Life of a Misfit

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My name is Crystell. I have two siblings, they are nice but can be sooo annoying with all their perfectness. Me, I'm not perfect, I never will be perfect... I am different, a piece of lint on black dress pants, the weed in a rose garden, the dissapointment daughter of one of the richest families in the country. My father wanted twins, he got them, but he got me too, two years earlier, now he wasn't as pleased about me. I was ignored, to them I wasn't Crystell... I was the older sister of the perfects, I was the mistake, I was that failure, that girl. But maybe I could find a way to have fun, to live a nice life, to find, maybe... possibly... someone who could understand me? Someone besides my two other strange and wacky best friends? Maybe...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Life of a Misfit

Submitted: December 05, 2009

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Submitted: December 05, 2009



Okay, I have never written a novel before so this is probably going to have short chapters, very bad spelling and grammar, and a wavering plot. >.< sorry.


"Mom! Dad!" I called running through our mansion kicking off my shoes as I did, I knew the maids were glaring at me from behind, but I was in a rush, I needed to show my mom something. I ran up to her room and forced open the door, catching her and my dad making out on the couch while a show on Adult Swim was playing. "Don't you know how to knock?" my father scolded, "Why can't you be more like Tyler and Taylor? Really." Tyler was my younger brother, Taylor my younger sister, the perfect to a T twins. "Sorry, Dad!" I said than showed him my report card proudly. All As. "Oh this is... nice," Dad said, "But Tyler made straight 100s and Taylor, she did some extra credit work, but this is a nice change, work a little harder and I bet you'd be at the same level as them in no time." I looked at him, trembling, he was comparing me again. "T-thanks, Dad, thanks Mom... I was just so excited to show you. Love you, good-night."

 I ran into my bedroom, slamming my door behind me, the sound echoed throughout the house. "Crystell! Don't slam the door, that's rude," I heard Tyler call from his room across the hall from me. I ignored him and flopped ontop of my bed, tears streaming down my cheeks. Again, even if I did my best, I was still treated like a failure, is that all I was? A failure? I sobbed some more until I drifted off into a fitful sleep. I stayed in my room during the rest of fall break locked up in my room, I only went out to use the bathroom. For food? That's what my mini-fridge was for. But too soon came Monday morning.

 My alarm clock rang. I didn't want to get up, didn't want to leave my warm and comfy bed so I turned it off. Soon I heard a knocking at my door. "Go away," I mumbled, loud enough for whoever it was to hear. "Crystell wake up. You have school." I burrowed deeper under my blankets. "No! Go away I wanna sleep!" I heard the person sigh, "If you don't wake up, your father will be angry. So get up within the next ten minutes or I will drag you out." I groaned. "Crystell. Ok, that's it," the voice said after ten minutes, "get up now young lady or you'll miss your grandmother's visit!" That woke me up. Grandma? She was here, I dashed out of the room, into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and hair, and ran out. I slid down the railing of the staircase and jumped off. I felt disaproving glares on me, but I didn't care. Grandma was here! Than I ran into a fat lady and bounced off. "Granny!" I cried and gave her a hug. "Hey there Crystie, how's it going?" I looked up at her, her wrinkled face contrasted with the brightness in her bright blue eyes. "Same as usual," I sighed. She frowned, "Huh. Well then. Hey, how about I go whip us up some chocolate chip pancakes and milkshakes, then we can go into town for some new clothes... what you're wearing isn't the exact image of what's in style I think." I looked at my pajamas with happy faces all over them. "Yeah, I guess you're right," I laughed. She smiled, "Go get changed, I'll start with our food. I already talked to the twins, they said hi then went of to meet with their friends. Thankfully I have you to spoil." I grinned, "I like being spoiled." She laughed, "I noticed, now go on already you spoiled little girl."

After I'd changed into half-way decent clothing (meaning faded blue jeans and a T-shirt without THAT many stains or rips in it) I went into our dining room. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, the one I had gotten my name from. The day I was born my mom had gotten the chandelier from an antique store. So when they asked what my parents wanted to name me my mom said 'Crystal' but my mom has an accent and isn't the best speller so she said my name Krist-ell instead and spelt my name wrong. That's why name is just as much a mistake as me. But the thing is, I still like my name, it feels like the only good thing about me, it sounds pretty at least. "Granny where's my pancakessss?" I complained, I don't like sounding like a spoiled brat but it's not easy when it comes to my food and me, I have a bottomless stomach. "Just a few more minutes Princess!" Grandma called, "Instead of being lazy come here and help me with the milkshakes. "Yes mam!" I said and ran over there in record time. "Hey what took you so long?" Grandma said, "That took a whole five seconds, geez and people say I'm slow." I laughed. After a five star breakfast Grandma took me to a mall I didn't know existed. "These, sweet pea, are the latest trends. Now go find stuff you like that won't make people look at you wierdly." I stuck my tongue out at her, she shook her finger, "No. Don't me rude to your grandma!" I laughed and we walked into the first store, I looked through the stuff and settled on a black T-shirt with a bunch of polka dots of different neon colors, a bright green feather boa and skinny jeans to match my boa's coloring. Grandma blinked her eyes at me then held out a pink T-shirt with a bunch of frills and ribbons, "Won't this be better?" she said, trying to change my mind with my style. "HELL NO!" I said, just looking at all that ewwness made me want to barf. It's not that I think pink and frills and all that is awful, it might look good on some people, but to me it looked like someone playing barbie. Grandma frowned but bought me the stuff, and I did my own little happy dance which was basically jumping up and down and going, "YES CLOTHES THAT ISN'T GREASY FOR ONCE!" Not that I didn't like my filthy clothing, actually I'd gotten used to wearing the boogers.

 That night grandma left and I was back to being ignored, it wasn't like anything had changed. Grandma's visits were like little trips to paradise, but then back to reality. But I didn't mind too much, after all every girl needs some sort of paradise.

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