Teen and their Patrons Gods and Matron Goddesses chapter 1

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Ty finds out his matron is Hecate after spending the night a Lunars house.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Teen and their Patrons Gods and Matron Goddesses chapter 1

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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As I walked home,blood dripped from my nose.\"what happened Tyler asked Lunar\" as she ran in front of him?\"Basket ball Tyler said\" as he walked past Lunar.\"Again,well your cleaning it up at my house it's closer sighed Lunar\".As he walked into Lunars house,Lunar grabbed a bottle of proxcide and a rubbing pad.After she cleaned the blood smears Tyler layed his head down to stop it from bleeding.\"Okay now put this cream on your nose to heal it said Lunar\";as she handed him a bowl with a green mixture in it.\"Whats in this asked Tyler\"as he put it on his nose?\"it's a mixture of rosemary and mint leaves said Lunar\".\"Can I stay the night I'm to exhausted to walk home asked Tyler\"?\"Sure said Lunar\".As I fell asleep on the couch I put my I-pod on.\"What time is it I thought as I yawned\"?As I looked at the clock it was 12:00 Pm.\"Dang it I said\" as I got up to see a silver candle by an opened window.then when I looked out the window the full moon glowed with a silver aura .\"Bad dreams asked Lunar\" as she came out of the kitchen?\"Yep I said \"as I turned to see lunar in a turquoise robe drinking tea.\"isn't the full moon beautiful said lunar\",\"it sure is I yawned\".\"here drink some tea it will clear your mind said lunar\" as she went to bed.as I drank the tea I yawned and went to bed.

\"Morning said Lunar\" as she took the candle away from the window and put it in a cabinet.\"good morning Tyler said\" as he was looking through the bookshelf.As Tyler was looking a book fell off the shelf.@sorry Tyler said \"as he blew the dust off it,\"it's okay said lunar\".\"can i read the book Tyler asked\"?\"sure said lunar\".as I started reading the book I felt a connection to Hecate who was a triple moon goddess who was also a goddess of crossroads,sorcery,and ghost.it said that her symbols were a dagger,rope,the number 3,the willow tree was sacred to her,and her animals were the owl and hounds.as i read the book I blacked out.

\"Where am I said\" as I saw I was in forest.then a woman in a black gown walked out from the trees as two hounds followed her.\"who are you Tyler asked \"as she stood before him?\"who do you think I am young one said the woman\" in the black gown?tyler saw she had a key necklace and twi hounds which were hecate's symbol.\"you are Hecate goddess of crossroads and the moon\".\"correct young one she said\"as an owl flew upon her arm.\"you see when you read about my history it interested you and you wanted to learn more about me Hecate said \"as she took out her athame which had Ancient Greek symbols on it.\"tyler you have great potential you just need a little push to get you started so here's some wisdom to help along the way said the moon goddess \"as she put the tip of her athame to my head.as she did that a felt dizzy as the dream with the moon goddess ended

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