It happens

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Story of a 19 year girl Katherine aka katty who went to a new place to overcome from her past and start a new life with a broken heart. She doesn't know that her vibrant nature led her fall for the guy which is the last thing she wanted to happen in her life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - It happens

Submitted: May 10, 2014

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Submitted: May 10, 2014




Guys just help me pack my things u know  If mom sees me that I haven’t packed yet she is going to be pissed and den I have to get ready for a whole new lecture on punctuality. So both of u besties bring your ass here.

Oh common Amanda you can’t do such creepy things now m going tomorrow so please don’t start with your tears and all, cassie why don’t you make her understand it’s okay I’ll talk to u guys daily  you are behaving as if m going to die.

I hate it when my parents tell me the news for transfer. Yeah rite you guys heard me right my father is getting transferred again .I can’t even imagine m going to complete my last two school years without my friends the ones I know my whole life.

God m damn nervous m going to a whole lot of larger places yes my father is transferred to one of the richest town and I can’t imagine my life without my two besties. Me and my family are on our way to our new home in Boston. My nerves are filled with nervous energy by the time I got to know that m going to attend one of the famous schools out there. I have heard a whole lot of things about the students and what I conclude is m not going to make any new friends easily. Well this is going to be an exciting experience never in my life I thought that I’ll spend d most precious final yrs of school without my besties and that to in a totally different place full of rich spoiled kids. aagghhhhh I hate my life.

Katty, sweetheart why don’t you just unpack your stuff in your new room. yes after 5 hrs of drive from our old hometown to the new one we have finally arrived to Boston. The city itself gives the feeling of rich. Our new two storey house is well build with a fine structure .outside there is a lawn and den you entered Into a big drawing room which ends with a kitchen in the north side and aside to it there is a little dinning space where our dining table is place in the east of the drawing room there is an open space which goes towards the back of the house a kind of garden with some random flowers. Nearby the dinning space there goes the stairs to the first floor of the house which led to the bedroom in the right can say master bedroom which contains its personal bathroom, next to that room is mah father’s study and on the opposite end in the last there you go mah so called new room.



My room contains a double bed with side table and a dresser in the side with a recliner on one side .the bathroom is on the opposite side of bed with mah closet in the right side of it. The room is colored in dark shade of purple. After giving the tour of the so called new house I sat on the edge of my bed thinking about mah life I m 17 with a normal height and fair body color with somewhat blackish and brownish shade of hairs. My body is curvy and I love it the way it is. I never had problem regarding mah figure or u can say I never bothered about it. what I love the most about myself Is mah eyes and mah smile mah besties used to tell me that I got the best one .my eyes are big brown one with large eye lashes which always seemed like fake to everyone even sometimes people asked me about them where I got them fixed…hahaha.. I know it's funny though I love it when they asked .what I love most is mah carefree nature and I don’t give a damn about what others thinks about me and mah attitude.



Yeah you guys can say mah attitude is one of the problem that m still single and virgin at the age of 17 though I love mah life but mah besties told me to loosen up a little so that I got someone to fall for but what I feel is if someone is there for me den he likes me the way I am not the other way around and not the way I pretend he likes me for mah actuality. But if you take it according to Amanda she always remind me to behave etc etc …I don’t know why m getting this vibe but again and again I feel like that m somewhere near to someone who’s going to change mah life . That mah life is going to be controlled by someone I don’t know whether its mah nervousness or what and you know what exactly I don’t give a shit about anyone m happy with me and mah so called fantasy books on romance.

After unpacking mah stuff I prepared mah things for school tomorrow…yup tomorrow is mah first day in mah so called school. I want to sleep early as I don’t what the stress and nervousness overcome mah mind and m totally ready to face those filthy rich kids. After brushing mah teeth I talked to mah besties regarding the place and mah new house and off course room and when they both are done with their lectures regarding boys and me being single and still virgin I went to sleep.






















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