Pretty little Daisy

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 20, 2009



Lucusjust stared, "Mommy?" Was all he said, looking at her. She picked him up, and carried him over to where Ponyboy and Jared were. "NO!!!!" Lucus screamed holding onto Sandy's neck. "Don't you want to meet Saddie?" I asked. Since I was his favorite person, other then his mommy and daddy, he let me take him. "Auntie,why mommy want me see baby?"

"Because she is your cousin honey, you're gonna grow up with not only Jared but also Saddie and all your other uncles and aunts' babies, IF they have any." Jared understood imeditly even before he saw Saddie, he loved her. But it took longer with Lucus. He didn't understand at that moment but he would....what I mean is he did now. He scooted over to Ponyboy who put Saddie down in my arms.

As soon as he did that, Jared and Lucus crawled right over. "Saddie?" Lucus asked so perfectly, my mouth hung open. Jared jelous of what he said pushed him. "OW!!!!" Lucus screamed almost falling off the bed, he would have if Ponyboy hadn't grabbed him. "Mommy, you seed what JarJar did?!" Sandy nodded and took both boys, no wait all 3 boys downstairs for ice cream. Yes, she took Sodapop with her.

"Well, for one thing Saddie needs a bottle, diaper change, and some sleep." I said, everybody left the room, in a hurry. Well exept Ponyboy. He handed me a bottle, while he changed Saddie's diaper. When he handed he back to me, she fidgited until I stuck the bottle in her mouth. She fell asleep as soon as she finished. I layed her down in her bed thingy they say you have to put them in and fell asleep myself.

****3 Days later****

"Dally, stop smoking in the house! there's 3 young children in this home!" I yelled. Darry and Beth now lived across the street from the Curtis house, Sodapop moved nextdoor and Ponyboy and I stayed there. He and I were going to get married in 2 years tops because, I wanted to be able to fit into the dress of my dreams.

"Yes mother dear." He said sarcasticly. "I wasn't born yesterday, maybe Saddie was born 4 days ago but still, I'm 17, I'm still a teenager!" I could hear him laughing then saying "Man, ow why did you do that?" Soda or Darry, probily Darry smacked him. As I held Saddie on my stomach Pony and Soda came in with the 2 boys, Jared came in not screaming at all but a little scared, probily because he was being bullied, and Lucus was screaming his voice out.

"What happened?" I asked Pony after he brought Jared, who was slightly crying to his mother. "Stupid Socs, they told their kids to pick on Jared and Lucus....And just because they're mini greasers!" I shook my head angerly and went to go help Sandy calm down the twins. I still had Saddie in my arms, so I quickly ran upstairs, put Saddie in her craddle, she was asleep. And ran back downstairs to help Sandy, Jared was screaming now, so much is was like there was no tomarrow.

"Shhh Jared what happened? Tell me in your big boy voice." I said kneeling down in front of Jared. "Boy---boy say want to b-be my f-friend....we sandbox, h-he put sand i-in my p-pants, then in m-my hair and f-face...." He started crying again. "What else did he do to you honey?"

He took a deep breath and said:"He kicked my ankie and then hi-hit me in the f-face, I wanted my toy tunkie and he stroll it fom meeee!" He cried harder, I looked down at his leg, it was gushing blood. I quickly picked him up, and carried him into the downstairs bathroom. I noticed he would need stiches. I quickly wrapped his leg up and told his mother where I was going with him.

She said it was okay, so I had her watch Saddie, and Pony drove to the hospital. When I brought him in he was shaking and he was clinging onto me. "Okay let me see his bandaged booboo." The docter said, I unwrapped his leg, and he started crying again. "Shh Jared calm down." He tried grabbing at me again. But I pulled him back down and this time held him.

"What are you to this child?"

"His aunt....this boy who was 2 years older then him, he started beating up on him. And my fiance he was watching him, alone with his brother, the baby's daddy, and his twin is much worse, not injured just he has a hard time with the whole being mean thing, I don't know what really happened but my fiance knows."

"Can you bring him in?" I nodded and Ponyboy walked in the room. "Hello Docter, Well Daisy told you everything. That's what happened, only, you see my family and I are greasers, so what happened is they're Socs, the little boy's father and they hate us." The docter nodded and stiched up Jared's leg. It took only 2 stiches in total.

When we got home, Jared ran to his mother and she walked up to me with Saddie in her arms. "She got hungry so I fed her." I thanked her then took Saddie upstairs. That night Darry and Beth pronounced Beth was pregnant and she was due on November 25 1961, they knew she was having a boy, and they were going to name him Kyle. Since Saddie was on bottles they as in Darry and Beth said they would babysit Saddie, Jared, and Lucus for the night.

As soon as they left, Sandy and Soda told us what they were going to do, I smacked Soda so hard for telling us that. Pony and I ran upstairs into our bedroom and had some fun.

*****5 monthes later*****

Beth was due soon and I just found out I was 5 monthes pregnant, again, this was lovly just lovly. But this time the docter said twins. I was too young and I was to have twins?! along with a almost 6 month baby? Ponyboy kept apalizing to me about it. I was fine with it.


***Pictures of the nurserys***

Saddie's room

Jareds and Lucus' room

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