Won't You Join Me In Total Darkness

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Strange

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



 Mei, Nami  threw on clothes in the bath room since Takeshi was in Mei's bed room , when they were finish they walked out to find him standing by the door waiting.

"We're having another meeting ', said Nami as she ran to Mei's house phone and called Shouta.
They gang meet again at subwayShouta was there first, he smiled as he saw them and moved over to let Takeshi sat by him.
"What are we going to do", asked Mei ?
"We should just play the game it's that simpy",said Shouta as he played with his straw.
"Mmm Shouta are you okay", asked Nami ?
"Yup I'm perfectly fine , I just never felt so alive", he said as he laughed.
"Any ways do you guys still have those dolls ",asked Takeshi ?
"Yeah replied everyone as they showed their 's".
Everyone doll looked like them , but Shouta's had pitch black eyes, everone then looked at his with questioning looks.
"What I just got bored and thought that it need a little makeover", said Shouta with a smile.
His smile then disappeared as everyone looked like they didn't believe him,"O what you guys don't trust me well then fine I'm out ", said Shouta as Takeshi let him out of the sat and he left.
"Wait Shouta ", said Mei as she got up to go after him but Takeshi grabbed her arm and shook his head.
"Don't you guys see she's trying to turn us  against each other "yelled Mei upset.
"She's right", said Nami as they got up to go after Shouta.
When they caught up to him  he was standing in front of a food cart.
"Look Shouta",said Takeshi with his hand up "We are sorry man".
"OKay forgiven if you guys but me some of these's little chicken snacks, he said as he pointed to them. 
"Done', said Nami as she pulled out her wallet and bought five litte chicken snacks.
The gang began to move to go to Jess's house, on the way they had to walk by a huge glass building and for a second Mei she saw Shouta reflation, he was wearing a black shirt with a collar around his neck with black ripped jeans with redeyes, but what made it more strange was he wasn't wearing those clothes today, he had a  red shirt and blue jeans. Mei  wiped her eyes thinking she was still half a sleep.
Shouta turned around seeing Mei  with a worried look, he then smiled " Something wrong, he asked?
"Nn- no" she said I've just had a lack of sleep ", said Mei as she  turned her head quickly. She didn't trust him , but all she could do was get a close eye on him.
They soon arrived at Jess house to find the door opened with blood stains on the wall, They all quickly ran up stairs to find no one. 
"This isn't Jess's house", said Nami screaming .
"She's right just look at the old furniture", said Takeshi as he put his hand on the corner which caused it to disintegrate in front  of their eyes. Nami started to cry and ran up stairs, Mei tried to run after  her but the stairs crumbled before she could, and everything went back to normal , they were in front on Jess's house.
"It was a trap ", said Mei as she smacked her self in her head for not noticing it earlier. Takeshi hugged Mei , she'll be okay remember she cam bring a player into the game if she needs help.
Nami looked back to see that the down stairs was gone, all there was left behind was a pitch black hole, she wiped her tears but the kept coming down.
"Don't cry big sister Akuma will take good care of you forever", said Akuma form the shadows.
Nami ran into the dark to find a place to hid.

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