Enclosed love

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This is just something i have written lately. I know there is allot of bad spellings, and some parts seem a little shakey but i am working on it and when i am done it will be time to re-write.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lost in thought

Submitted: April 07, 2010

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Submitted: April 07, 2010



The night was still, clouds swept through the sky with a graceful flare to their moves, in the background trees wiggles their leaves with the soothing sound of crunching, the night was still, but not silent, Flow often passed through the darkness with the joys of nature by her side, the warmth of its endless growing comforted her as she wasted the night away thinking. She stroked her long fingers down her smudged bedroom window; her nails scraped its very surface, her eyes strained to see the vibrant forest just barely outside her window, though she was sure it moved farther away each time she felt alone. A knocking vibrated through Flows door and she skipped over gently to open it, it was Ami her quirky companion, Flow smiled in recognition as her Spiky haired friend took a seat upon her bed settling herself in perfectly, Ami had shoulder length spiky hair, the black dye covering it like tar, bringing out her vibrant brown eyes and fragile shape.

“Anything new?” Flow asked inquisitively, “There’s a new boy!” Ami almost screeched “Tomorrow I was thinking me and you should go check him out, secretly of course, I’ve heard he’s a babe!” she winked, her full lips pulled into a disobedient little smile as she silently skipped out of the room tangling her hair between her chubby fingers.Flow thought about this new member to their hell hole of a school, the place her parents had forced her to move too when they died in a car accident four years ago, Flow was stuck here until she was old enough to make a life of her own, stuck with the molded window frame that squared her bedroom window, the boring grey scaly carpets and the rigid single beds, it was hardly inviting but home none the less. she was sure her uninviting bed had been used so many times before and this thought sent a shiver through Flows body. Who wouldn’t run from a school called boarding for the gifted right? “Boarding for the trapped more like” Flow whispered to herself with a smirk.

Flow was only seventeen, she stood at five foot seven on her beautiful slender frame, while she smiled out of plump red lips and glared through deep green eyes, her eyes could make hearts thump like thunder hitting rain drops, her olive skin complimented her long thick brunette hair, that sometimes covered her forehead like a little fringe stage door.

Her persona was unlike her boarding school companions, it was withheld modestly, why share secrets? She always thought to herself the moment the feeling came of someone showing an interest. With a huff and one more glance into the darkness which flowed outside her window flow climbed into her hard bed, stroking her face against the smooth pillow like a contented cat until sleep once again forced her into dreams.

When morning came, she jumped out of the warm bed with a huge velocity you could almost hear her bed ache for her to return, she was going to be late for History, and Mrs. Hattie always made the late person stay behind for one of her chats, that was the last thing anyone wanted, her words could drag on for centuries and her spindly fingers, grey eyes and hacked hair were enough to frighten anyone. As she barged through the classroom door she quickly took her place and focused her eyes on the board in front, Ami sharply nudged her pointing secretly to the boy on the isle next to Flow, and from that moment on Flow could not look away, He was the new boy, Joel, Flow admired his muscular athletic body, the way his shaggy brown hair fell just above his shoulders and complimented his emerald Blue eyes, The tattoo on the back of his arm was slightly angelic, as Flow searched the room she suddenly noticed every girl also admiring Joel..apart from Seth, he had cocked his head and grinned at Flow through his perfect while teeth, Seth was also muscular, with rugged blonde hair and deep blue eyes, “Wassup beautiful?” he whispered in her direction, Flow just grinned back impatiently and turned her head back to the board, her eyes drifted off now and then to admire Joel’s muscles tightening as he stretched. The sound of ooo’s and awes filled the room and she was sure he enjoyed this.

It was soon lunchtime and the smell of hot soup and fresh rolls filled the air, hundreds of greedy legs stomped towards the heat of the afternoons food, Flow followed closed behind Joel, taking in everything that she could, to her amazement he stopped, and turned around, lifting an eyebrow as he examined her, she was busted, she felt the rush of blood as it surged to her cheeks, sending her face bright red, hastily she pretended to watch the smokers in the front of the school, while standing like an abandoned toy. He gave her one more look over shaking his head and steadily walked off murmuring to himself. This was not a good start, there has to be some way I can talk to him flow thought to herself making a plan of how to make things less awkward, she could see it now, Flow! Super stalker!

“Flooooowww!” shouted Ami, “you were supposed to wait for me! Or did you have other plan in mind? She giggled. “ no other plans, I was just going to get lunch before we head out on our spying trip” flow said with a growing grin “ remember, don’t look to obvious, it would be weird to be caught staring” Ami said with a confidence in her ability. They both sat down for lunch, discussing every inch of Joel they could see, this was why Flow loved Ami, she brightened the day with her quirky projects.

The day was already flying by, but night would soon come and so would the inevitable dreams she would repeat, the last time her parents were around, the last time she got to hold them, to feel their love for her, dreaming of them only made it more painful to take in reality, but holding strong made life less emotional and watching the nature outside her window soothed Flows soul into a state of rest.

Too much surprise as the morning grew the next the sun pushed its way through the clouds and shone brighter and brighter as the hours went by, Flow dressed in a light tank top with some silky shorts, they hung of her body exposing some of her better curves, Seth seemed to be pleased by this as he tried to wrap her up in his arms, she always reluctantly pushed off trying to break free from his aggravating grip, yet occasionally Seth’s closeness sparked a warmth within Flow’s belly, she assumed this to be comfort and nothing more. But smiled evermore at his flattering remarks, and cheesy lines.

Late that afternoon a long walk seemed to be the best way to take advantage of the heat, so Flow set out on her way and began to see two stunning trees in the far distance, swaying with the harmony created by the birds perched in the branches, she sat comfortably and dazed up into the sky, watching the clouds take form and shape into random objects, Flow thought she saw one that looked like a balloon, “Want some company?” Seth asked as Flow jumped, startled in attention, he perched himself next to her, flexing his legs over hers, So what do you think of that new geek?”, “Geek?!” she felt the words tumble out of her mouth before she could take them back, Seth huffed in jealousy “There he is now, lover boy!” he called, Flow hid her face trying to mask the sheer embarrassment creeping up into her expression. One swift elbow in the stomach and Seth turned to her, a brilliant smile gleaming from his mouth, “I won’t say anything if you don’t” he kissed gently her cheek and got up to leave, Flow felt an uninspected tingle rise through her body, but she just shook it off. What else could go wrong? She pondered to herself.

“Boom!” screams of pain filled the air, the wind smelt like blood and metal, and the sky filled up with fire, spreading remorselessly as her parent burnt alive, screaming and thudding to get out of the car, no one helped, everyone just watched as the screaming that once was turned into pleading and cries and then dimmed into the worst thing that Flow could imagine, silence. She hovered above the torn car watching it take place like a sitcom, her parents were dying, their heartbeats slowly stopping and she had to watch without any movement, or anytime to morn at the loss.

Sweat beaded down her forehead, wetting her pajamas till she couldn’t bear to them sticking to her skin anymore, flow felt her pulse, feeling anytime soon her heart would give up and crack, the pain would win eventually. This was the worst time of the night, when the dark shadows of her emotionless self conscious tip toed into her dreams and crushed the life out of her with suppressed memories. Flow sat and asked herself the questions her heart would not allow her to answer, why did they leave me? How can so much love be torn apart? Will I ever see them again? Tears welled up in her eyes and she lay there for hours, soaking her pillow with the salty drops of water that fell one after another until finally her cries turned into exhaustion and she drifted off into a restless sleep.

The dreams did not become better and Flow could feel even in sleep her body begging for morning to come, for the day she would be happy again and for the pain to just stop.

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