Chapter 1: Drop dead beautiful

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter one:


Sometimes you just know you’re in love.

It’s the way you feel lighter then air in their arms. And the thought of them being ‘dark’ or even being away from them creates a whole in your chest so big that you want to curl up and die. That just by a slight touch they have your heart racing so fast that it feels like it’s about to hope out of your chest.

Sometimes you just know that its love before you really know a person. I can still see his beautiful big green eyes now and his long black hair that use to tickle me when I stood too close to him. His name was Aden and he was the love of my life.

Never before had a guy held this much of me. I didn’t mean to give it to him; it seemed to slip away when I wasn’t looking. Rumors had been spreading around the town long before I got there.

‘He is no good’ they would say and warn me to find someone else, but how I could find someone even close to Aden I had no clue. He was so sweet and nice on the outside, but I could always tell somehow that he was holding back. That deep down he was hiding something from me.

Meeting him was the luckiest thing that had ever happened in my life. But it could not walking away could have also been the worse decision in my life.

It all started when I moved to this small down. On paper it looked brilliant. So isolated and small, it was the perfect start to a new life for me and Grace. But in reality it was so much more.


The sun beat down upon my fair skin as I moved the last of the boxes away from the car. You never really know how much stuff you have in your house till you have to box it all up and move away. The pile of boxes filled our soon to be living room, leaving only a small walk way in and out of.

“Here’s the last of it,” I said placing the box down.

Grace nodded unpacking boxes not really caring what it is that I had to say.

“Hey mum?” I asked

“Not now darling come back later,”

Walking away I mulled over how things haven’t changed at all. Grace said we were coming here to get away from the city life. But really it was to keep me away from my father Peter. Not that I cared much really.

The last time I saw peter was last year and I threw an iron at him. But for what now, I can’t recall. All I know is there was a pure hatred I had for him. For leaving me and Grace when we needed him the most.

Walking my way though the forest it took my mind off things. Grace, Peter. Everything seems to ease away with every step that I took. After a few moments I came to a large cliff face. In an odd way it was pretty. Yes it was a steep drop if you fell off the face and into the plunging dark water below, but that didn’t faze me the slightest bit.

Sitting on the edge I glanced down at the water crashing below me thinking ‘how long would it take for someone to fall that far’. It wouldn’t have been the cleanest death or even the less painful way to go either.

 “It’s nice here isn’t it?’ A voice called behind me.

Startled I jumped to my feet, as I did I lost my footing and fell over the edge. Gripping onto the rock I held on for dear life kicking at the rock at my feet to push myself up and away from danger. Though all I was really doing was kicking the rocks into the water below me.

The boy leaned over and reached down to me.

“Grab my hand would you?” He asked

I shook my head.

“Are you crazy, I let go I fall and die,” I screamed at him.

I was unaware that I was crying till warm tears started falling from my eyes. This was it; this was the end for me. I couldn’t hold onto this rock for much longer.

“Just trust me would you,” he said coming down closer to me “Just grab my hand and I will pull you up,”

Not knowing what I was thinking I let go of the rock and quickly grabbing onto his hand with everything that I had. Placing my life in the hands of this boy wasn’t how I intended to spend the afternoon.

“Ok now listen to me, as I pull you kick off and push yourself up ok?” He asked


“One two three,”

He pulled me up with all his strength and I kicked at the rocks till I was safe on solid ground again. A flood of relief rushed though me; and I hugged the boy that had save me so tight I swear I was cutting off his air supply.

“Thank you,” I said “Oh thank you I don’t know what I would have done without you,”

“Well you would have been…”

He stopped glancing down at the ground.

There was sadness in his green eyes. One that made you want to hug him and never let him go.

“What is it?” I asked

“You shouldn’t have been up here,” He said.

His voice was cold and distant. So different from someone who just risked their life to save mine. Outraged by his words I stood up.

“Well you were out here to,” I said “why were you out here huh?”

He stood up staring me right in the eyes. There was no more of that good guy I had seen before. They were as cold as he was right now.

“That is none of your business lady,” he said “You should run along home before you fall again,”

“What if I don’t want to?”

He shrugs walking away. He stops a few paces away.

“I won’t save you next time you fall,” He said.

 With that he was gone. Disappeared into the crowd of trees, fuming I stormed after him. I wanted to tell him what I thought about him. He was being rude and self centered. By the time I realized I had no idea where I was going I was lost. Nothing seemed to look familiar and all the trees seemed to fall in with one other.

Checking my pockets I realized that my phone was still packed up in one of the boxes at home.

“Hello,” I call out hoping that someone would hear me.

Sobbing as I walked it seemed to take forever, eventually I gave up. Curling up under a tree and hoping that someone comes and finds me soon.



The glare of flash lights is what I awoke to hours later. A man stood over me, in a chef’s uniform smiling down upon me. Finally I was saved for the second time today.

“Hey I found her,”

He said leaning down to me. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me out of the forest. My head felt dazed and I could barely bring myself to speak. Placing me down on a stretcher I was pulled into the ambulance with my mother holding my hand beside me.

“I am fine mum,” I said my voice cracking

“No you aren’t look at you,”

Glancing down cuts covered my legs, all the way up to my thigh and blood socked my once beautiful blue jeans.

“What happened to you honey?” She asked pushing the hair out of my eyes.

“Nothing mum I just got lost,” I said pushing her away “You don’t have to make a fuss over it I am alive aren’t I?”

“Thank god that you are,” She said “I don’t know what I would do without you,”

Holding her hand I smiled. Despite everything, Grace really did love me. I was her only child after all.

“I am not going anywhere mum,” I said “And I am sorry for scaring you,”

Slowly I drifted back to sleep, trying to ignore the pain shooting though me. It felt as if my legs were on fire.



“Ok miss Donna is it?” The doctor asked coming into the room hours after I was admitted here. My patient was growing thin with this place. All I wanted to do was curl up on my soft bed and go to sleep again.  

“That’s what the clipboard says doesn’t it?” I asked

“Stacy don’t be rude,” Grace snapped scolded me like a little kid.

The doctor raised an eyebrow at us both and went back to his clipboard.

“Looks as if you’re fine,” He said “You hydration levels are back to normal,”

“I know there’s a but coming,” I sighed.

 “But we might have to keep you in here over night,” he said “To make sure that your legs are infected,”

“Is this really necessary doctor?” Grace asked “I think she would prefer to sleep in her own bed then in some strange place that she doesn’t even know,”

“Mrs. Donna would you mind taking this conversation outside for a moment, there are a few things that I need to discuss with you?”

“Of cause,”

Grace and doctor left the room. Leaving me alone in this stark white room, mumbles could be heard from out in the hall way, but there were inaudible. Though I did pick up the odd phrase now and then like “what are you talking about” and “is it series”. The longer they talked the more worried I became.

By the time Grace walked back into the room I clung to her and wanted to cry.

“You have to stay here for a little while ok?”


The doctor explained it all to me. That the cuts on my legs had gone down to the bone and could cause infection at any moment. He also said something around the lines of even walking would be painful for me right now. Glancing up at Grace I didn’t want this to be true.

“I swear miss Donna it’ll be no more then three days,” he said “I just want to make sure that you are perfectly fine,”

I nodded and watched as he left the room.

“It’ll be fine mum,” I said smiling.

Great not even twenty four hours in this stupid town and I end up in the hospital, how much more stupid can you get.

Grace stayed by my side until I fell asleep. 

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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I am putting this up a chapter at a time

Sun, August 26th, 2012 2:43pm


you spelled whole wrong its supposed to be hole

Sat, June 10th, 2017 2:24am

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