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The fire calmed down but Luke’s figure was still shaking, as was mine. I felt a jolt of fear flow through my entire body as I felt that I had really screwed up this time. I couldn't make a run for the door, he would catch me, I guess I could go out the window onto the balcony and make a jump for it, but I had no idea if it was safe or not. But that would never work if I was okay to jump out the window so was he and if I knew anything about insane people, running only makes the chase more fun before the killing. I almost screamed when he finally moved, but all he did was run his hand through his hair and locked his fingers together behind his neck as he looked up at the ceiling.


“Luke, I'll stay with you.”


“Why would you tell me something like that?” Luke spoke in a soft voice that was strained like he still was not fully in control of himself, I was scared frozen and could not think of a response. I just kept my watch on him, so I knew when he actually snapped and lost it.


“Why, Annie! Why couldn't you just lie to me? Why did you have to tell me that?” He screamed and actually looked at me; he took a couple of steps forward as I retreated back away from him. “Answer me!” Luke yelled and either the room shook with his anger or the room was shaking in fear of him as was I. Luke’s eyes were pitch black and I knew I had to respond before I ended up dead.


“I didn't know you wanted me to lie,” I said in a voice that came out sounding scared, Luke threw his hands in the air and turned and started walking back to the fireplace, but when he was close he stopped and turned and walked quickly toward me.


“Do you have any idea what this feels like? Did you really think I was going to be happy knowing that if I had never brought that pathetic human here I actually could have had a chance to be with my mate?” He screamed at me as he walked off and a table that was between me and my only realistic escape route.


Luke picked up another bottle of wine, he popped open the cork and took a long drink from it. When he finished he turned, and threw it at the wall behind me along with every glass object on the table. He slumped down and sat in all the broken glass and its containment that pooled on the ground, resting his elbows on his knees. Luke pressed his face into his hands, his breathing was louder and muffled by his hands


“If I never brought Joel here after the wedding, would you have let me kiss you?” Luke’s voice caused the burning in my heart to erupt like never as he spoke. “Please answer me.” I could tell by the tone in his voice he was crying and I didn't want to cause him more pain.


“I don't know,” I said still unsure about this situation, I heard him scoff and shake his head.


“You don't know,” he said in a humorous tone of voice as he shook his head, “typical, can you please just give me a real answer? I'm sick and tired of having to try and figure out what you mean all the time.” His voice cracked at the end. The room became silent and still.


The only sound I could hear was the pops and cracks of the wood burning under the intense heat from the fire. I stood there staring down at the ground, biting my bottom lip raw. I could only stall for a short time before he snapped at me and I was really in need of a good plan to defuse the problem calmly. I could just tell him the truth, but I knew he might act the same way as before. My only other option is to lie and hope he doesn't catch on and get angry.


I heard a soft sound that made my body feel like it had been pushed into frozen water. Luke’s shoulders shook as I realized he was trying to hold back his emotions. Luke's breathing was ragged, quiet sniffles and hands that would move over his face in a quick whipping motion. My breathing stopped instantly as my entire body wanted me to run to him and hold him in my arms.


I took a couple steps closer to him, as the need to comfort him grew more uncontrollable; I walked near to where Luke sat on the ground. Stopping at the edge of the circle that held the red wine and broken glass, I looked at Luke and raised my dress to step over the glass. Luke stood looking at me with a face I had seen many times and it was never good for me when he had an emotionless stone faced mask on. Luke started walking toward me very fast and I instinctively backed up until my back hit the wall. I was trapped as Luke was right in front of me within a second pinning me against the wall and the burning sensation erupted where his body touched mine. I tried to focus on something other than the feeling that this caused me, but it was hard as the more time passed I wanted to feel more of him.


“My entire life I just wanted to be my father, have the love he had with my mother, to have my son that looked at me the way I looked at him.” He lowered his head to rest on my shoulder and kissed my collarbone, his warm breath made me shiver. I bit my lip to control myself from moaning at the jolt of pleasure the emanated from the spot his lips touched. “I’ve worked so hard to be perfect; I never did anything wrong or against the rules just so that when I found my mate I would be perfect for her in every way.” Luke’s voice was strained and ragged as he lips brushed up the side of my neck to the point below my ear and stopped. I had not control over my body as I wanted to feel more of the effect he had over me.


“In return for all I did, I got to sit in my room alone and listen to my mate have sex with another man!” I felt a small drop of water hit my collarbone and slowly slide down my chest. “Every time you told him that you loved him,” Luke said breathing heavily as I felt more tears fall on my shoulder, “I wished I was never born, the pain I felt still hurts Annie.”


Luke stopped talking and took a step back until we were arm's-length apart. “I really didn't want much, I just wanted someone to love only me as I would love only them.” A smile appeared on his face as he looked at the ground. “I guess it’s a fitting punishment for being so envious of Joel.” He walked over to the fireplace.


I stayed frozen for a long time as he stood with his hand in his pockets staring at the fire. I was actually speechless at what he said, and I had to concentrate on remembering to breathe as the feeling of a burning knife stabbed into my heart. Had he really sat in the room and listened to everything me and Joel did? Normally hearing information like this would creep me out, but instead I felt pity and wanted to comfort Luke. I felt so ashamed of myself for what I put him through, when he had done everything I had asked, and I never once said thanks or tried to be nice to him. I looked back to see Luke staring at me with a look like he was contemplating something.


I had a great need to make him understand that I was just thrown into this like a person learning to swim, pushed to the bottom pits of a lake, just to see if I would sink or swim. Yes, I might have handled this wrong but I’m not the only one to blame here. I decided that I needed to stop standing against the wall first and near Luke; his eyes told me that he was completely in control of his emotions and I knew it would be safe for me to be near him.


So, I took a few steps toward the sitting area and stopped when I saw Luke's eyes shift and glance to the doors and quickly move back to me. I looked at the doors trying to figure out what he was thinking, did he want me to leave? Or was he thinking I was trying to leave? I just stared at the door until I realized I had gotten distracted in my mind and when I finally looked back to where Luke was, he was sitting down in his chair again. He sat slouched with his hands hanging over the side of the arms and his legs extended out, and I knew Luke thought that I was leaving. I really didn't want to leave; I think we really need to have a long talk. Something we never really had.


I walked over to where Luke sat, sitting on the ground next to the chair I leaned up against the right side, his hand hung over my shoulder. I decided that I needed to prove to him I wasn't leaving and I wanted to try to work at whatever it is we had going on. But saying it was a lot harder, I am not the type of person that can just go around spilling my every emotion, I over think everything.


My breath caught at my realization, I didn't want to lose Luke, and I got some sick joy out of him chasing me. I liked it when we would fight, I liked the attention he gave me and the second another woman came into view I couldn’t deal with losing him. I bit my lip harder as the guilt of what I had done to my mate affected me fully. I wanted the pain to stop, grabbing Luke's hand I pressed his palm to my cheek and he automatically started stroking my cheek with his thumb as the pain disappointed and the feeling that brought a smile to my face crawled over my skin. I only sat this way for a few minutes until Luke’s hand was ripped out of my grasp, it felt like I got punched in my stomach and the wind was knocked out of me. But this was replaced quickly when Luke's hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me off of the ground.


Luke’s arms wrapped around my waist, my legs hung over the side of the chair, and my face was nuzzled in the crook of his neck. I silently smiled as I nestled into the feelings of happiness and safety that it gave me to have him hold me. His hands rubbed soothing circles on my back in which almost lulled me to sleep.


“What is it you hate about me so much?” Luke whispered.


I just sat there looking at the fire that licked the walls of the fireplace as I tried to pretend that I didn't hear him, or that I was asleep. I didn't hate him, I’m not even sure I ever did, I know I said it but everyone says lots of things that they don't really mean. I was just upset and emotional and he was the best person to take my issues out on.


“Annie, I know you’re awake.” Luke said as one of his arms loosened and I assumed he was rubbing his temple with one hand. “I just need to know, please, I can change whatever it is.” I heard the desperation in Luke’s voice.


I moved to get up because I needed to have a clear mind as I spoke and with Luke touching me it would never happen. When I stood up and turned around Luke grabbed my wrist but hung his head.


“Don’t leave, please. I’ll do whatever you want me to do, just please stay with me,” I bent down to comfort him, “please Annie, stay with me for the night. A few hours even? Maybe a few minutes?” I grabbed his face in both of my hands, tears rolled down his face and my hands. “Don’t make it seconds, I won’t be able to hold on, please.”


“Luke, I’ll stay” I said softly, he pulled me closer to him and I felt a little nervous.


“How long do I get?” His voice was muffled by the fact that he was pressing his face into the crook of my neck and I could feel his lips moving and lightly brushing against my skin as he spoke. My emotions went haywire at the feeling.


“For…” Forever I wanted to scream at him as his lips lightly pressed against the scar of his bite mark and I let out a soft moan of wanting and needing him to touch or bite me again.


“For how long? I need to know what I can have.” Luke pressed his lips against my neck higher this time, making my wish for him grow.


“I will stay” I whispered but froze when his fingers trailed up my back to cup my neck, leaving a burning path behind it.


“Please, stay the night with me,” he whispered below my ear and I felt his fangs nip the bare skin on my neck, I leaned my head back to look at the ceiling. I wanted him to bite me more than anything and I had a growing desire to mark him as well to feel what it was like to sink my teeth into his neck and taste Luke.


“Luke.” I choked out as he nibbled again on my neck lower and closer to his mark. I felt a delicate brush of his fangs against my skin that caused my body to shake as he teased me.


“Stay with me for the night” Luke whispered hovering over his bit mark as my body screamed in anticipation as my hands flew to his head and neck trying to pull him into me so I could escape this building energy I felt crashing around in my body. “Say it Annie, I need to hear you say it.” Luke said as I felt him drag his teeth tauntingly over my skin.


“Luke, please.” I said desperately, I could take what he was doing to my body I needed him to give me some sort of escape from this.


“Stay with me.” Luke said as he placed his fangs above his mark and stayed still as he waited for my response. I was having such a hard time catching my breath and remembering how to form words.


“I-” His fangs pressed down a little deeper and I gasped at the burning pleasure. “I’ll stay, please Luke.” As the words left my mouth his fangs broke my skin and if felt like the entire world had come to a complete stop.


When the feeling stopped my heart fell as I opened my eyes to see that I was lying on Luke's bed, I was a little confused about how I got here. I could feel Luke's arms around me holding me from behind and I was very tired as I fell into the comfortable warm feeling. I wanted to face Luke, not the windows. I twisted and wiggled until I was finally facing Luke, he was just looking down at me with a small smirk on the corner of his lips. I glared at him, but didn't really care as I cuddled up to him; I was feeling tired and wanted to sleep. I was stopped when I felt his lips on my cheek; I opened my eyes to see Luke just staring down at me with a look of contemplation on his face.


“What are you looking at?” I asked as he just kept staring at me and did nothing else, it made me feel weird.


“You’re just so beautiful Annie; I wish I could kiss you.” He said as he laid his head down so we were face to face. I cupped his face with my hand.


“Luke.” I said as he grabbed my hand and brought it to his lips and genitally kissed the tops of my fingertips.


“I know Annie, it’s okay, I understand. It’s just hard to get rid of all the hopes and dreams I had.” Luke released my hand and laid it on the pillow next to me. A confused look masked my face, I wasn’t really sure what this conversation had turned into.


“What is it Annie?” He asked with his eyes closed.


“I want you to kiss me, Luke.” His eyes flashed open with a look of shock clearly evident on his face.


“You want me to kiss you, truly kiss you?” I nodded and I felt his arm tighten around me. “Annie, I would give anything to kiss you, but I can’t.” My heart fell, I don't understand why he wouldn't kiss me, and he said he wanted to.


I laid there confused, rejected and complete taken back by his comments, what was wrong with him. He said he wanted to kiss me I told him I wanted him to kiss me yet he wouldn’t. I felt really unsettled and I knew it was late but I needed to talk to Macy because it just didn't make any sense to me and I didn't want to be around Luke the second after he just shot me down. I sat up brushing Luke's arms from me and sliding to the edge of the bed. I needed to get out of this room as I felt the sharp burning pain pierce my heart again. I need to run away from here quickly, so I got up and started walking to the door but was stopped when Luke appeared in front of me.


“You said you would stay with me.” Luke said, looking tired and hurt as he blocked my way to the door.


“I did stay, I want to leave now.” I said dropping my eyes to the floor, not wanting him to see the pain in my eyes.


“Why?” I didn't have the courage to look him in the eyes; I could tell that he was upset.


“What did I do? I was just holding you, I can try not to if it will make you stay,” I just shook my head as he took a step toward me, “Annie, please you can’t leave yet, I’m not ready to wake up.” I looked up at him confused by his words but had to look away because the pain in his eyes was unbearable to see.


“Luke, you are awake, what’s wrong with you?” I felt his hand touch my arm.


“This is my dream Annie, you asked me to kiss you. That only happens in my dreams; in life you would never let me get close enough to hold your hand.” I looked at him confused and bewildered at what he was saying.


“Luke, this is not a dream.” I said as I took his hand in mine.


“Yes it is, what other reason could there be for you want to kiss me?” I shook my head thinking of why I wanted him to kiss me; I didn't know what to say to make him understand.


I stood there wracking my brain of what to say, when I looked back to see him just staring down at me with those broken eyes. I never realized how said he truly was and it was all joyful, he loved me and I treated him so bad, I tricked him and now he would never believe that I would want him. He has every right not to trust me, but I need him to just try and believe me and then we can move on maybe. I could just grab him and kiss him but I knew that he was strong enough to resist me. There was a knock at the door.


“What?” Luke growled at whoever was on the other side of the door.


“I have a note that I need to give to Annie.” I heard Macy say from the other side of the door, Luke and I looked at each other confused.


Why was Macy trying to give me a note and at a time like this? Heck maybe we were dreaming this. Luke walked over to the door and opened, closed it, and walked back over to me and handed me the note. I looked at the piece of paper that was folded twice and opened it and almost laughed when I read the five words written on the paper in all capital letters.








I looked back at it and I took a deep breath and tried to get a grip on what I was about to do. I do love him, he is my mate and I will not let him be with another person. If I didn't do it now I would lose him and I just couldn't let that happen.


“Luke, I love you.” He stood still for a very long time; it seemed like eternity until he took a step closer to me.


“Do you mean that, do you truly mean that with your whole heart?” Luke stared into my eyes.


“Yes, I love you and I want to be with you.” He brought me closer until we were an inch apart.


“First, you have to promise me something.” I whimpered as he spoke, his lips were a breath away and I could almost feel them.


“Anything, just kiss me.”


“You have to marry me, and before you agree, you must know that it’s a binding contract. There is no backing out of it.” Luke said this quietly. I wasn’t sure if I had heard him right but the silence that followed was excruciating, all I knew was that I loved the man in front of me than I ever thought possible.


“Yes.” Luke pressed his lips to mine and the thoughts of the future was swept away while the present filled the void. Hope coursed through my veins and Luke wound his arms around my back, holding my head in place to not break the kiss. Everything but him washed away, the sadness, the guilt, everything. He lowered me gently onto his bed.


Luke slowly broke the kiss and I felt something cold slide across my finger. I didn’t have to look to know what it was.


“I love you Annie.”





hello there, first thank you all for reading my story i love all your comments, i am sad to say this is the last chapter thats being published on this site.  there is a couple more chapters that will be put into the published version of the book, but i can promise that its not hurting the the readers who can or dont want to buy the book.

second there is going to be a second book it is called "So i sold my sister" it will not be started tell january cause i need time to finish this book and get it out there for the holiday season.

third if you are interested in buying the book it will be digital and paperback published just add me on as a friend on wattpad or go to the facebook fan page and updates will be made regularly with new info

thank you to my editor and all you wonderfull fans that have stuck with me throught this time, this story is here because of your suport and incurgment to keep me writing.






Submitted: October 15, 2012

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Love the story.

Mon, October 15th, 2012 3:56am


Love it.

Mon, October 15th, 2012 6:02am


OMG!!! >< I WANNA BUY THIS BOOK!!!! How much do you think it will go for? o.o?

Mon, October 15th, 2012 6:50am

Isabella Marie

Love it love it love it! I am so glad they finally said I love you and together at long last! i'll be sad to see them go. Looking forward to the next one. Yay!

Mon, October 15th, 2012 11:08am


Amazing read!

Mon, October 15th, 2012 6:38pm


Wonderful!! I wish you could post the last chapters and then take them all down when you publish it.. but oh well. Well written :) -star

Tue, October 16th, 2012 12:02am

yue thao

I wanna buy!!!
Dang it , u left me out on the good part... ;;

Tue, October 16th, 2012 12:47am


Omg loved this story read the whole book today I thought it was amazing I loved all the characters especially Luke

Tue, October 16th, 2012 7:11am


how romantic i have forever for you to finish this story. you should write a sequel jackie because it would be fantastic. and you are a great writer!!!!! :)

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Nicely done. You had me on my toes waiting for updates! You are very talented and keep up the great writing!!!

Thu, October 18th, 2012 3:04pm

The Introvert


Sun, October 21st, 2012 7:44pm





Mon, October 22nd, 2012 5:36pm


Great way to end this awesome story your an incredible talented writer with an amazing imagination kmu of ant more stories you write

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Meant to Be Me

My!! Ur story made me cry not just once but more than twice!! Its the most interesting story i have read till now. I love your writing

Thu, July 25th, 2013 5:54pm

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