Forgotten: A Fae novel

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Aleena O'Connell is a fae. Her best friend Victoria, is a fae royal. In a world filled with war, will Aleena be able to stay true to herself? Or will the reveal of a forgotten race and a captivating young man change the person that she has swore to be?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forgotten: A Fae novel

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Chapter 1: The Legend

Things are not always what they seem; nor is everything that you are told the truth. Believe me, I should know.

Growing up, I was always told the same thing. Voki are bad and we are good.

Now you might be wondering, what is a Voki? Well, they are not a creature that you would want to catch you by surprise in the dead of night. The Voki are a race of fae. Yes, I said it, fae-as in fairies. We do exist. The legend goes that the fae were created by God while the humans were distracted by the beauty of Earth. God had realized the destruction that the humans would bring to the Earth, so He created the fae to protect His Earth. All the fae were made up from the four elements-fire, water, earth, and air. Once they were created, the different "races" of fae scattered and did not cross each others' paths for thousands of years.

The Voki were made from the element of fire. I've always been told that they smell horrid, like rotten eggs (gross, right). However, I wouldn't be able to tell you this from personal experience because I have never met a Voki. They are supposedly full of rage and aggression. As a small child, we are always told that if we behave badly, a Voki will come into our room at night and suck the life force out of our body. A bit harsh, don't you think? Yet I suppose it is appropriate since fire symbolizes the life force.

The fae race made from water were called the Stokys. It is said that after thousands of year of no contact, a group of Stokys were unlucky enough to stumble upon the Voki. Immediately, the entire group was slaughtered. Word of this incident came back to the King of the Stokys, who declared war on the Voki for the murders of the fallen. However, within months, all the Stokys were hunted down one by one and murdered under the command of the King Voki. This unusual and disastrous occurrence did not go unnoticed by the Kyran people.

The Kyran faes were made from the element of air. The Kyran, who were concerned with the spiritual life, freedom, and purity, could not let the murders of the Stokys go unjustified. Saddened by the loss of so many lives, the Kyran ruler is said to have traveled thousands of miles to confront the ruler of the Voki. The Voki leader, who was angered by the presence of the Kyran leader, pulled a dagger from beneath his robes and pierced the Kyran straight through the heart. Following this event, the fate of all the Kyran fae soon met the ending that the Stokys had endured.

Lastly, there are the Ikenna faes. Ikenna faes were created from the element of earth. They are known as hardworking, determined, logical beings. The Ikenna gather strength by staying connected with Mother Earth, the past, and the ancestors from before them.

After the deaths of the Kyran people, it is believed that the Voki leader became frantic and paranoid. He was convinced that all three fae races had joined secretly to attack the Voki people, and to bring their downfall. Thinking that it was only a matter of time until the Ikenna attacked, the leader of the Voki declared war on the Ikenna fae. Despite how the Stokys and the Kyran faes had met their end, the Voki were unable to successfully cause the extinction of the Ikenna faes. Ever since that time long ago, the Voki and the Ikenna have been raging war on each other, constantly loosing numbers of their own races.

The Ikenna faes live in smaller communities scattered around the world. There was once a time, before the war with the Voki faes, when we had large numbers of our race that ruled much of the Earth. However, our dominance on the Earth has been drastically crippled by the damage that the Voki has brought to our people. The Queen of all Ikenna lives in Montana, USA. Unfortunately our King was killed in battle against the Voki, so our Queen lives in solitude until the day that she will pass on the title of the monarch to the next generation. For the most part, us faes enjoy living apart from humans, so we choose to live in less populated areas, but if we must blend in with the humans, it is not a very difficult task. To the human eye, we look the same as them, except for the fact that we look similar to what their super models look like (not trying to brag...ok, yes I am). Although humans cannot distinguish a fae from a human, a fae can immediately tell the difference from another fae and a human. I suppose that the only way that I can explain this is that we can sense each other. For the most part, we can only do this when we try to sense each other or when we are in-tune with our elements.

The community that I live in is located in Oregon, USA. Trust me, it's nothing special; unless you enjoy kicking rocks for entrainment, in that case, you would love living here. Each community of our fae has a leader, who is usually a cousin of the Ikenna Queen. The leaders of my community are known as the Khan and the Khana of the Lyon family, and they have a son and a daughter, all together, they make up the royal family of Hyros (the name of our community). The daughter, named Victoria, also happens to be my best friend. This is somewhat of a scandal in my community because I'm from a family of Servis, who are the labor workers of the community and the lowest ranking of all members in the community.

Victoria and I have been best friends since before I can practically remember. My mother told me that at the age of five, I had somehow gotten out of the house and to the small park down the street while my mother was out and my father had fallen asleep while caring for me. There, I met Victoria and we bonded instantly. As I've been told, an hour or so after meeting Victoria (I can her Tori), my mother found me at the park. You can image the yelling I got for that! Right as my mother was about to drag me from the area, the Khana (Tori's mother) also found us. Her mother, with twenty or so guards in tow, had been frantically running around the community in search of the missing royal child. Upon finding out that her child had been playing around with a Servi, the Khana was furious. She snatched Tori up instantly and hurried to The Court, which is a palace-like house that the Lyon's live in as the leaders of Hyros. Tori has told me that for days she wept and fussed over the fact that she wasn't allowed to play with her new friend. Eventually, her mother gave in and went in search for my mother to set up times for us children to play. Since then, we have been inseparable and the Lyon's are like a second family to me.

As you now know, I am an Ikenna fae. More specifically, my name is Aleena O'Connell. My life may not be as normal as a human life, but I can tell you that most humans aren't as cool as me.

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