Everyday is a Rainbow Day

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Farhan drops Jhelum to her maternal uncle's house in the same city. She promises to be in touch with him. He remembers his first encounter with the couple, years back. More mysteries unfold...

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Chapter VII: Good Morning to New Realizations

Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



Chapter VII: Good Morning to New Realizations

Two days later.

‘’Are you sure you want to go?’’ Farhan looked apprehensive as he took a left turn in the lane.

‘’Yes’’ said Jhelum as she leaned back on the car seat.

‘’I had no problems with you staying over.  Vimla is there to take care of you.’’ He tried to persuade her.

‘’ Aare chill yaar’’ She said in her usual bubbly tone, ‘’I’m just visiting my uncle in the same city and staying at his place for a few days. If anything goes wrong, I’ll surely bug you.”

‘’As you wish. ‘’ He shrugged, ‘’ here we are.’’

Farhan’s Honda City moved close to a two-storied white house.’ ’Ashirvaad, isn’t it?’’ he got down and opened the door for her.

Jhelum got down from the car with her handbag. He took out a duffle bag and backpack from the dickey and placed them beside her.

She looked radiant and her face was glowing in the morning sun. Farhan did not know what to say.

‘’okay then, Jhelum, take care of yourself.’’ He said, ‘’and please give me a call before you leave the city.’’

‘’ Won’t you come in?’’ she was surprised.

He nodded in negative.

‘’I will call you.’’ He said very softly, sounding a little concerned ‘take rest and be calm.’’

‘’You too take care.’’ Jhelum replied. ‘’Bye’’

‘’Bye ‘’He said and got into the car. 

He drove back slowly watching her press the doorbell and turning back to look at his car and waving her hand.

He sped up and saw her diminishing figure, waiting for someone to open the door, till she was completely out of sight. It is already 9. He must reach office by 9.30 am for an important meeting.


Farhan’s back to back meetings finally ended at 1.30 pm, when he barely had time for lunch. He ordered for a chicken sandwich and dialed Jhelum’s number. It rang for a couple of times and got disconnected. She must be busy with her uncle’s family, he thought.

Was it right to let her go? He did not want her to go, honestly speaking. But she insisted. She said she had called up her uncle and they were very eager to see her. She also said she had plans of going to Bolpur in Bengal, where her parents stay. Her father is a professor at the local university. Farhan was still confused over her sudden arrival in Bangalore.

The cafeteria boy served him chicken sandwich and he asked for a coffee.

As he took a bite at the sandwich he saw a young man talking very loudly to somebody. Perhaps he was agitated about the food that was served. The tone of his voice reminded him of Roop or Roopayan Sinha.

He first saw Roopayan about three years back in Bangalore metro.

It was a Sunday afternoon, sometime after four. He boarded the metro from Indiranagar. He went inside the train and found a seat for himself close to the door. The afternoon train had very few passengers. He was listening to Andy Williams on his mobile, when he heard someone speak very loudly. He looked around to see a tall, well-built young man, sitting at the corner seat, talking aloud about Bengal politics. A lady sat beside him, but could not be seen, as the guy’s large frame was almost covering her. But her shoes could be seen, and the pink pumps seemed very familiar.

Farhan returned to his music and increased the volume. About fifteen minutes or so passed. He removed his ear plugs and was reading electronic readings for the next halt, when he heard a familiar voice call out his name.

‘’Hey Farhan, where are you going to?’’ Jhelum was standing before him, dressed in a white kurti and jeans and yes, pink pumps. The tall guy with a loud voice was standing beside her.

‘’Hi Jhelum, how are you? I am going to Mysore Road for some work.’’ He said.

‘’I’m good, as always. We are going to Lalbagh to meet a friend. ‘’ She smiled and as if she remembered something, ‘’meet my fiancée Roop, er, Roopayan’’, pointing to the tall guy, ‘’Roop, meet Farhan, my colleague at WW.’’

Roopayan said Hi, but did not seem much interested in any further conversation; instead he said’’ Jhelum, we have to get down.’’

Jhelum said bye and the couple got down at Lalbagh. He could see her waving her hand. He waved in goodbye too, but he also noticed Roopayan’s hand around her waist as they walked along the station.

Possessive, he thought, that day. But now he feels it is not possessiveness, something else.



Farhan returned home after 12. For the first time in four years the spacious two-BHK apartment bore a deserted look despite its fabulous furnishings and décor. He did not feel like entering the bedroom where Jhelum stayed for three days. He dumped his laptop bag on the sofa and went to the restroom for a quick shower. He came out and changed into a pair of boxers and t-shirt. He just himself a glass of water and sat on the sofa to switch on the television. After a few seconds of channel surfing, he finally settled to an old Hollywood comedy.


Next day morning

Farhan woke up to the sound of the doorbell. Oh my God… it is 8 ó clock! The alarm on his mobile was still ringing.

He almost sprang up from the sofa and opened the door to let Vimla in. She was surprised to see him in his unusually disorderly state. His hair was ruffled and he was still in last night’s tees and boxers, a rare sight. On other days he is in track pants and shirt working out on treadmill. But she did not ask anything and went in for her daily chores.

Farhan switched off the television. So, it was on all night? Shit. He felt ashamed for his own callousness.

He made up for the lost time in the next 15 minutes.

By quarter to nine, Vimla was done with her work, waiting for Farhan to finish his muesli and milk.

She was about to ask about Jhelum, when his mobile beeped twice. She took the mobile lying on the sofa and handed it to Farhan.

There was a Whatsapp message from Chowhan.

“Hey buddy, wat’s up?”

Then another message arrived within 5 seconds. “Just arrived in Bangalore with Archie and kids. Wanna meet. Saturday night, okay for you? “

Farhan replied:  OK. Cool. Saturday night. Dinner and drinks at my place.

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