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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 06, 2011




My God Vinnie, what do you put in these? They are so delicious, I can’t eat enough. By the way, you would not believe who’s back in the E.R. Kenny Throckmorton made his third admittance this week. Crazy right? You should hear Gloria; she’s ready to put him to sleep permanently. It never gets old does it hahaha. Jeez, why are you so quiet?” Siobhan asks as she turns around to face the counter.

Her face goes blank. A man is standing behind the counter looking back at her with a smirk on his face with his arms crossed. He had dark curly messy hair, an olive skin tone, athletic build, standing at about 6’2 and piercing blue eyes. Obviously a Menditto by his looks. He was extremely attractive, no doubt. But there was something about him that screamed out to Siobhan. It was as if she could look into his eyes and know his deepest and darkest secrets. He blinked and shocks ran through her body, her stomach filled with butterflies and color sped to her cheeks.

“You’re not Vinnie,” she stated.

“You’re embarrassed,” he replied.

“Excuse me?” She asked.

“Your face just turned bright pink.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m embarrassed, it’s cold outside,” Siobhan challenged.

“You only spent about 7 seconds outside from your car to in here and besides, your face wasn’t pink when you came in here,” he answered.

“I, I, I………” she stuttered.

“Do you usually talk to yourself like that?” he teased.

“Well, I thought Vinnie was here, he usually is. Where is he? And who are you?”

“He and Aunt Barb took the rest of the weekend off. It’s been awhile, so now I’m in charge while he’s gone. I’m Tony,” the man explained.

“Aunt Barb!?!? You’re Vinnie’s nephew?!?! Constantine’s kid?” Siobhan asks in disbelief

“Yup, that’s me. How do you know so much about my family? You must be Celine, Vinnie told me you work at the hospital and come here a lot. And that you’re basically like family and give you whatever you need. So can I get you anything?” he politely asked.

“Uh yeah, I’m Celine. Vinnie’s too much haha, hot chocolate sounds good.”

“Coming right up.”

Siobhan watched as he got the biggest cup possible and filled it with hot chocolate. She could see his muscles working under his black fitted shirt. She wondered what they looked like underneath the shirt. His jeans, dark like Vinnie’s loosely fit but there was no missing that Italian booty. He then put some whipped cream on top and topped it with chocolate shavings. He brought it over and placed it in front of her smiling. Siobhan took a sip and felt as though she was in heaven. Again, he smiled approvingly.

“What?” Siobhan asked.

“You’re not pink anymore. I guess the embarrassment is gone,” Tony laughs.

“Okay, fine. I was a bit embarrassed but who wouldn’t be!”

Siobhan played with the napkin, avoiding Tony’s gaze. She didn’t think she could handle staring directly into his eyes. They were too penetrating. Why was she feeling like this? I mean, this was just another attractive guy. She worked with gorgeous men every day and it never fazed her. Why Tony? Her thoughts scrambled like pieces of shattered glass. This was not her, her thoughts going a million miles per hour through her mind and not being able to control them. Did she look crazy she wondered?

Tony could not take his eyes off of her ever since she stepped out of her car. Something about her captured him. When she had walked in, it was as if he had been hit by a train, knocking the breath out of him and completely leaving him speechless. He could picture the sun kissing her skin, which was of a Mediterranean tone. Envy swept through him for the sun caressed her every day, a luxury he would trade places for. The way her hips swayed whenever she took a step was hypnotizing. She was much shorter than him but she had the body of a goddess. She wasn’t slim but not large either. From what he could see, she had a tight waist that led to curvaceous hips which men would kill for. The slight snug fit of her top previewed the voluptuousness of her chest. He was after all a man and he did not miss the sight of her ass. Even through the loose scrubs, Tony could see the round form that slightly bounced when she walked. He didn’t know what it was but she had an unusual effect on him. She hadn’t even said a word. It wasn’t just physical; I mean she was beyond beautiful but something else about her called to him. And when she thought she was talking to Vinnie, he just sat, listened and enjoyed the soothing effect of her voice. Watching her animation and enthusiasm as she spoke was incredible to him. ‘I hope I’m not obviously staring too much,’ Tony thought. But how can I not? Oh God, I probably freaked her out and that’s why she’s playing with the napkin, avoiding talking to me. Tony you dumbass, you’re not supposed to scare her away. I’ve gotta fix this somehow. But how? She won’t even look at me! Jeez, I couldn’t have freaked her out that badly. Could I?

The silence and music softly playing was comforting for Siobhan after the day she’s had. But she wished she knew how to start a conversation with Tony. He hadn’t said anything for a while and she was beginning to think she scared him. Ugh!

“So you work in the hospital, I’m guessing you’re a nurse from the scrubs,” Tony said.

“I’m a doctor in the E.R.,” Siobhan replied.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to uh—like uh-.”

As she laughs “It’s alright. I wouldn’t expect you to directly know. I left my lab coat in the car. Whenever I leave it on, people tend to treat me like I’m the Queen of England or something and I just can’t have a normal, human time when getting my coffee. I’m just doing my job and what I love. Sometimes I wish people would see me as another human. There’s more to me than being a doctor. I’m just like everyone else but with an interest in medicine. Sorry, that was a lot to say,” she apologizes.

“It’s quite alright. Don’t worry, I’ll treat you like a person. By the way, Uncle Vin and Aunt Barb call you Celine but your ID says umm ‘see-oh-ban’? How do you say that anyway?” Tony asked.

“Only people close to me call me Celine. It’s my middle name. My first, Siobhan, is pronounced ‘sha-vawn’. I do have a friend though, that never stops calling me see-oh-ban.”

“Ohhhhh! I get it now,” he gently laughs.

Siobhan stares into his eyes longer than she wanted to and was immediately mesmerized. They pulled her in and she was lost and couldn’t pull away. Her blood begun rushing faster and her heartbeat quickened.

Tony could feel the beads of sweat trickling down his back. When did it get so hot? All of a sudden, one look into her eyes and his body was heating up. The palms of his hands were a little damp with moisture and he could feel the pulse in his neck at work. His body wanted to jump over the counter and close the distance between them. He wanted to feel the heat radiating from her body. Feel the softness of her lips. Feel the form of her body against his.

She had seen that look before. The way his eyes darkened reminded her of Brent but this was nothing like Brent’s. Not even close. This was intense and full of fire. His eyes were telling her something and not even attempting to hide it. Siobhan felt as though her body was slightly trembling. She wanted to feel his touch and wrap her arms around him. His eyes begged her to kiss him. ‘Get a hold of yourself Siobhan! I just met this guy,’ she thought. ‘Don’t make yourself vulnerable,’ her mind said. You remember what happened with Brent. And with that thought, all her walls went up in a lightning flash.

Tony suddenly became worried. Something changed in her eyes. They went blank and then now it was as if he was staring into nothing. What happened, he thought?

She quickly finished her hot chocolate and began looking for her wallet.

“I should get going. I probably owe like $50 by now,” Siobhan said.

“No don’t worry about it,” Tony said.

“Oh no, I couldn’t. Here, just charge $100,” she hands him her credit card.

“Nope, can’t do. Uncle Vin told me I can’t accept any payments from you. Besides, it was on me anyway,” he smiled.

That smile made Siobhan feel bad for leaving suddenly. It was so genuine and so sweet. Guess it runs in the family.

“Thanks a lot Tony. I really appreciate it and the hot chocolate was incredible.”

“Anytime, hope to see you soon, Siobhan.”


“Ciao Bella.”

As soon as the crisp air hit her, Siobhan wished she had stayed inside. She hurried to the Tahoe and clicked it open with a beep. A soon as the engine turned over, she put the heat on full blast. Considering it was around seven o’clock, there wasn’t much traffic. The clubbers wouldn’t be out for another hour or two so the roads were still a safe place. In twenty minutes, she arrived home and the tide was just coming in. The lights inside her house were shining bright. ‘I guess that means Stephan is already here,’ Siobhan thought. Her parents had extra keys to her house so it wasn’t such a surprise. Stepping out into the cold again, she speed walked to her front door and made her way inside. She was routinely greeted by her precious cat Rocky. Music was blaring from the living room and Siobhan immediately recognized that it was Pepper. Confusion swept over her as she smelled food being cooked in the kitchen. ‘Since when does he cook,’ she thought. When she appeared in the kitchen, Stephan looked up and quickly walked towards her with a huge smile.

“Cece! Welcome home big Sis,” Stephan said as he hugged her and purposely messed up her hair.

“Since when do you cook?” Siobhan asked.

“Ummm, now. It’s actually done so relax and dinner will be served.”

Siobhan just shook her head and walked towards her bedroom. Stephan had never been the cooking type and was always pulling pranks on her. There was no way her rebel of a brother had had a change of heart overnight. ‘He must be up to something,’ Siobhan thought. But she couldn’t complain much because she was starving and the food smelled delicious. This also meant that she didn’t have to cook for Mickey who was dropping by later. Nice! She changed into some sweatpants, threw on a random tee and headed out to the dining room. Stephan had cooked chicken penne Alfredo with garden veggies, a side of salad and pumpkin pie for dessert. The pumpkin pie was most likely from her mom because Audrah knew how much she loved pumpkin pie.

“Bon appetit,” Stephan said.

“Now you also speak French?” Siobhan inquired as she sat down.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me Sis,” he laughed.

Siobhan also laughed and began to eat. To her surprise, the food was amazingly good. She poured herself a glass of raspberry iced-tea and moved on to the salad. Another surprise, Stephan had topped it with some feta cheese and raspberry vinaigrette, which was Siobhan’s favorite. ‘This kid definitely wants something,’ she thought to herself. After they had both finished eating, they gathered the dishes and headed to the kitchen. Siobhan motioned for the dishes to be put in the dishwasher and once loaded, she started it. While leaning against the counter, she observed her brother. He had definitely grown from the last time she saw him. Not just physically, but something about him was evolving into a man. This was a scary thought for her. She never imagined her baby brother growing up into a man. Stephan was now 6’0, with surfer, shoulder length, curly, sand blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, athletic body and very attractive. The only thing that hadn’t changed was his style. He still wore faded jeans, surfer tees and vans. Although they were nine years apart, Siobhan and Stephan resembled each other greatly.

“So what do you want?” she asked.


“You didn’t cook me dinner and clean the place a bit just because you love me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Cece,” he replied with a sheepish smile.

“Spit it out,” Siobhan demanded.

“The Jeep.”

“Wow, the Jeep huh?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s perfect for my surf gear. Please Cece!!!”

“Fine, while you’re here it’s yours. No tickets, no accidents and no backseat sex. AND I want dinner twice a week.”

“Yeah for sure, whatever, as long as I get the Jeep. Love you Sis!” Stephan said as he grabbed the keys to the Jeep and practically ran out.

Siobhan didn’t even blink before Stephan was out of the door and Mickey squeezed through the closing door. He took his coat off and hung it in the closet next to the front door. He then stopped mid-step an inhaled deeply. Just like Siobhan earlier, his face was full of confusion.

“It smells way too good to be something you made babe. Mom was here?” he asked.

“What does that mean!? And no, actually Stephan cooked.”

“You’re pulling my leg now. Stephan as in the guy who just ran out and once put a family of raccoons in your bathtub Stephan!?!?” Mickey exclaimed.

“YES, that Stephan. I let him use the Jeep in return.”


Mickey made his way to the kitchen and took out a plate from the cupboard. Siobhan served him the food while he opened the bottle of wine he had brought along. She saw a season pack of True Blood sticking out of Mickey’s bag and remembered why she loved this guy. He always knew what to say and exactly what brightened her mood. True Blood and wine sounded like a magical night for Siobhan. While he got comfy on the couch, she popped in a disc and began playing an episode. Siobhan plopped herself on the opposite side and sipped her wine. It felt great to have some time off and not worry about being on call or receiving pages in the middle of the night. Of course if it were up to her, she wouldn’t have taken the time off. There were always lives to be saved and she felt a sense of guilt when she’s off because that could have been someone’s life. But under direct orders from the Chief of Medicine, she had no choice but to take it. ‘This should be an opportunity to catch up with the family, relax and maybe date.’ Date? Pshhhh, who am I kidding, she thought. After Mickey had gotten through his meal, he glanced at Siobhan in a peculiar way.

“I can’t wait to hear this story sunshine,” he said.

“It’s NOT a story. I helped him with a patient and we were talking about it in my office, that’s it,” Siobhan declared.

“Sounds credible but you wouldn’t need to close your door for that. Besides, finding you in your office is like trying to find a bat in sunlight.”

“He brought it up,” she gave in.


“And we hugged, more than we should have.”

“The fuckin’ nerve of this guy!” Mickey exclaimed.

“Same thing I said. Well, I mean I did hug back.”

“Why!? Brent is probably one of the biggest assholes I’ve ever met. This is coming from an asshole himself,” an irritated Mickey said.

“It was just a hug! It’s not that big of a deal,” Siobhan retorted.

“You’re right, it’s not. But leaving you standing at the altar in front of your family, friends and co-workers is A BIG DEAL.”

Siobhan went silent. That was the most painful memory she had. Tears automatically filled her eyes but as she tried to fight them back, they raced down her cheeks. It was like trying to stop a leaking dam by putting your finger on it. She sobbed and Mickey immediately felt horrible for his words. These were wounds that were still trying to heal and he just reopened them. He wished he hadn’t made her cry but he disliked Brent to the core. After that day, Brent had broken poor Siobhan into pieces and Mickey thought he’d lost her for good. It was hard to hear that this same guy who turned her life upside down was making his way back.

“Damn, I’m sorry babe,” he said as he put his arm around her.

Siobhan continued to cry and just let it all out. Mickey was someone she was comfortable crying in front of because they had been friends for so long. As much as his words hurt, she knew he was right. Her mind flashed back to the image of Brent walking away and her heart throbbed in pain. Even after everything, she still loved him. She continued to cry and soon enough she fell asleep. When she woke, she was in her bed and it was almost eleven o’clock. She could hear the waves and the sound of birds chirping. Rocky was comfortably curled up next to her deep asleep. There was a note on her night stand saying ‘relax, you need it. –Mickey’. She smiled and eased her way off bed. When she arrived in the kitchen, she went to the fridge and got some orange juice. She remembered Stephan was now living with her.

“Stephan!” she shouted.

There was no response in the house. She put the orange juice down and walked over to the room where he was staying and looked inside. The bed was unmade and no Stephan in sight. When she walked back to the kitchen, she noticed the note on the stove. ‘Got a job! Later. –Stephan’. ‘Good for him, keeps him out of my hair. But where?’ Just as she thought, the phone rang.

“Sup Sis! I guess you got my note but hey I forgot my wallet at home and I’ve been driving without a license. So can you bring it for me?”

“Sure no problem, where are you?” she asked.

“155 Stanley Avenue, oh man gotta go! Bye!” he hung up.

Siobhan showered and got dressed in jeans and a tee. She put her hair up in a ponytail and neglected make-up. It was easy to find Stephan’s wallet…it was sitting on his nightstand. She grabbed her own, put on her north face fleece jacket and took the keys to the BMW. The air outside was crisp but the sun warmed her skin. As soon as she started the engine, she put the address into the GPS and was on her way. There were people walking dogs, joggers on the boardwalk and church goers on their way. It didn’t take long before she arrived at her destination. ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me.’ She thought. Siobhan walked the familiar path and opened the door that always chimed. She entered Menditto’s and shook her head in disbelief. Stephan spotted her and waved her over. She quickly glanced around but no Tony in sight. ‘Whew thank goodness! I would have felt like such a weirdo’ she thought with relief. She walked over to the counter and handed Stephan his wallet.

“You’re the best, Sis,” Stephan said.

“No problem, tell me how you got this job.”

“Lucky, I guess. I came in here with some surf buddies of mine last night and started talking to the guy running the place. It wasn’t Vinnie; God knows he would never hire me. I told him I was looking for something to keep me busy while I wasn’t surfing and he said I could help him out here for the time being. I couldn’t say no! Free food baby!” he smiled.

“What about school?!”

“Oh, Mom didn’t tell you. I dropped out.”

“You what?! They let you drop out!? How?” Siobhan exclaimed.

“School’s not for me. Surfing is my life and I got an offer from a sponsor, so I basically surf for money. Cool eh?”


“I know, oh hey Tony! I got my wallet bro,” Stephan said to Tony.

Siobhan nearly died of the embarrassment. She didn’t know what to do considering Tony was already making his way over. It was too late to escape and besides there were no available exits at the moment. She didn’t look in his direction, God forbid their eyes met.

“Good. This is your sister? Celine?”

“Tony,” Siobhan stated.

“You already met?” a confused Stephan asked.

“Something like that,” Tony smiled.

“Oh, good then. I’d love to chat but I got some coffee to brew. Later Sis,” he said as he kissed her on the cheek.

Siobhan prepared herself by taking a seat on a stool.

“You sure you’re related?” Tony mused.

“Not by choice,” she shook her head.

Tony laughed and she looked into his eyes. She was suddenly captivated and back into the same trance as the night before. She awkwardly fumbled with the car keys trying to look busy.

“Can I get you something?” Tony asked.

“Oh no, that’s alright. I was headed out anyway,” she rose to leave.

“Hot chocolate it is,” he said.

Defeated, Siobhan sat back down. Truth is, she enjoyed Tony’s company and didn’t want to leave but of course she couldn’t show that. It was the first time she felt this way in a long time. Her head ached a bit and she realized she had made her ponytail a little too tight. Her damp curls cascaded down the frame of her face as she released them. As she looked around the café, she waved to a few familiar faces. When Tony returned with her hot chocolate, he observed her as she took a cautious sip.

“You look different,” he said.

“Well I’m not working today so, no scrubs,” she explained.

“No, not that. Today you seem….....relaxed,” Tony said as he moved a curl away from her face.

Siobhan froze in place. Butterflies were going wild in her stomach and she could feel the shocks from his touch. Her heart began to race again and she tried to compose herself.

“I…I…..guess,” she was able to say.

“Your cheeks are pink again,” Tony smiled.

“I’m not embarrassed!” she quickly said.

“Oh, let me guess, its cold outside.”

Siobhan couldn’t help laughing. Wow, she was actually having a great time. They chatted for a while longer and the essence of time did not exist. Until Siobhan realized all the errands she had to run that day. She politely ended the conversation and walked away. Before she reached the BMW, a hand grabbed her arm and spun her around.

“Dinner,” Tony said. Siobhan just looked at him unsure of the meaning of what he said. Reading the confusion on her face, “Tonight.” Caught off-guard and not knowing what to say “I……I…can’t,” Siobhan responded.

“Are you working?” he pressed.

“No……um, I don’t go out for dinners. I have to go.”

And with that she departed. “Did I just say that!?” Siobhan thought. She banged her head against the steering wheel in disgust with herself.

The day consisted of going to the bank, visiting her grandparents, getting an oil change, picking up mail for her parents and buying some laundry detergent since she was now going to be doing laundry for two. Siobhan ran into some co-workers and was given invitations for a wedding and a baby shower. Most women around her were getting married and having children. Being twenty-six, she felt like a failure. Then again her job did not really give her time to meet a potential husband/father. Truth is, Siobhan did not feel as if she could date. After the incident with Brent, it had taken awhile to move on. She had now moved on but the scars were still there.

But now for the first time, something had come alive inside her when she met Tony. She was seeing her world in vibrancies of colors and was feeling generally happier. ‘Let’s see how long that last,’ she thought to herself. Who knows, she’d probably not even see him for a while.

Ten minutes later Siobhan pulled into her drive way and parked the BMW in the garage. It was fifteen minutes to nine and the lights were on inside the house but no Jeep in sight. Stephan must have forgotten and left the light on, she concluded. Gathering the shopping bags, she made her way to the front door. The house smelled like dinner was ready and it smelled amazing. Siobhan headed for the laundry room to drop off the detergent.

“Wow Stephan. I could really get used to this. What’d you make today? Smells like sausage and peppers,” she said.

There was no response from the kitchen. ‘Must be in his zone,’ she thought. Siobhan went to her bedroom to change into slippers and take off her North Face. She was super hungry so she remained in her jeans and tee and excitedly hurried to the kitchen.

“Chef Stephan, why so qui-,“she stopped dead in her tracks.

In front of her stood a body that was a little more built than Stephan’s and much more masculine. The olive skin tone and a pair of alluring, piercing blue eyes were definitely not her little brother’s. Siobhan realized she had stopped breathing and had not blinked for a few moments. She began by blinking and nervously licking her lips.

“Let me guess, what am I doing here?”  Tony asked.

“Um, yeah,” was all Siobhan could say.

“You said you didn’t go out to dinner. So I thought, why not bring dinner to you?”

“How’d you even get in?” she asked.

“Stephan. He’s the one who actually came up with the idea. Relax, it’s ready,” Tony said.

And with that, he dimmed the lights in the dining area and lit some candles. There was soft instrumental music playing in the background. A bottle of red wine was already open at the table. Tony brought two plates with sausage and peppers served with bow tie noodles from the kitchen. He then poured some wine for Siobhan and then himself.

“Buon Appetito, bella,” he smiled.

Siobhan only managed to smile back before pulling away from his gaze. They ate in silence for a few seconds. It was the strangest predicament Siobhan had ever been in. This was coming from someone who has seen death, protruding bones, spinal fractures, gunshot wounds and exposed intestines. All those things are a piece of cake compared to this situation. When it came to matters outside of the ER, Siobhan was clueless.

Although the atmosphere was a bit awkward, she couldn’t help being excited that Tony was here. The feeling she had when she first saw him was taking over again. Looking up briefly, she caught his piercing eyes staring back at her. Her heart banged against her ribs, blood rushed through her veins and butterflies threatened to erupt from her stomach.

“Thanks….dinner..it’s great,” she mumbled.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Dinner. Great.”

“Are you alright?” he asked smiling.

“No, no I’m not. This is awkward. I find you in my house already cooking dinner and I’m just supposed to sit here and whip up a witty conversation and be funny and interesting but obviously I’m horribly failing. This is the reason I don’t do dinner! Or dates! I can’t –,” Siobhan ranted.

“Dance with me,” Tony said as he stood up and reached for Siobhan’s hand.

As if her body was being controlled by someone else, Siobhan took his hand and allowed him to pull her in. Till now, she had not realized a mix of Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole were softly playing. “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole was currently leading their rhythm as they slow danced. They did not speak for the whole song or during Sinatra’s “Day by Day.” Tony pulled her in closer and Siobhan rested her head on his chest. She could hear his heartbeat and feel the warmth radiating from his body. If there was such a moment in which time stood still and earth ceased rotating, this was it.


******* One year later.

It was seven minutes to four in the morning and a pager on the nightstand was singing a melody. Not a Vivaldi kind of melody, or one that made you smile, feel good or even appreciate music. It was the messenger that never delivered good news. It almost always meant that you were going to hop out of a warm, cozy bed to go save a life. Siobhan routinely reached for the pager and silenced it. Despite the time and the yearning for more sleep, she was feeling unusually jolly.

“You can always pretend you didn’t hear it babe,” said a groggy Tony as he put his arms around her and squeezed.

“You’re the worst influence ever, Antonio Giuseppe Menditto,” she replied as she kissed him.

“Ouch, whipping out the big guns, huh? Well excuse me Siobhan Celine temporarily Biscaha but soon to be Menditto,” he retorted.

“Gggrrr will you stop with that?!”

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