Little Cameron Briggs (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



Miss Matthews stood at the front of the classroom, standing Henry in front of her, arms on his shoulders.

"Boys and Girls, this is Henry Persons." The class stared blankly at Henry and, unlike most new kids, Henry stared back.

"So, Henry, where'd you use to live?" Miss Matthews asked.

"I used to live in Virginia." Henry said clearly unlike most new kids.

Miss Matthews pointed to the seat next to Cameron.

"You may sit there, Henry. Just make yourself at home."

"Thank you."

Henry sat down next to Cameron, ignoring everyones stares and whispers. He instantally grabbed his backpack and fished iut a pack of gum, offering Cameron a peice.

"Thanks." Cameron tooke the gum and slammed his workbook on top of his desk.

"Mr. Briggs, can you please show Henry around during recess?"

"Yes, M'am." Cameron said, a tad bit unhappy since the fifth graders always played kickball on Tuesdays.


The class was silent, all that was heard was the furious scribbling of pencils against desk tops. Cameron worked on a problem, nibbling he end of his eraser thoughtfully. What was 3/8 + 5/10? This stuff was written in a differnt language! Poor Henry. Cameron thought it was mean of Miss Matthews to give Henry a test on his first day. 

"Okay, class, put down your pencils!" Miss Matthews announced. Several groans were heard followed by many pencils slamming down on desktops.

"Switch papers with the person next to you." Miss Matthews instructed as Cameron and Hanry swapped papers.

Cameron glanced at Henry's paper. Man this kid was SMART!

After checking every question, the two switched papers again. Cameron had gotten a C-. Oh joy. Henry had gotten an A+. Maybe he learned it at his other school. But some kids were just smart. Like he wished he was.

The bell rang, signaling the kids to rise from their chairs and go to recess.

"C'mon buddy! I've got somethin' special to show ya after you show me around." Henry said, holding out his arm.

Before Cameron could object, Henry pulled him along coldly.

What was he going to show him?

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