First kill

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Zora had never been so scared in her life. She was shaking like a leaf in the wind and hugging Robert as hard as she could. \"what if he died...?\" she thought to herself as Robert hugged her back. Over the last couple of months rob had become one of her best friends. Sure he looked kind of dark and scary with his Raven black hair and tall, cat like, stature but when you got to know him you would realize he is one of the most kindest people in the world. His eyes always looked so alive and clear with even a touch of innocence(and horrible sadness). But when he froze in her drive way and she looked into his eyes it wasn't the Rob she knew. It was like all the light got shut off. She was surprised she had the strength to catch him and even drag him inside to her couch. 

\"what happened?\" asked Robert weakly. Zora pulled out of the hug and looked at Robert. His eyes looked wild, like a deer that was being chased by a predator,  and his hair looked crazy, but he seemed to be fine despite his little episode. \" I don't know. You had like a mini  seizure or something!! What did it feel like?\" Roberts features turned thoughtful for a second then his eyes got wide as he explained \" well first it was really painful, like i was being whacked with something and being electrocuted, and it felt like I had no control over my body. And then...\" he seemed to be at a lost for words. \"then?!\"  \"then I saw something. It was like a dream but not really like the dreams I have.\" Robert then told the gruesome story of how a figure kidnapped a women and killed her in the woods. When he was done Zora was as shocked as ever. \" that's some heavy you know who killed the woman?\"  \" no, it was kind of dark and sort of murky, so I couldn't really make out small details or faces that well.\"  Zora shook her head and tried to make out what it all meant.  Usually Zora was the reasonable and grounded one who always made sense of things but her mind went blank on this oddity. \" well it must have just been a dream I guess. Just something your imagination came up with.\" \"but usually my dreams have my dad in it.\" said Robert, trying to contradict Zora as he normally did whenever she tried to make him see the rational side of things. But he had a point. Robert always had night terrors of his dad chasing him with a knife.  \" who's to say that wasn't your dad?\"replied Zora with satisfaction in her voice. Robert tried to think of a way around her reasoning but he knew she had won. \" ok, ok, whatever!\" he said rolling his eyes. \" now I think we need to get you to a hospital. \" insisted the standing Zora with hands on her hips. Robert had a look of dread on his face. \"no way I'm fine!\" he implored Zora who was picking up her cell phone. \" are you kidding?! You just had a stroke or something! Your brain could be jacked up!!\" \" there's nothing wrong with my brain! Who are you calling?\" \"!\" was robs foster mom whom Zora could not stand. She was a horrible mom and ignored Robert all the time. She was pudgy and resembled a witch if Zora ever saw one. The only reason she was even a foster mother was for the check at the end of the month.  \"no way! She'll kill me! She couldn't pay the doctors bill!\" \"yes she can, she's just a greedy little nasty!\"  Zora started typing in the numbers but Robert quickly ripped the phone out of her hands and held the phone over his head \"give that back now! I'm just looking out for your well being!\" she yelled, jumping up and down, trying to claim back her cell phone. \"Zora look I'm fine, see? I'm standing up and talking to you. I'm ok!\"  Zora crossed her pale arms and scowled at rob. \"please?for me?\" he begged using his puppy eyes he knew Zora couldn't resist. Zora jumped up on Robert but Robert could hold her down with one arm. After seeing she wasn't going to get her phone back without agreeing she gave in. Robert looked happy and gave her her phone back as well as a big bear hug. \" I won't tell her this time but if it happens again I swear to god Robert !\" retorted Zora, pulling away from the hug. Robert took her hand into his \"thank you. \" smiled rob. \"yeah yeah.\" she mumbled, blushing. \"now let's take you home.\"

The next morning Zora woke up with a smile on her face. Despite what happened yesterday with rob she was thoroughly pleased that they held hands all the way to his house. When they first meet, Zora wasn't sure she wanted to even be friends with the guy. He was kind of messed up and His past always haunted him. He couldn't even look at a knife directly without being spooked. However the more time she spent with him, the more she realized that all that didn't matter. He was the only person she could open up to. All her 'friends' at school seemed so fake and conceded, which has always been a problem when you hang out with the popular crowd. But rob was a loner and over the summer she slowly stopped hanging with her old friends and more with robert.  Zora pushed her pink comforter off her and slipped out of bed with a yawn. She put on some blue sophies and a yellow tank top and headed down stairs. Her patents were gone, as usual, but she didn't mind. She was used to being left alone for most of the day by her big shot lawyer parents. Zora wandered to the kitchen and turned on the tv to the morning news as she fixed herself a bowl of fruit loops. She watched as the weather man reported that this week was going to be all sunny with a little chance of rain. \" this just in! A body found in the forest!\" yelled a young news anchor. This got zoras attention right away. \" a woman's body was found in the woods right off of dun road. The body is said to belong to a miss Sheral Tigs of Norman industries. And was killed to a knife in the throat.\"  This was very interesting. Zoras best gal friends, Linsey, dad owned Norman industries. But why did this story sound so familiar? Then it hit her. Didn't rob say he saw a woman being dragged into the woods and getting her throat cut by a mysterious figure during his little incident? She quickly scrambled for her phone and dialed Roberts number as fast as she could. Did his dream come true?!

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