Won't You Join Me In Total Darkness

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Shouta

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



 Mei and Nami sat on Mei's Hello-Kitty bed spread with out a single word,then the two girls jumped when they heard a knock, knock on the door. Mei's mother came in to the room wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans ,Mie's mom had blonde Sandy hair with blue sea eyes.

"What is wrong with you girls',asked her mother with a worry look, but both girls shook their heads and got dressed and went to bed.
 Shouta was at his band gig getting ready to go on stage. He ran his hands throw his hair and began to scratch his arm because  he wasn't goinglie he was scared as crap with all of the things that were happening with his friends and him. Sweat started to drip down his face as he wiped it away with his black sleeve as the man called his band onto the stage. Everything went better than he thought as he played his red guitar and sungas his notes right. The performance came to an end as a smile found its face onto his face. When the gig was over Shouta ran into a near by bathroom and threw up in a toilet , he then flushed the white cold toilet and slide down the gray boring wall and sat on the cold dirty ground to smoke, it was his own addiction that no one knew about. He Then started to hit his head as voices started to speak in his head.
"Leave me alone ",he screamed as they started to talk louder . Shadows then began  to run past his bath room stall as he closed his eyes and cried like a baby.
Takeshi  laid on his bed rubbing the black and purple  bruiseson his arms , he didn't know where they came form or how he got them. He sat up slowly because they hurt whenever he moved, when he got up his eyes widen as he saw a little girl  siting on his rug watching his television. The girl soon turned around with a smile, just that creepy lop sided smile scared him as  she got , she was covered in blood with red eyes, white hair  and she was bare footed.
"Cher came to play with big brother", she said as she took small steppes towards him.
Takeshi got up and grabbed a lamp and threw it at her, with a Crush it hit Cher in the face and she fell towards the ground and Takeshi ran the hell out of the room down stairs and out of the door with out looking back, he was in pain but he forced on trying to get away.
Mei heard a loud knocking on her window on her window, she yawed and went to open it to find Takeshi  breathing heavy as he climbed through and fell to the hard wood floor with a  tump . 
"I'm staying here to night", said Takeshi as not so much as asking but saying.
Mei didn't question him in stead she gave him a pillow and a blanket and went back to bed. 
Shouta began to feel chills down his spine and he began to laugh like a mad man as the bathroom stale door opened slowly. Coming form the bathroom  where screams of pain but no one heard as they passed by without a worry.  

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