First kill

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Six months ago Robert moved to his newest foster home, and meet Zora. The two are insepretable and rob couldn't be even more head over heals for her. But when Robert starts having gruesome visions of murders, he and Zora must fight back and save there small town from this devious killer. Can Rob and Zora put their feelings aside to solve the case?! Could the killer be closer than they think?! Who is the next target?! Will my crappy summary ever end?!?!?!

Oh wait it just did....

*rated r cause of violence, cursing, and cause it may be to much of a rough draft for the faint of heart

Chapter 1 (v.1) - First kill

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



Ch. 1

Zora was the most beautiful girl Robert had ever seen. She had long straight brown hair with an explosion of light carmel colored frekles on her vanilla white face with eyes as green as freshly watered moss ,adored by thick black lashes. She was a tiny thing, standing only up to Roberts shoulders and weighing as much as a twig.  But it wasn't just the outside he loved, it was also the inside. She was so sweet and gentle but was never afraid to be ferocious like a tiger. She was brave and funny and everything rob could ever want.  They meet over six months ago but every time he saw her it was like the first time all over again. His hands would get a sheen of sweat on them and his eyes would get huge, struck with awe at the girl in front of him. Every time she would talk her voice sounded like wind over a flowery meadow and Robert felt hung over every word. When ever they touched it felt like someone was shocking him, but in a good way.

 \" don't you miss it?\" she asked sort of softly; bringing him back to reality. \"miss what?\" he asked in his deep yet boyish voice. \"your family\" she explained, hesitating. Robert thought for a second. Did he miss his family? Sure his dad would beat him and even cut him when he came home drunk( he had the scars to prove it) but one thing he truly missed was his mother. They both had the same crisp blue eyes and thick black hair. She was his guardian angle, hiding him in a closet to protect him when his father got a little to rowdy and always making sure he had food and at least one present for his birthday( even though they really didn't have the money). He was sad when she went to jail. She paid the ultimate price so Robert could escape his father. \" no.\" he said simply, returning back from his broken memories.  

Zora took Roberts hand and he could feel the tingly feeling of her presence. She slowly rolled up the sleeve of his jacket to revel the riddle of scares across his arm. They where thin and went horizontally across his arm.\" yes\" he thought to himself grimly \" I don't miss my family at all, at least not my dad\". She brought the scared arm up to her small lips and gently placed a small kiss on his forearm. \" you've had a rough life, I can see it in your eyes. I wish I could take it all away...\" she whispered, still looking at his arm. Robert didn't like this. He never was one to tolerate sympathy and he has always been self conscious about the scars left on him. He swiftly rolled his jacket sleeve back down.\" nots so bad, probably someone out there who's got it worst. \" he replied cheerfully, lifting zoras chin up so he could look into her sad green eyes. He gave her a crooked smile and she immediately smiled back with her cute little teeth, but it was a sad smile. \" come on rob, I'll treat you to some ice cream!\" \" I thought you'd never ask. \" 

they both got off the rickety porch swing of zoras house and walked down the porch stone steps. They made it half way down the drive way when rob froze. \" Robert?\" Zora inquired when she saw him stop. \" you ok?\" Zora looked into robs once clear Icey blue eyes, now murky.  She was bearly able to catch him as he fell over. \" rob?!\" she screamed widely. But Robert was far from hearing her as he convulsed and twitched on the ground. \"OH GOD! SOMEONE HELP!!\" Zora screamed to anyone that could hear, but no one was around to listen. 

Behind Roberts eye lids was a whirlwind of color. He could feel every nerve in his body explode in sensory overload. It was painful. It felt like someone was wacking him with a sludge hammer.  He tryed to regain control of his body but might as well have been trying to grab smoke. He felt words escape his mouth but ended up sounding like moaning and screaming. Then it all stopped. The colors turned to grey and his whole self felt numb.  He felt detached from his body but could hear the occasional wisp of  zoras voice. \" please don't do this to me Robby!\" he thought he heard her say.  Suddenly all the colors returned and whirled together to form a picture, no, a mini movie, but in his head. It was an image of a dark figure hiding behind a tree, where a forest meet up with a street, with something shiny in his hand. He could tell it was night time and a fit young woman was taking a walk down the sidewalk by the tree the figure was behind. Finally when she neared the tree, the figure pounced like a animal on her, holding her mouth with one hand and restraining her arms with the other. She thrashed and tried to scream but it was no use. The figure brought her deep into the forest and pushed her on the ground. He climbed on top of her and held her arms down with his knees. \"HELP!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!\" she shrieked at the top of her lungs. \" no one can hear you all the way out here\" said the figure. The lady just kept on screaming and crying on the ground. \" if a bitch dies, and no one is around to see it, does she really die?\"  he asked with an amused sound in his voice. The women wasn't even fighting anymore, she was just sobbing underneath him. \" I guess we'll find out\" he chuckled darkly. And with that he took the shiny thing that was in his hand and sliced the poor women's throat open. A fountain of redness escaped her throat and spilled all over the front of her shirt and the ground around her. She tried to scream again but it only came out as a gargle. The figure put the bloody knife into his pocket and got up and left the women, now still, on the forest floor. Suddenly the mini movie in Roberts head ended and slowly faded. He opened his eyes dazed and with a gasp. \" ROB!\" shouted a voice\" YOUR AWAKE! OH GOD I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO DIE!!!\" robs eyes finally focused on Zora who was sobbing next to him. She reached over and hugged him and kept her arms around him. Robert felt sick, he could feel his hair sticky with sweat and all his muscles ached and he was gasping for air. When he looked around he realized he was on the couch in zoras living room. He placed a hand on zoras head and stroked her hair as he tried to make sense of what he just saw in his head. Did he just witness a murder?  

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First kill

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