Ms. Nobody meets Mr. Popular

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Ms. Nobody meets Mr. Popular Chapter 9

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013




Hi, thank you for reading this book, I know there's so many grammar error, but please bear with me and also this chapter is not that long :p





Did Flynn really said that I’m pretty? Or maybe its only in my imagination? Or a product of my hallucination of  him and me being an item? Wait! Did I thought of that?! what the fudge?! erase! erase! erase! Its embarrassing to think of that! Look he’s Flynn Laurent, the popular kid! how on earth will he like me? duh!

 Stop thinking of that and look for a table! I told myself. I’m looking for a table and it seems like there’s no more vacant here. I glance at Flynn to see if its his turn to order and I’m surprised to see that he’s also looking at me. And good heavens he smiled at me! I make a sign that there’s no more table here inside so I’m going to look outside, so I gesture my hand pointing outside and he nodded I guessed he understand what I’m trying to say. I smiled at him and make my way outside. Thank goodness there’s a vacant table! I immediately went to that table and took my sit. After how many minutes I saw Flynn carrying a tray full of foods, he smiled at when he saw me, a kind of smile that makes any girl’s heart palpitate. OMG! that kind of smile! He make his way to the table while looking straight at my eyes. Gulp! Why is he looking to me like that? good heaven! my heart won’t stop beating fast! Flynn Laurent, what are you doing to me? any seconds I might faint because of you and the doctor will find out that the reason is I’m too much excited because of you. And that’s embrassing!

“Hey! Earth to Hayley?!” Flynn said.

“Ohh! I’m sorry, I was thinking of something” I look away from his gaze.

“I’m sorry, it took me so long ordering the food”

“Oh no! it’s ok!”

He placed the tray down, and I’m shock! he bought too many foods.

“There’s too many food, is there someone else joining us?” I asked him.

“Nope, just the two of us” He answered while looking at my eyes.

“Huh? but there’s so many food”

“I didn't’t have my breakfast, and I assumed that you also didn't’t” He smiled again.

“How’d you know that?” I look at him making my one eyebrow up.

“I just guessed, looks like I’m right” He smirk! good heaven!

“And you should eat more Hayley, you’re so thin look!” He said while touching my wrist which is on top of the table, then he held my wrist up to level my eyes. Ok! my heart is like a wild lion now that wants to escape its cage! Flynn what are you doing to me?

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