Game Over Book 1

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: July 06, 2012

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Submitted: July 06, 2012



Chapter 10


“Hey, girl, I heard someone likes you!!!” Val is so excited when I saw him at the locker room.

“And who is this again?”

“Dr. Eric Chen from ED! He always checks you out when you’re in ER.”

Ugh, someone from work. I don’t like dating people at work or at school, I don’t want the drama and the gossip it entails if everybody knows about it. My guy friend from college said this wise words, “ Don’t ever shit on your own backyard!”.  I guess he’s right, as far as I know, he was never caught cheating by either one of his 4 girlfriends. I wonder what happened to him, hmmm.

“What happened to you? Are you a lesbian?”


“You never tell me about your love life, or your sex life. Were you raped?”

“Goodness, Val, NO!!” my cheeks are turning red, I could feel it.

“Ok, I know what to do. Meet me at Starbucks tonight, 8pm. If you’re not there, I’ll drag your big butt and you can’t do anything about it!”

“You’re crazy!”

“I know. I will show you a world of possibilities!! Get ready!” Sounds like a threat to me, but I am curious.



It’s 8pm, and I am hungry. This better be good or Val will really get it from me. 

“God, what are you wearing??” a familiar voice that came from behind me. “You need to change.”

“I am hungry, I don’t know where were going, and I am comfortable with these!” I pointed at my slacks.

“Come on, I WILL dress you UP!!”

Val dragged me towards his car. I can’t believe what he’s wearing. Leather jacket, leather pants that is so skinny I could see the outline of his balls.

“Are we going to a motorbike fest?”

He burst out laughing. He wiped his tears after he’s done catching his breath, “Yes, I want someone to ride my bike tonight!”

Somehow, I knew what he meant, but I don’t suppose it’s me who’s gonna ride it.

We went to a boutique that’s almost closing, he chose this black leather mini and black tights and threw it at me. “Change, NOW!”

The skirt fits me well, but I don’t have a top. I peeked outside the curtain of the dressing room, and Val was standing there impatiently.

“I don’t have a blouse. Is this ok?”I pointed to my white shirt with a black see-through poncho I’m wearing.

“Remove your blouse, just wear your bra and that poncho. Wear the tights!! And don’t argue, we have to go now! I don’t want to be late.”

Ok, fine. It’s a good thing I was wearing my new black lacy bra. The tights are making me itchy, but ok, fine, wearing it now. I think I look good, so I just slipped my poncho. I got out, Val was already paying for the skirt, and he handed me a plastic bag. I placed my clothes there, and we walked out of the store.



“What is this place??” It’s so dark. Lots of people wearing leather with chains and studs and black gloves.

“Welcome to Citadel, baby. Stick with me, just watch and learn.” Val held my hand tightly.

These people are doing it in front of everybody. Both guys humping each other, while the others are making out while watching them. We also passed by a room where a male whips the tied female and it sounds like she is moaning with pleasure!!

“We’re here. Listen and watch closely.”

The guy is talking about tying this busty woman with a rope. He even showed examples of the different types and kinds of rope. Then he began tying her. So that’s what a French bowline knot is. This is interesting. He went on explaining and showing these knots, with different ropes, its uses. And each time he ties her up, he kisses her, it is erotic. When she is being untied, he does the same. I am feeling this. But I don’t want to be tied. I want to be the dominant one.

“You ok?”

“Yep, this is cool!”

“I know you need this!” Val kissed my cheek. I turned red, I think I wanna make out with Val.  Shit, I am horny.

Suddenly, the guy approached me! “You want me to teach you these knots?” Shit, I looked at Val, I don’t know what to do!

“The bitch is with me.” Val said sternly. I nodded. The guy smiled, “I could teach you a lot, baby, just let me know.”

So we spent the night hopping from one room to another, “playrooms” as they call it. Val also got into a little action. He was kissing some random leather dude. I was just watching these people in action, sometimes I glance at Val in the corner, just making sure that he’s still there. I’m still scared to explore the rooms by myself. Most of them here are in groups, I think only a handful are couples. I haven’t seen anybody that’s alone, except me.

We went out almost at 2am. I completely forgot I did not have dinner. Val dropped me off at my place.

“You sure you’re ok?” he sounds worried.

“Yes, I’m fine. I enjoyed tonight. But, can we be discreet about this?”

“Of course, baby, this is our secret. I hope I did not shock you.”

“Well, at first I was, but you got me interested in the tying thing.”

“It’s bondage, honey. You could use that to the good ER doctor. Want me to hook you two up?” Val smiled.


“It’s ok, he looks good. You might wanna taste him.”

“Val...I haven’ yet, ever.”

“Oh, shit!! How OLD are you? You planning to have ovarian cancer??”

I chuckled,” No, I just didn’t do it yet.”

“Oh, G. You surprise me. Ok, go now, I’ll see you on Monday.”

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