Pernilla ( English )

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This story is about Pernilla, a woman in the 30-year-old who lives alone in a house, and experiencing terrible incidents when she is on the way from work to his home. When Pernilla one day goes home from work, she hear a horrible scream. She turns around, but there is no one there. The next day, Pernilla is afraid it will be like. When she imagined a false sense of security, something happens again. Pernilla is horrified by the event and run home. When she trdje day to go home, it's really dark and chilly outside. When she stepped outside the door to work, she feels a warm hand that takes a steady grip on her shoulder. And when she turns around ...

NOTE! Warns; squeamish people, timid people, sensitive people, and afraid of the dark people. Nice experience. NOTE!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Pernilla ( English )

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013




It was a dark autumn evening. The wind played in the treetops and shadows danced in the moonlight. Pernilla walked with quick steps across the street. After a late night at work she missed  her bed. Memories of her childhood was brought to her for a brief moment when she passed the empty playground. She continued to walk. Now it was really getting cold outside. The cold wind blew on her body and when she walked past the lampposts you could see how the smoke was billowing out of her cold face. 
Suddenly she stopped. The hair stood up on the neck and she felt her heart pounding getting tougher and tougher in the chest. What had made her stay was an icy scream. Pernilla felt a lump of anxiety began to grow in the stomach. She turned cautiously about to see was that awful scream came from but when she turned around there was no one there. The soul gave a sigh of relief.
When she had calmed down herself, she thought she heard a muffled howl from one of the dark, sullen streets. Out of curiosity, she went with careful step in the direction she heard the sound from. But when she approached the nook she heard a bang from a fired gun. She lost the control and let the lump in her come back to determine what she would do. Pernilla legged and hurried home.
The next morning she went to work as usual, without a thought of what had happened the night before. But when it was time to go home she felt the lump grew in her again. The fear of experiencing anything like put fear into her. She was considering going home to a coworker who lived just a block from their workplace. But there was something that caused her to forget it and go home instead.
On her way home, she had an uneasy feeling in the stomach, anxiety over what might happen, fear of experiencing something horrible. But after she got halfway home, with the sunset in front of her and a cool breeze in the back, she felt a relief inside her. Nothing would happen, she convinced herself of.
Pernilla was now just a block from her home, the lump of anxiety had checked into her body again and it grew rapidly great. She had never been so scared before. The hair on the neck stretched toward heaven and sweat sailed down from her cheeks. She heard voices in the dark alleys around and she had a constantly breathing down her neck. But when she turned around there was no one there. The rest of the way, she ran up exhausted and with a horrific parts of the breast. She slammed the door behind her and locked it.
When she the next day found herself on the job, time ran off, as if to tease her. She didn't want go home. She didn't want  experience any nasty things again, but she had to. As motivation, she had it was a holiday tomorrow, and nothing could happen to her when she was home.
When there was an hour left of the heavy work day, she went with quick step around, with a horrendous anxiety inside. All she thought about was what she would experience. She went and stood in front of the mirror. In front of her she saw a bobbed blonde, she was quite tall, she wore black denim trousers and a black cardigan. Under the cardigan the blonde woman wore a white tank top with the logo "Call me" on. When she looked up at her face again, she saw a pair of blue eyes, full of horror.
The clock struck nine. It was time for Pernilla to go home. With a deep sigh, she shut the glass door to the job. It was a dark night and the sky was as black as the smoke from the first steam engines. Suddenly she felt a hand on her right shoulder. Time stopped. The blood is pumped into her head and it felt like it would burst. She turns slowly on, breathlessly. When she turned around completely, she gave a brief. In front of her stood one of her colleagues, who telled her that she forgot her bag as she passed. "I'll get my bag and hurry home right away," thought Pernilla.
When Pernilla retrieved the bag, and walked a third of the way, her heart almost jumped out of her heart. Every time she went past a lamppost, it were  a  big shadow behind her own. The idea of ??joy trying to get inside her head, but the fear took over. She couldn't walk anymore, she was too scared. Finally, she decides to bet, and run. The shadow behind her, continued to follow her. She stumbles upon a rock, tearing up the jeans and scraping his hands bloody when they met the asphalt. The man went slowly up to her, squatted down and grabbed her arms.
Pernilla opened her mouth to scream, but instead of a cry for help, it came a pitiful whining.
Her arms shook up with aspen leaves, out of fear. The man held a firm grip on her arms. She tried to kick him, but it only resulted in a mocking laugh. The long guy took out a rope and chained her arms and legs into a lamppost. She couldn't move. "I should've listened to myself and go home," she thought.
The stranger took out a pair of scissors from one of the jacket pockets. He grabbed one of Pernilla's arms and ripped gently, yet ruthlessly up her upper arm. Blood ran down from her arms, but in some strange way, it did not hurt, it did not feel at all. She was not affected by the blood loss. The guy walked closer to her and bent down gently on his heels. He grabbed her arm, held his arm close to his face and began to lick the insides of her arm. When he was finished, he sews together her arm with yarn.
Pernilla cried. She had cried all the time when the man exercised his mental exercise. But her suffering was just beginning. What the man did next is not psychological. she now understood that the person in front of her practicing cruel sadism.
The guy stood still and admired Pernilla awhile. While Pernilla focused on the surrounding area, in try to ease the pain. She looked around. The only thing she saw was gray apartment buildings, lampposts who gave away a shimmering white light and the dark sky, which was her only friend.
The sadist interrupted her, took out a pair of pliers from the other pocket. He walked up to Pernilla, and with a smile on his face, he bent down and pulled off her shoes. He waited until her feet were cold and barely dried blood pumping into her feet. Then, when she cried for full and looked up into the sky, he pulled her by her toenails, one by one. Pernilla screamed. She cried and screamed at the same time. For a while she stopped crying, instead she threw up from the smell of her own blood, then she began to cry again. The man put down his rod and struck her with his fist in the solar plexus as she lost her breath and fainted.
When Pernilla woke up again the stranger stood infront of her with a small goblet in his hands. He told her he would let her go now and that nothing bad would happen to her ever again. But instead of tying up the ropes, he taped  her eyelids with duct tape and the goblet  approached her head. She could make out a text on the bottle. "Nitric". She tried to close her eyes, but the tape stopped her. He gently poured acid into the eyes of her, who began to melt. She heard a thud from an empty bottle, which fell to the ground. Pernilla could hear her heart pounding. She let out a sigh, her heart beating slower and slower. Her pulse seemed barely longer. A tear wandered down from her cheek ...

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