Game Over Book 1

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: July 07, 2012

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Submitted: July 07, 2012



Chapter 13



Fuck this, I can’t sleep!! I’m just gonna check my email, see what’s going on.

“What the...!?” An email from Chris. AGAIN. Why do you keep bothering me?? I don’t want to open and read it, I might cry again. But, what if he filed an annulment already? What if...ok, it’s worth a try.

It IS the usual crap. His litany of “...I am so lost without you, that I’m his one true love, that if I come back he will straighten out things..” Well, talk about being consistent. I always receive emails from him twice a week. I never reply. I am attempted to change my email address, but deep down, I honestly admit that I am happy to receive these from Chris.

Why does he have to be married? If the roles were reversed with Pinky, what will I do? I don’t know. Why does he look for someone else and not be satisfied with her?  Why me, of all people? Are all men polygamous? We are my grandpa’s second family, my grandma was his girlfriend, but he never left his wife. My dad always has “sidelines”, he gets caught by ME most of the time. But my dad never leaves my mom, my mother says she is my dad’s true love. But why do men do that?

One named popped in my mind. Mark Medwick. I closed my email, and googled his name. Holy moly!! This guy is rich.

‘Owns Medwick Luxury Jets.’

Another article says, ‘MW Vineyards – top rated wines for 20 years by Medwick family.’

Ok, that is his family, but what about him? Oh, here, it reads, ‘Mark Medwick opens Luxury Travel agency in San Francisco’.

Was he married before? Let me see, “Wikipedia...Mark Medwick”...there!!

‘Mark Philippe Brown Medwick, youngest son of Philanthropist Evan Medwick and renowned painter Marilyn Brown-Medwick.’

So he is the youngest, that’s why he’s a spoiled hunky jerk. Has 2 elder brothers, no sister. What’s this...he owns a what in New York?? A condominium tower?? “...other real estate properties includes 2 commercial buildings, a few retail and office spaces..”

Ok, that’s enough. I am no match with this guy. I think he could even pay off my country’s World Bank debt!! Well, not really,! Good looking and handsomely rich jerk. Wait, there’s no mention of any girlfriend or wife. Let me see images...

Whoa...!! Tons of pictures with models, heck, he even dated Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson?! Well, at least, no discrimination there. Yup, what is he gonna do with me? Play with me like a bouncing ball?? God, he is handsome. Hmm, he’s 32, four years older than me. Nice, I like the age difference. But why will he date me? Looks like he dated an 18 year old model in one of these pictures, and so I am an old hag already. Oh, well, one can dream.

Good thing I’m off tomorrow. It’s gonna be a sunny Saturday, I guess I’ll just walk around the neighborhood. I’m gonna bring my camera for sure.


Wow, it is a good day today. Good thing I wore my spaghetti strap blue dress, though I’m not quite happy about my half boots. I’ll wear my hair down today. Oh, and I also did my eyes. I’ve been practicing this cat-eye look, today’s the day to showcase it. I’d better walk to the park and take some pictures there.


“Excuse me, miss. Miss, wait!!” Someone tapped my shoulders.

“Who the..?!” I turned around and I could not believe my eyes. MARK MEDWICK. My eyes widened, my mouth was hanging open for what it seems like an eternity. This Adonis wants to talk to me!!!

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