Days: A Poetry Novel

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013



Part Five



Day 41

If a star shines

And the world spins

Do we humans

Stay still


Day 42

You can walk as far as you want

But you can only get somewhere

When you actually start moving

With more than your feet


Day 43

Something only lasts forever

When you think it does

When you know it does

And when you believe it does


Day 44

Stare back into my cold eyes

Tell me I’m lying

Tell me I’m wrong

Tell me you don’t believe it to

Tell me, I dare you

Tell me I’m not alone

Tell me there will always be something there

Tell me

Tell me

Tell me I beg of you

Tell me they’re still there

Tell me they’re not gone

Tell me….please


Day 45

Is there more than just life

Is there more than we believe

Can we believe everything we see

Is anything real


Day 46

As the birds

Flew across the sky

I looked up

 And saw everything

I saw the world

I saw the people

I saw the dreams

The ones that will be made real

….and the ones that won’t


Day 47


I’ll sit and watch the birds

And I’ll wish

That I could fly with them


Day 48

The roots

Of each tree

Show the world

What it has been through

Only after

They’re already dead


Day 49

The space between

What is right and wrong

Is none

What is right to one

Is wrong to another


Day 50

What’s left

After every last battle is fought

After every last word is spoken

After every last breath is taken

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