Game Over Book 1

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



Chapter 12

I went on my break like 5 minutes early. I didn’t even wait for Val, he’s still busy. I got my co-resident Annette to cover for me, since I always cover for her on her 2 hour lunch breaks. As usual, I’m sitting on my same spot, waiting anxiously for my hunky jerk to pop in, so I could devour him with my stares. True enough, he just entered the door, he’s with the same guy he was with a few days ago. He sat down, his friend ordered the drinks. He’s looking my way, oh... SHIT, he GLANCED at me!!! I can’t meet his eyes, I lowered my gaze. What am I, twelve?? I know I’m blushing right now. I wished I’d wear my make-up. Jeez, I even forgot to wear my lip gloss!! Well, I’m biting my lower lip so it will have some color for sure. Wait, what am I thinking? Why on earth will he be interested in plain looking me? I am always in my gray scrubs, ponytail, sans make-up.

I’ll just leave. Way to go, G, you coward you. As soon as I got out, I felt I need to go pee. Ok, fine, I’ll just go back. Starbucks is much closer and I don’t want to explode in the elevator. Damned this diuretic iced tea!

Oh, and where is my hunky J? That was quick, I didn’t notice him leave after me. As I head towards the restroom, I overheard these guys talking.

“...caught you staring again at chubby scrubs over there...!”

“Naah, I just wanna know my type.”

“She’s kinda cute, though”

“Yah, but...” And they walked away, I can’t hear them anymore. I hid behind the curtain that separates the restrooms, and I saw hunky jerk and his friend talking, about to leave the coffee shop. I went inside the restroom, and I can’t help but think, he wants to play?? With me?? Play like what? Kinda cute but what? And so I’m not his type??

“SNAP out of it, woman!!” Val snapped his fingers in front on my face.

I can’t help but feel sad, my jerk does not like me. Oh, well, what will I expect from a Greek god?

“Baby, his name is Mark Medwick. He owns a travel agency.”

“Who’s that?”

Val rolled his eyes, “Your daily 10 am date at Starbucks...”

“You talked to him??” I shrieked.

“Nope. I asked Jane at the shop if she knows him. He is quite popular in New York, I heard, and he just moved here around the same time as you.”

“Oh.” So Mark is his name...but he’s still hunky jerk to me. “Wait, and how does she know this?”

“Girls from the agency...he owns one of the biggest travel agencies here in SFO. They can’t stop talking about him. Jane’s husband says that your dreamboat is rich. Like his family owns private jets that they rent out to the moneyed.”

So that’s why I’m not his type. Who’s gonna like a tall, chubby...ok, curvy, plain looking average girl like me? I don’t look like a nerd, but...oh, yes I do. I slumped my shoulders in frustration. I looked at my huge red vintage prescription glasses that I was holding. I think I have this invisible sign on my forehead that says “man repellant”.

“I know that look...Baby, you are beautiful the way you are.” Val said softly.

“Every guy in Citadel wants you, you know. James adores you, he knows how precious you are.”

Well, the guys in Citadel want sex, they don’t want me, and they only want my vagina. Sure, I go there to release my inner slut, but only to James. He’s the second guy I kissed and made out with, but there was no emotional connection.

Val came closer; he held my chin up and looked at me with his gorgeous green eyes. “G, I want you to be happy. Whatever it is that’s holding you back...just remember, I am here for you.”

 If Val was not gay, I would’ve kissed him a long time ago.

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