Earths daughter

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A ordinary girl, slightly shallow is plunged into a diffrent worls full of gods and goddess's, deamons,magic and overly georgous people.

Zara Green dosent understand but she knows she has to embrase who she is or her world including her bff will die.

with this tale of power hungry gods and goddess's, will zara be able to come to terms with her new life and can she focus on controling her magic when the handsome Dimitri salvatore to distract her.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Earths daughter

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011




Once upon a time the earth was cold, frozen and in that time few things lived. One that did and still does to this very day has been the talk of legends and fairy tales for centuries. A powerful Being, punished for a crime against his Goddess in the everlasting palace, banished to earth’s wasteland to live out his sentence.

In that cold wasteland, which somehow still managed to be beautiful, stalked that being or rather a creature of exponential speed, strength and beauty. The mountains, fields, lakes and rivers were covered with ice, frost and snow. The three combined manage to make the stark wasteland look like it was cut from hundreds and thousands of diamonds.

The cursed man doomed to wander for all eternity; the beast that was merged with the cursed man by an all powerful and fearsome goddess, was to guard the daughters that carried her power in their blood: forced to make the barren earth his home. He had always followed his duty, never once has he interfered in the ‘chosen ones’ lives, he always guarded them from afar; Awaiting that Special One who would embrace her destiny, her power, their Goddess and their responsibilities. Forever waiting for that day when the goddess deemed him fit to return to his life in the evergreen fields and her palace.

Chapter 1

“Please kill me” Zara Green announced in the library to her friends “I am never going to get this” Zara practically yelled. She was thinking about the next day when she would have to walk in to ‘lacus visum’ sixth form and sit through an American history test which she would no doubt fail “kill me!!!” she repeated as she lay her head down on top of her text books. Rubbing her head, trying to focus on anything other than the throbbing pain in her head that had started two days ago at her eighteenth birthday party ‘Can probably rule out a hangover now’ she thought to herself. She even started staring at the surroundings, taking in for the hundredth time the dark oak panelling on the 17th century mansion walls, seeing all the colours reflected on them by the ancient chandeliers, casting the basement level of the old library with a cheery sophisticated glow. Normally this secluded floor with only a few desks and the impenetrable wrought iron vaults, containing books dating back to the Elizabethan times; allowed her to empty her mind and focus on whatever work, committee planning or party she had to do. She spent most of her time here. It had the added advantage that no sound could penetrate this low down, not even an alarm, it used to be a bomb shelter.

“Don’t be melodramatic. Come on you can do this, if I can get it you can” Britney Blake tried to console her “hello?” her brow wrinkled with concern

“Yeah Z I mean she’s a blonde air head” James Blake said. Britney gave him that evil look that could reduce grown men to blubbering children. Zara remembered she developed it when they were in primary school. Unconcerned James continued “Which I have the misfortune to be related to, although the intelligence gene obviously skipped her generation” he said with a huge smile on his face. Zara looked at him then with his long lashes and floppy mousey brown hair and wondered why he bothered to hang around with them; when he clearly didn’t like his sister and hated all popular people especially ‘the superficial, stuck up girls’ as he liked to call them. Well that meant the two of us in his opinion. She was trying to remember a time when he wasn’t taken in by appearances and remember the kind of people they actually were. Yes she and Britney liked to go to parties and meet lots of people and yes they took pride in their appearance; what’s so wrong with that. Zara tried to think where he got this opinion that they didn’t care for anyone when Britney’s insult penetrated the bubble of her thoughts.

“Well at least I have friends and a social life!!!” Brit burst out. The siblings stared at each other with what had to be the world’s most evil looks (Must be a family talent). Zara was wondering how she could start running damage control when she heard a high pitch scream coming from the entrance to their floor. All three of them stood trying to see what was happening Brit even started climbing on to the table. Caroline Taylor swept into the room and made a beeline towards James

“You son of a bitch, you told Mr. Baloney”

“Mr. Maloney actually” James interrupted. This was clearly the wrong thing to do as Caroline’s face turned red with fury she screamed

“I’M NEVER GOING TO GET INTO UNI, I’VE BEEN EXPELLED!!” she lunged for him then and just as Britney and Zara grabbed her arms they let go again, her arms were hot, really hot like burning kind of hot.

“GET OFF ME!” she turned and stormed out of the room, only looking over her shoulder as she reached the stairs to the main floor and called “You spine-less worm I will make your life hell” what made the threat that much more scary was how calmly she made it.

“How could you do that, Caroline is on the gymnastics team, we need her or we can’t win our competition.” Britney looked so hurt when she said it that Zara went and put her arm round her; she however didn’t say a word just looked at James as if she had never seen him before.

“I don’t know how to make you realise what you’ve done” Brits voice was starting to rise. James started to stand and then

the explosion happened.

God knows how long Zara couldn’t see, hear or think. Then slowly her senses started to return. The first thing that hit her was the smell and taste of smoke. As she tried to take a breath she started coughing and couldn’t seem to stop. ‘Ok think what can I do; I need to breathe so shallow breaths that what they say Right? Ok I don’t remember. Oh my god I’m rambling in my head, this must be what a brain starved of oxygen causes’ she took a few shallow breaths and didn’t start coughing ‘ok good lets keep doing this’. She slowly opened her eyes and only saw red, orange and black until her eyes blinked and saw through the think clawing smoke. She almost wished she hadn’t been able to see because the sight of the flames licking up the once beautifully polished walls was causing her to hyperventilate and panic. ‘Calm down, I have to calm down. Hell what about Brit and James’ testing her muscles she slowly tried to stand then thought better of it and started to crawl. ‘they say you have to be below the smoke’ hesitantly she reached her hands out trying to feel any of her friends, after a minute that felt like a life time she felt a hand; she clasped it and hurriedly crawled to her best friends side. “Britney! Brit! so help me if you don’t open your eyes I am shredding your Armarni top I borrowed!!! ” as Zara started to cough Britney opened her eyes than rolled over and joined her in the choking. Thank you who ever watches over popular 18 yr old girls she silently blessed the gods. “Did I hear Armarni” Brit said breathlessly, her eyes went wide as she screamed. “Hell and damnation were going to die!”

“Now who’s being melodramatic” Zara tried to make a joke even though she agreed with her friend.

“OMG where’s James?” Brit looked around franticly and started coughing again.

“James” Zara yelled followed by Britney they both started coughing and were trying to see where he was through their streaming eyes.

“Here” a weak voice called. Britney was up and moving as fast as a cheater as she rushed towards her brothers voice, Zara started to follow but had to stop as she went dizzy.

“Zara were are you? One of the tables is on top of him, he can’t move!” Zara started moving ignoring the pain in her head and the dizzy spells. She could dwell on that later. As she was moving Britney’s words finally registered. Table. As in the long solid oak, really heavy and can’t possible move table. Damnation. What could they do!

“Zara” Britney screamed so load it seemed to echo.

“I’m here its ok” she wheezed through her dry, cracked lips and rubbed her friends back trying to sooth her. They both seemed to decide without even thinking that they had to move the table or at least try. Zara felt her way along the table until she reached the end; Brit did the same thing on the other side.

“On the count of three we lift ok”

“One, two” Britney started to count.

Zara couldn’t really tell with the roaring of the flames and the smoke stopping her from getting oxygen but Brit’s words sounded slurred.

“Thr” all of a sudden she collapsed on her side.

“BRIT!!!!!!!!!!” Zara started to move but was suddenly grabbed from behind.


Dimitri Salvatore had been waiting under a beautiful old oak tree situated in the middle of about thirty other trees all different types; Oak trees, Spruces, Juniper and Downy willow all very rare, it was amazing to see these trees all together they must have been here hundreds of years judging by the incredible thick trunk and the branches stretching out to cover at least a third of the green area that sat in the middle of this towns square, the golden, orange and brown leaves blowing in the soft autumn breeze, making him feel this gorgeously old town was a safe haven. He was just thinking he could relax after getting off the plane from Madrid and the three hours it had taken him to locate Zara Green. I mean who knew how big the Lake District was, let alone trying to find a small town hidden behind mountains a bloody huge lake practically water logging the town. He had finally arrived at the school or sixth form as they called it in this country two hours after stepping onto English soil, only to find she’d left. He was starting to worry as the girl who could well be the chosen one to except her destiny was alone and undefended. He was still angry with the weather stopping him from arriving in the country on her 18th birthday, the usual time the powers started to manifest. After asking about sixty kids who all seemed to know her and a friend called Britney something; who were apparently joined at the hip according to one spotty, greasy haired teenager who kept using very odd words like init and brov. That was new. Normally the chosen ones were loaners who barely left their houses. He also learnt that the two of them went to some old library almost every day. Dam modern teenagers had a weird sense of fun. Well what can you expect from a quaint little town in the hills? He did have to admit to himself that this small town reminded him of Spanish towns in the eighteenth century. They had great festivals, he could still see the grand fire built up in the middle of the town with people running and dancing around it. He was so lost in his memories that when he smelt smoke he just thought he was back in Spain, until he heard a woman’s high pitch scream

His head snapped up abyssus quis iam” This is why I should never forget my purpose, my duty. As his superhuman cat eyes took in the scene in front of him. He saw a single line of fire leading from the doors and into the library and his cat like hearing picked up the distinctive sound of a fire alarm, he started to move slowly or a human pace as he walked to the entrance but was forced to stop as lots of people started to pour out of the library in a massive group, pushing and shoving to get on to the street. He couldn’t sense the goddess blessed girl, the ability his goddess gave him to always know where she was, so he could always protect her. The absence of that feeling meant that this library was made of a material so thick even his goddess magic couldn’t breach it. Very odd. He strained his hearing past the alarm and the people and picked up someone walking down the stairs, to a level way below ground. Suddenly he was knocked sideways by a fleeing security guard. “Abyssys” he cursed loudly causing a few heads to turn his way. Great now people saw he was there, not to mention the more worrying fact that he had been so focused on his hearing that his other senses failed to alert him to the man on a collision cause with him. What on earth was this building? Then an explosion happened and he was thrown across the road away from the building the speed he was going when he slammed into one of the huge spruce trees would have killed any human. He jumped up rolling his neck and arms as the torn muscles and broken bones healed themselves. Running faster than any human, they wouldn’t even be able to see him move. Bursting through the door and trying to see past the collapsed shelves, flames and smoke. It was hard work even with his heightened eye sight.

He fought his way down the stairs jumping over fallen burning debris and ducking fallen support beams. All the while he was listening for any indication of Zara; he had to make sure she was ok. As he skirted around a burning book case he heard a shout “Zara were are you? One of the tables is on top of him, he can’t move!” that was all he needed he speeded down the stairs to the bottom most floor. As he reached the entrance to the floor he was blinded his over sensitive eyes finding it hard to adjust to the light and heat the flames were giving off. It took a second but as his eyes adjusted he heard a voice surprisingly serene in the inferno this room had become

“BRIT!” He saw her then, her long her reached down to the middle of her back, half seemed to be pilled on top of her head the rest falling down and sticking to her face. She was slender couldn’t weight more then eight stone with a grace that was not common to the old chosen ones he had protected. In the second it took him to register this he had moved to her side, grabbed her arm and was lifting her off the floor easily. She screamed so load that his sensitive ears rang painfully, he put his hand over her mouth as he shook his head to clear the ringing from his head.

“Listen to me, I’m not here to hurt you” he tried to use a soothing voice “I’m trying to help so don’t fight me and let’s get moving” he started to lower her to the ground and grabbed her hand and started to pull her towards the exit. She pulled her hand away, he turned to reprimand her and drag her if he had to but the look on her face as he looked at her shocked him to his soul she looked so much like his great goddess with the flames flaring around her and the calm defying look in her grey eyes rimmed with gold made him freeze.

She spoke then “thank you but you can’t leave them” she gestured to her friends “if you feel you can. Go now, I can’t, I won’t leave them” the effect was spoiled slightly as she fell to her knees coughing up black blobs of goddess knows what.

“Ok” he said as he rushed to her side “can you walk” Zara nodded “start moving towards the exit and see if the stairs are clear I’ll get your friends and meet you” hesitantly she started to move. Dimitri moved to the table pining the plain faced, brown haired boy and lifted the solid oak table like it was cardboard and chucked it away towards the wall, the pretty girl with what must be platinum blonde hair under all that soot started to move “Zara” she whispered, he lifted her up and chucked her over his shoulder in a fire man lift, he reached down and grabbed the brown haired boy throwing him over his other shoulder and moved faster than any creature on earth, in under a second he was at Zara’s side.

“How are they she wheezed” looking at her friends carelessly thrown over his shoulder.

“Don’t worry now they’re ok, just keep moving. I don’t know how long this building will hold up” he cast a worried look over her, she wasn’t walking very well. They got to the stairs surprisingly quickly with Zara’s human pace. They slowly made there way up Dimitri looking and listening to make sure no beams or anything else would fall on them. He would probably survive. Zara and her friends wouldn’t. They reached the first floor and Dimitri realised there was no way they could leave thought the main door there was a 10ft flaming book case blocking the way.

“is there another way out” Dimitri asked Zara hurriedly

“I, I I yeah I think” her voice sounded faint, she suddenly grabbed her head “Oh hell not now” she cried out, she seemed to take a breath and then she screamed so load and high dogs could probably hear it miles away. The floor started to shake as she continued to scream, Dimitri knelt in front of her, oblivious to the weight of her friends on his shoulders and grabbed her shoulders “Zara what is it” no reply she just continued to scream and now the windows were shaking in their frames. “Zara” he shook her gently. She opened her eyes and he was shocked to see her eyes had turned brown, with green flecks in them surrounded by a ring of gold; they reminded him of the earth itself.

“The pain, it won’t go away it always goes away” she gasped then and slammed both hands down. All of a sudden the flames started to dim and the floor began to roll like the sea. Dimitri had no idea what was going on but he’d bet his life that Zara was using her power to do it. Dam she didn’t even know what was happening to her, let alone control it. Dimitri suddenly remembered with a burst of clarity the last time he saw flames extinguished like this. It was the goddess. She explained to him later after he witnessed her show of power that she used the power of the earth to smother the flames starving them of oxygen; without the oxygen they could no longer burn. Zara was obviously tapping into that power. As soon as the flames were extinguished the windows blew outward shattering into thousands of deadly shards. Dimitri grabbed Zara and pulled her to him and shielded her head with his head and arms, not an easy thing to do with two teenagers slung over his back. She felt solid and very real in his arms, she seemed to fit perfectly within his embrace she started to move away and he let her shocked at the thoughts that had started running wild in his head. “What happened” she whispered looking into his eyes.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you” he gave her a half smile.

“Try me” she breathed, and then she started to sway and fell on her side “I’m so tired and I hurt all over” her eyes were dropping as she rasped out those words. Then not knowing why he suddenly pulled her head into his lap and whispered close to her ear “somnus” using his power and speaking the Latin word ‘sleep’ his power was always stronger when spoken in his native tongue; made sure she would sleep, she needed to regain her strength. He carefully picked her up and cradled her in his arms best he could with the other two still on his shoulders and started to walk outside to the waiting ambulances and the no doubt eager audience.

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