Pretty little Daisy

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 19, 2009



"You're a really good singer Days." Ponyboy said smiling. "Um thank you Ponyboy?" He laughed the hugged me tightly. "You're welcome Days." He hugged me once more making sure I couldn't get out of it. "Well I'm tired, Beth sould probily want to bring me home now...I love you Pony goodnight." I gave him a kiss goodnight then walked downstairs.

"Hey Dally where's Darry and/or Beth?"

"In Darry's bedroom...." He said yawning and staring at me. "Ewww that's probily not a pretty site....Okay well if they come out I'll be in Pony's room." Dally nodded and then closed his eyes falling asleep. I walked up into Pony's room. "Hey, Beth is having a sleepover with Darry, and she has the keys so I'm guessing I'm staying the night." He smiled and pulled the covers off him. "Come on in."

I giggled a little to girlie. I slid in next to him and he swung his arm over my stomach. "Ow your kid kicked me..." He laughed the kissed my cheek. "Goodnight hon." He said before falling asleep.

***5 monthes later***

"Ohhhhh Ponyboy do I hate you now!" I said calmly. It was June. 23, 1961 and like I said I hated him at the moment for implanting this baby inside my systum. "Well you're not that much easier!!!" He said right back. Yes, I was in labor with Ponyboy's baby.

****about 5 or 7 hours later****

"What you going to name her?" Beth asked "Saddie Virginia Curtis" I said carfully. Did I mention as soon as Saddie came out, Ponyboy passed out....Darry and Soda had to carry him out....well not carry more like drag then slap a million times. He looked happier when he came into the room. "Sissy!" I pointed out. "Yeah well, that's just not normal!" But I think he was okay with it. "She's beautiful for one thing...." Darry pointed out smiling at his little niece.

"What did you think she would be ugly? She has a uncle that's hot and mother who's beautiful and a daddy who's handsome!" Soda pointed out even more. "Can my girl and I have some alone time with Saddie?"

"Man, you got the rest of her life for that!" Dally complained, dating Desiree did something good to him, he now wanted at least 4 kids, and he was now wanting to marry her. "Well we won't today if you don't leave!" Ponyboy shooed them all out then locked the door. "I like it Saddie. Saddie I'm your daddy, and if you ever take after your uncle Two-Bit or your Uncle Dally then you'll be grounded for a very, very, very long time." He smiled then picked her tiny body up. "You're one cute baby, even cuter then Jude and Lucus....don't get any ideas they're your cousin's!"

I laughed then slid over so Pony could sit down with her. "Saddie. It sounds illegal, I mean we're only 17! But I don't mind she's our little angel...." I said as Pony agreed. "Well how many more do you want?" I asked Pony, he looked up, handed me Saddie, then got on one knee, and said...."We've been in love since we were 14, it's been 3 years, now to make our love last forever. Will you Daisy Lauren Gomez marry me Ponyboy Micheal Curtis?"

I was shocked, sure I didn't mind, I was rather happy. "Yes, yeah I'll marry you! No, I've been in love with you since the moment I laid my eyes on you!" He laughed lightly then kissed me gently. "Well Ms. Gomez soon to be Mrs.Curtis I love you."

"I love you too." We both looked down at Saddie who had her greyish green eyes open and she smiled right there and then. "Soda, your niece is smiling!"

"This early? Lucus didn't smile until he was 4 monthes and Jared not until 6 monthes!" But he belived us and everybody came in the room and she smiled bigger. "Awww my little girl's smiling, see you people I would probily be scared to death with all these people around me....but she loves it!" She looked around the room seaching for something. Her eyes stopped on her daddy. "Mmmmmmmm" she hummed, then she stended her arms torwards Ponyboy.

He took her into his arms the she closed her eyes and fell asleep in his arms. "Awww Pony you're her favorite!" Beth said smiling. "Wow she's beautiful, looks a lot like her mommy." Rosie said smiling. Johnny held her in his arms now and she opened her eyes and smiled and stuck her tongue out at him. "Heh heh she likes you Johnny!" Kristen said giving Saddie her finger.

"Yeah I guess so, she's is a cute kid!" He handed her to Dally who hummed some wierd song to her, then her gave her to Steve, who as soon as Dally let go, she screamed. "The kid don't like you Steve." Carly said laughing. "Then she stopped when he said "Guess not." she smiled and I think I heard a little giggle. "Awww she does to like Steve, just didn't know his voice at first!" Kristen said taking her.

When Sandy took her, she was quit at first but then screamed like she was in pain. Sandy kept saying "Hi" and "Shh honey it's okay" but it didn't work. When she handed her back to Pony she went quit and fell asleep. "So can I bring Jared and Lucus in?" Sodapop asked. Ponyboy nodded then Soda went to get them. As soon as Jared walked in he said:"BABY!" He ran over to her then kissed her. Lucus just stared at us all....

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