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LAST BENCH -- Read it and enjoy

Chapter 1 (v.1) - LAST BENCH

Submitted: October 12, 2012

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Submitted: October 12, 2012




Not a best way to start, but it was dark obviously means night and that too midnight. I was not getting sleep and was online(Facebook) suddenly got a message from my friend, his nickname was 'JELLY'.I accepted it and started a chat with him. We had routine stuff initially(Hi's..,H R U's) then I asked him, what was he doing, he said 'about to prove LAST BENCH - THE BEST ' in my college.I laughed(entered smiley in chat) and he went to have dinner with a drink(cannot specify Soft/ Hard..,u know it anyway).
Meanwhile, I remembered my childhood, Jelly and Me were good friends and were first bench students and were like Prof's favorite pets in class.He was like Sachin Tendulkar in Mathematics and good in other subjects too.In my school,(most of the schools) last bench guys were treated as Useless, and are best students, a prof can take his anger on.This guy, Jelly was always interested to do something different in class, but has done nothing great, till that time.
One day, he came to me and said that he was going to sit in the last bench(which changed his life) ,offered a place for me, I denied and I thought he became mad. That day was like 'Gorilla War' on teachers. First, Mathematics Sir came and as usual asked a question in calculus and turned around, a huge voice as if Dinosaur jumped in from back.. All the last bench guys shouted the answer .Even our sir was shocked looked at them surprised. He asked another one, same response, asked few more, this time even bigger now its like 'packed Soccer stadium with a winning goal hit and supporters started shouting' around.Hearing the answers,(I say it noise)even Principal came and was shocked too. Even gatekeeper woke up from his sleep listening those. 
Our Math Sir was shocked and was about to faint, he just went on asking, answers came like bullets, Jelly hid himself in the group.All the staff, suffered the same that day(Its like Judgement Day-Terminator movie for prof's). This went on, one-two days, later teachers recognized, it was Jelly who was behind it. They tried to get Jelly out of there, but he always had his options(like- taller, no space in front).After few days, teachers stopped asking questions.One day Jelly was absent to school, he was going out station, knowing this all the prof's, prepared (Nuclear Weapons) questions as if they were about to start a World War, for the first time, Prof's came early than students, as class began prof's started their firing with questions. Suddenly like a counter attack, the students responded, prof's tried their level best but,only few questions were unanswered. 
Prof's lost that war, finally they had no choice but to call Jelly, they called him to staff room and all together interviewed him about an hour.How did that happen, Jelly just said, they were clever, but no one encouraged them, they just thought that they are useless as prof's said and always treated them like that.But, when he sat in last bench and just answered ,everyone got interest and asked him to explain , he explained some concepts he knows to them.They all became active.
And said, most of first bench students don't have coordination as that of last bench, first bench students always want to get ranks and like to get more marks than others but last bench guys are not behind ranks or marks, but are classic examples of friendship,co-ordination.I just made them a Team, and lead the Team.Now they are the best.
From that day,Jelly sat in the last bench, Prof's a bit careful from that day regarding last bench guys.Showing some respect for them.
Beep..,Beep..., got a message it was Jelly again, he said, there are lot more things he did after schooling, very interesting things including love and all other stuff.Will continue in later parts------
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