  Her eyes are still, as if contemplating something deeply.

She is dressed in a loose t-shirt and flare pants. Breakfast is laid before her. Breakfast consists of grilled sandwich, scrambled eggs, and fruit juice in a tall glass. She has barely touched the food. She looked around the room. Vimla, the domestic help was sitting on the floor and sipping her morning tea and looking at her now and then. The middle aged woman’s face had a motherly affection. Jhelum looked across the doorway. Farhan was walking up and down the corridor talking on the mobile.

She took a bite at the sandwich and again fixed her eyes on the glass pane. Vimla finished her tea and got up. She walked up to Farhan and asked him if he wanted her to stay today as well.

He disconnected the call with a thank you and looked at Vimla. “No amma. You just need to stay for two more hours. I have taken a day off today.’’

Then he entered the room and told Jhelum, ‘the airport authority just called up. I will go and get your handbag and luggage from the airport. ‘’

Jhelum looked up at him, but did not say anything.

He looked at the uneaten breakfast and said, ‘’you have not eaten anything. “Then he came closer, ‘’is the sandwich too bland? Have the eggs then…’’ she looked at him. There were beads of perspiration on his forehead and chin. He was running on the treadmill perhaps, when the call came. ‘’you like scrambled eggs for breakfast.’’

A faint smile flashed across her face, ‘’you still remember?’’

Yes. Farhan nodded and quickly added, ‘’please finish your breakfast. I’ll be back in half an hour. If you need anything tell Vimla amma.’’

Jhelum nodded. ‘Yes. I will. Come back soon. Bye.’’

Farhan went out. She looked at his diminishing figure.

When was the last time he served her scrambled eggs for breakfast? She closed her eyes. She could not remember; probably many moons ago.

Vimla was looking at Jhelum through side glances.

Farhan called in at the caretaker’s quarter to seek Vimla’s help when he brought her home yesterday. Vimla’s husband Praveen works as the apartment caretaker and she works at Farhan’s flat as a domestic help. She agreed to take care of the lady for the night and also the day after.

Who she is, Vimla asked to which Farhan said she was his cousin. She had hurt herself badly at the airport and needed some rest.

Vimla helped Jhelum with her dressing and stood by her in all necessary chores. Farhan gave her the medicines from time to time.  

She looked at Jhelum, who was leaning her back against the wall. She appeared a little tired and uneasy. Jhelum looked at Vimla with an expectant look, as if asking for something.

“You need any help, amma?’’ she came forward.

‘’yes, can you please help me lie down? I’m feeling dizzy.’’ Jhelum said.

“Sure amma,” Vimla helped her lie down slowly on the bed. ‘’Should I put away the plates? Are you through with the breakfast?’’ she asked.

Jhelum shook her head in affirmative.

Vimla was removing the half-eaten breakfast plates when she noticed a faint vermillion mark on her forehead. She took a quick look at Jhelum’s hands and saw a slender iron bangle round her left wrist. She has seen other women in Bengaluru wearing this kind of gold plated iron bangles.

So, she is a Hindu married woman, not a Parsi like Farhan saab. Definitely not his cousin!

Vimla was petrified. Who is she then, she wondered.

She looked at Jhelum who asked her very slowly, “Can you please take me to the washroom, amma? I feel like throwing up. I think it’s the usual morning sickness stuff…’’

The middle aged maid looked at her with inflated eyes. So, this ‘’cousin’’ of Farhan is also pregnant?

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