Jacks of All Trades - Four of a Kind Prolouge

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A fun story that puts fantasy and sci-fy in the same realm. Skye is a surviror from a hostlie world, rescued by the mysterious Erics. Ex Milltary commander and captain, now for hire Merc taking any job she can get. Or that Skye wont miss up for her. They are later joined by Connor an odd elf with a temper. And a undine from the water worlds, which has a deep grudge against Erics for his brothers death. Whatever the job, what ever the reward, We'll do it as long as he get paid!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Prolouge

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012




Far into the future, various life forms and ways of life have sprung up. Coming from a single species that started on a small planet known as Earth, the human race. These beings dreamt of reaching the stars, and searched for ways to achieve this goal. While the advancements they made with their machines were great, it would also take another force to achieve this goal. Magic, thought at one time to be myth was used as well. To manipulate not only the materials and fuels needed by the people that were to land on these far off worlds. They had also found ways to create life, using human as the base. The early humans used this knowledge to create many life forms that could not only live on these new and exotic worlds but also first generation infants that would have the ability to adapt to the environment if anything should happen. They were frozen and sent off into ships across the universe, in hopes of colonizing new worlds off in the distance.

They also started to create Teleportation rings, giant fortresses in space that could move one item across the stars to another location; this was the golden age for humanity however it would not last. In the greed of the humans they sought to gain too much at ounce, they ignored the signs of the stain they placed on their own planet and soon found it was fracturing right before them. It was however too late to correct, they were forced to leave their home world forever as it was torn apart. They lost their connection to the magic they ounce held and the knowledge of the past. Floating in space stations and on colonized moons they stayed until eons later when they made contact with their long lost decedents again.

At first many thought this to be a cosmic coincidence. When evidence of the truth was first reveled many didn’t’ want to believe it. When the humans found out this fact the pressed for obedience from the other species. Since they were the original holders of life they demanded that the others bow down to them and admit they were superior. After a eon of living without the humans many had grown away form the form that was made for them, started their own religions and beliefs. This is what stated the great Purity war, pushing humans against the universe they had sought to conquer so long ago. Each rebellion force and the Project purity ships are racing to find artifacts to win the war. There are those outside the bounds of this conflict that live by their own rules. Taking jobs that no one else would touch and not caring which side will play. These individuals are ranked by the bounty on their heads; they are the Mercenaries, the lowest of all life known. Supplying them with jobs are brokers, intelligence agents that are only slightly better than the people they employ. This is where we find ourselves,

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