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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The days was just the same bright shiny morning. It was saturday that means no class and time to relax. But that they seem to be different fro her, she does'nt even remember having a homework. She decided to stay alone in her room and read books, she will just go downstaire if she feel hungry. Alex never go out in weekends except if her mother ask her to go in the grocery or some important thing to do outside.

That time her mother arrange a surprise party for Alex, Yes ita was Alex 13th birthday. Her brother will be coming home and for the first time her father is coming home too. Her mother never told her about the home coming for they planned it for her birthday. Her mother went out that morning and reminded her to come down for her breakfast. Alex never questioned her mother if sometimes she always go out even when it's her day off. Her mother went straight to airport to meet her husband and her sons. the surprised will be held at their house. When her husband arrived they went straight to the mall to buy gifts and and went to the cake section to buy her a special one.

Alex decided to roam around their backyard. She went out with her books tucked in her hand. Her birthday was never been in her mind. As she was walking in their backyards she start kicking some stones out of her way. She starts to hum a song she loves to hear on her ipod. Alex saw alot of things around her. She was sitting under a tree reading books when her family arrived.

As soon the family arrived her Alex mother went straight the house to check her and found the house empty. Grab this chance to surprised her. Her mother went out to look for her and found her under the tree. She called on to her to come inside. Alex went inside and went straight to her room. Her mother is wondering if Alex knew it was her birthday. Alex father and brothers went upstair for the surprised. Her mother was the first one to enter and found her lying on the floor whilereading. Came her father and brothers singing birthday song, Alex was surprised at first for her father is here and her brother. A big hug from the family was given to her, Alex just said thank you and blows her candle. They celebrated her birthday with a simple dinner that night.

Alex is already 13 and she was thinking about the things that might change in her body. She was not yet ready for that. Later that night Alex felt something, she can't sleep for her stomachis aching she tried everything she could but still. Morning came and it was time for the family to church. When Alex woke up she saw something red in her bed, it was blood and she searched where it came from until realization pop out. She's having her first period. Then her mothr came in and saw Alex standing staring at her bed. When she saw what it was she smiled and said "my baby is already grown". Alex just stared at herwith a questioning face, her mother went out to get her a pads.

"Mom is that normal" Alex whispered afraid her brother might overhear it. "Yes ofcourse dear, I also went through that too". Alex is still worrying about the things might happened. "Are you alright" her mother from behind. "Yes mom". The day went through smoothly, the family decided to eat outside and stroll in the park. They spend the day buying a lot of things and playing some games at the mall. It was already dark when they arrived home, Alex went straight to her room and locked herself. Her father noticed the Alex change of mood. "Hon, what's happening to our daughter she so quiet the whole day". " She was just in the stage of something girls should be". "But is she going ok" the father asked again, "yes hon, don't worry about our little girl".

Alex heard a knock on her door but pretended she heard nothing. After a minute another knock was heard again this time it was loud enough. She got up and opened the door and saw her older brother smiling at her. "Alex has a bad mood today" shouted her older brother. Alex begun to throw her pillow to her brother and they started a pillow fight, they just stop when their father came out of his room. "Good morning everyone" greeted their father. "Good morning too father".

Alex was not really feeling well that morning but she decided to go to school. She was not comfortable on her way to school as if she's going to lose her underwear at anytime. She keeps on checking at her butt afraid she might have a stain. She arrived at school early and went to her room she seated their quietly while waiting for the bell. Then a petite girl came to her seat and ask her name. "Hey, I'm Jane and you are?", "Alexandria, but you can call me Alex for short". "Your new here in town?", "yeah, my mother just got a new job here thats why we need to move here". "by the way Alex you might want to join me in the canteen this lunch?", "yeah sure". Just then the bell ring.

Submitted: December 11, 2015

© Copyright 2021 Phantom Crisis. All rights reserved.


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LOL that's the problem with pads! I don't understand how people wear them and avoid getting stains.

Fri, May 6th, 2016 7:30am


yeah... thanks for stopping by to read, though the story is not yet done...

Tue, May 10th, 2016 7:07am

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