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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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A/N- Could you please check out 'Moving on up!' by Anniebirnie, thanks much appreciated. Trying to get this girl a little help!

Chapter 4

8:00am, Miami.

"GET UP!" A continous bang at my door awoke me. She stormed in and pulled my covers away from me. "I said get up, if you don't get ready in the next 10 minutes you will be late for your first day of school"

"Are you kidding me?" I lay there staring at her, as if she was some kind of idiot.

"No, I am not kidding you! Time is ticking hurry up" She walked out my room without saying another word and closed the door behind her.

Well I guess I didn't have time for a shower so I grabbed my suitcase and pulled on one of my tracksuits dad bought me before I left. I grabbed my purse and phone and walked out my room

"What do you call that, go back in there and change into your uniform." she looked at me in disguist.

"I have NEVER worn a uniform in my life, let alone own one" I laughed and headed to the door. "We ARE going to be late if you don't hurry up and since when does school start at 8:30am, isn't it 9:00 am.

"There is one in your closet, more mature clothes than what your dad would let you wear and it doesn't matter you need to be there early, hurry like you said we don't want to be late" she smirked at me.

I went to check what was in my closet but there was no chance I would wear those unless I pulled the skirt up and tied my blouse and nice long stockings with heels. That is what I call an outfit!

"I told you to get changed!" She commanded me when I exited my room.

"Decided not to, don't like the stuff. Anyways, nobody wears those nowadays."

"I give up, how does your father deal with you in the mornings?"

"He doesn't, either I don't get up till late or I get up early, wear what I want and he takes me to school."

" Well that doesn't work here" she grabbed my arm and pulled me to my closet. She opened it and gave me my uniform. "Put that on, NOW!"

I decided to be the bigger person and wear it but I put heels in my back and a hoodie so I can change in school.

"That's better, now get in the car or we really will be late"

The drive to the school was pretty quick, short enough to walk (like that is EVER going to happen) but when we arrived at the school it was posh and dull, nothing like what i left at home. I stepped in and it was pretty empty, filled with everybody looking the same, sophisticated. I thought I would stick out but I guess not, fit in perfectly. We walked into an office and this lady was greeting us and started talking to mum, I didn't care to listen, why would I?

"I hope you enjoy coming here, I will show you to your dorm." I stared at her as that was the only part I heard.

"My WHAT??" I was sooo confused.

"Your dorm, didn't your mum tell you?"She looked at my mum with a puzzled face.

"I'm sorry, we were so busy this morning I completly forgot. Do you think it would be possible if we quickly went home to collect her stuff, if she needs anything particular for her following lessons we can collect it? Mum asked the lady infront of us.

"Yes, that's fine. All that is needed is lots of stationary and folders, you might need notepads whilst you're at it. Take all the time you need, this is your induction day so you need to have everything for the week, then we can get you started on your first day."

We went home and headed for my room, she grabbed spare uniform and put in some other items that I have never seen before. I on the other hand, unpacked my clothes to then pack a dress, a few pairs of shorts followed by tracksuits and jeans. I thought I should put jumpers and short tops and a few pairs of uggs and heels.Whilst putting the rest of my clothes away, I realised I left one of my favourite tops at home.

"Are you ready to leave?" mum looked at me when I was stacking a few bags into my suitcase.

"Yeah, I'm ready!" We went to the shop and got the rest of the stuff we needed. When we got back to school mum finally left(I thought she was never going to) when I got into my dorm and settled in. I decided since I don't have do to anything for the rest of the day to change into a pair of shorts and my football shirt(the school team at home)

12:00pm, school.

(Knock, knock) "Yeah, who is it?" I shouted whilst still unpacking.

"I stay next door, could you please open the door?" they answered me back.

"Just come in, I'm just unpacking a few things" They opened the door and I turned round to see one of the hottest guys I've seen before, I had to act cool, I have a boyfriend. "Hi, what's up? I'm Candy, by the way."

"Hey, I'm Sam. You've got a nice place here, want help?" he walked over to my closet and opened it. "I see you have already filled it, what are you going to do with the rest of these?

"I'm not quite sure, it's just a few jumpers and jeans. Anyways, will I need my bikini's?" I held up the bikini's I brought with me.

"We do swimining twice a week and sometimes we go to the pool outiside after classes. If you want, you could put some of your stuff in my room, I don't have as much as you."

"Really, you would do that for me?"

"Yeah sure" I walked up to him and put my arms around him.

"Thanks!" he sat on my bed and we talked for a while then decided to get some food, haven't ate since earlier today. When we walked into the dining area, there were are a few people eating. Guess I kind of felt weird as everyone was still in uniform and I wasn't.

"So, what's your plans for the rest of today?"Sam asked when we were walking to a table with our food.

"Not sure yet, I'm going to phone my dad and ask when he is picking me up. Apart from that, nothing." He looked at me with a puzzled face. "What's wrong with your face?"

"You do know you stay here until Friday, right?"

"Yeah, I know that. I'm staying with my mum but I'm waiting for my dad to take me home, where I belong."

"Oh, I see. I hope everything turns out well for you." We sat eating in silence then a bell went so everyone had to go to their dorms. "I will come by your room afterwards to collect your stuf"


"Hey dad, it's me. Just phoning to ask when I can come home, I miss you. I am at a posh school and don't get to go home till the weekend, which is okay, since I won't have to see that ugly bitches face. Love you, dad" I hung up the phone, with a tear in my eye. I knew he wasn't going to call me back because he is probably working but it was worth a shot, just wanted to hear his voice.


There was a knock at the door then someone came in. "Oh, sorry. I didn't realise you were still sleeping. I didn't mean to wake you up." It was Sam.

"It's okay, I had to do something, I was bored." I sat up from my bed.

"Okay, is it okay if I come in?"

"Yeah sure, can you pass me that jumper over there." Before he sat down he picked up my jumper, by the closet.

Thanks" I stood up and grabbed my jumper fromn him and put it on.

"Do you always sleep with your underwear on?" he asked staring at me.
"Of course I sleep with underwear on, what kind of question is that?" I sat up straight.
"No, I meant just underwear."
"Oh, when I was at home, with my dad, I slept with a t-shirt on because it was that hot"
"What about here, in Miami?"
"I don't really know yet, last night I slept with shorts and t-shirt on. It's not as hot as Hawaii."
"I see but you slept with underwear on. Doesn't that tell you something?"
"Yeah, it's hotter in this dorm than in my mum's house"
"Maybe, it's just you" I looked him and smiled. "I mean you're hot!"
"I know right, but yeah maybe it is just me" I leaned over to open the window not realisng my ass was in his face. 
"You have a nice ass but can you please move it out of my face?" he chuckled to himself.
"Hahaha, thanks" I pushed on his arm and he fell onto the floor. "Sorry"
"It's okay" We both started to laugh and I stepped off the bed and held my hand out to help him up, he pulled my hand but I fell onto him. I could feel his tender cock up against my groin. I rolled over so it didn't feel awkward. "I'm sorry" 
He stood up and walked towards the door.
"Are you just going to leave me here, a helpless little girl, lying on the floor with a just a jumper on?" I unclipped my bra and pulled it of from under my jumper.
"Of course not, especially in those cute pants" he walked over to me and pulled me up.
"You like them, they are silk?"
"Hell yeah!"
I knew it was nearly time to get ready for supper so Sam helped my find something to wear, he chose cute shorts and a knit sweater. I know, I was thinking a knit sweater but it is very reavealing so I just put on a bra under it, that way I won't get too hot. I pulled my shorts on then pulled my jumper off.

"Woah! Do you want me to leave?" Sam looked at me with my breats revealing then turned away soon after.

"What's the point it's only my boobs and you have already saw them" He turned around and smiled. " Could you pass my bra please?"

"Oh yeah, sure" He bent over and handed me my bra. I quickly put it on the pulled my sweater over my head.


"umm sure, you have nice feet anyways"

"Thanks, get some out of the closet from me, please"

He got the cute ones I wanted and he put them on for me, I was enjoying this. We went to his dorm and I picked out cute shorts for him and a top top that makes his muscles show. Just before we opened the door to ead for supper he grabbed my hand and I turned round and pulled y body against his, we shared a passionate kiss and left together.

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