L'Amour Vampire

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I am Petri, 21 years old, of the Vampire Empire, and I'm on a mission to save my kingdom. I will do anything for my vampire comrades, yet they task at hand is to make a princess, the one the call the snow queen for her heart as cold as ice, fall in love with me. She is kind, understanding, and beautiful, yet she's also stubborn, annoying, and clusmy. It's my job to make her fall in love with me, so why am I falling in love with her?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - L'Amour Vampire

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



I am Petri of the Vampire Empire; and I am currently on a journey. We need more land for our empire. Our population has risen by extreme measures, and we do not have enough land to shelter everyone, nor crops to sell to for our country to have money. Thus, I’m searching for rich land in order to help my vampire comrades. I will not disappoint them. I walked off from them with no words and I will return to them with hope.


I blinked open my eyes from the cave and noticed the distance I was from the sunlight and sat up with fear. I was one of those people who weren’t as effect by the sunlight, however if I had slept for a few hours with it covering my skin I would’ve gotten bad burns. Still a little weary of the sunlight I pulled my cloak around myself. I looked through the cave to see the sun setting on the mountains of the other side. No wonder they sunlight had gone to deep into the cave. I took scooted back a bit and sat against the caves end and rubbed my hair which now was filthy since I’d been traveling for a month without having a chance to bathe. So far all the land I have passed was mountains, which would have no use for farming. I waited staring at the sunset. I was mesmerized by the sun. Why? Why must such a beautiful and graceful thing be so close yet so far? Was it punishment from God? Such a wonderful thing, and I’m not allowed to feel its warmth. I sighed as it fell down just below the clouds. I slowly stood up and tried to take a step yet stumbled a bit and my eyes blacked out on me for a second. I felt like I had my soul snatched up from me, yet it returned back after 2 seconds after that feelings. I scratched my head again and looked at the 2 rabbits lying dead on the side of the cave. They did no good for me just like I’d thought; I need something more than that. I walked out of the cave and my coat followed me like a shadow, and as I ran to travel over what seemed to be the last mountains, it blended into the darkness, letting my light blue eyes glow bright enough to light up so you could see my pale skin and blonde hair.

I pulled myself up one last time and stood onto of the mountain and my breath had left me. All of it, it was plains for acres to acres. Not much of it was even covered in farm-land yet. I looked down as saw an old man with a cart of hay directing his donkey on the road as he held a lamp, he had obviously had started to pack everything up a little later then he should have, most farmers would finish at sunset. I blinked again letting my vision return to it’s normally abilities and looked down. The mountain, chances of dying by sliding down it? :90/10 I grinned and took a hop before using my feet as my propeller to keep me from going too fast. Easy does it. I groaned as I felt the friction made me fall forward. I leaned my back and let myself tumbled in a ball, I’d only gone one fourth of the way down and my back and arms couldn’t heal fast enough.  I grabbed two stable rocks and flipped myself over and began to run on my feet so I wouldn’t fall forward. My arms and back slowly began to close up the wounds that were since I was still pushing myself it didn’t heal as fast as it normally would.  

I came to the bottom of the mountain and the cloud of the dirt’s dust faded away. I ran up to the cart. “Excuse me sir!” I shouted trying to get his attention. He turned around a little surprised to see me. “Can you tell me which way is the closet town?” I asked him.

“Ah, that would be the kingdom’s capital. Go 10 miles then you’ll see a sign, I’m actually going past that time but I can give you a lift closer there.” His voice was slow yet kind. I sighed. There was no chance avoiding this though

“Thank you sir for you hospitality.  And I hope you forgive me, it’s just of my nature.” I told him before holding onto the cart and leaping up onto it. He looked at me confused bunching up the wrinkled on his forehead. But then he smiled warmly and turned around back to the road.

“Young people are so energetic.” He stated his last words as my fangs sunk into his soft skin. He gapped and tried to turn to me. This was what I needed, I had gone so long without this, this would make my stronger, yet he had a life, a family, but his life was almost anyway. Nevertheless if he was still a child I would’ve still done it. Or I’d die, and this trip would’ve been pointless.  I sank my fangs deeper into his neck vein and could feel the warm yet refreshing taste of the blood. I continued to drink until there was no more. My ability felt 10 times stronger and my eyes shined as bright as the moon. I looked at the old man and shut his eyes which were opened in shock. I gently picked him up and place him on the hay pile.

“Thank you.” I told him as I pulled his cart to the side of the rode and unhooked the horse. It neighed alarmed and jumped up on its two hind feet. It could sense I was a monster. I grabbed its reins and stared it right in the eye as calm as could be. I won’t hurt you. I told it through my mind and it slowly backed down understanding my words.  It had no saddle, and it’s only used for carrying things, but it would have to do. I wrapped my hand around its neck and leapt onto it. Go. I told it and it obeyed my order.


The horse trotted as we entered the wall’s of the kingdom. It was beautiful, the entire town was dark, yet the candles shined lighting it up and I could see the beautiful craftsmanship. Stop. I told the horse and he did. I sat in that exact position and stared at the castle. It was more magnificent then anything I’d ever seen. I lifted up my hand and tried to grasp it. We could invade their farm-land. Or perhaps even threaten them for land. That was my plan at first. However now, all I wanted was this kingdom. I slowly slipped off the horse and patted his face. I will call for you, and you will run to me. I told the horse and he neighed before trotting to the gate of the kingdom and walking to the forest.

“That guy is beautiful! It’s a shame though; he’s probably here for the same reason as all of them.” I turned around to see two women gossiping a few meters away. Well since I just got a boost of powers, it would’ve been a waste to not use them. I walked over to them and I could feel them getting excited.

I rubbed my hair and leaned back a little giving a confused yet seductive smile. Their heart-beats rose faster. “Excuse me, but do you know where there’s an inn I could stay at?” I asked using the most seductive voice I had. Their emotions rose and I snatched them away. Not only could I feed off of blood, but I could get some, however not much, emotions could also power me, especially love or anger, however excitement and the other emotions worked as well. They blinked confused and their heart-rate was normal. I returned to my normal pose and they pointed down the road.

“You should see an inn sign if you keep walking down.”  One of them told me still a little confused. I started to walk and raised my hand giving a quick wave of thanks without bothering to turn around.

When I eventually walked inside the inn the attendant was sitting in a chair sleeping on the check in counter. “Hey.” I said walking up to the guy. He looked younger than me; perhaps he was 15 or 16. He didn’t wake up and I rolled my eyes. I twisted my head and flicked his forehead trying to wake him up. His eyes flashed opened and he screamed. I took a step back and lifted an eyebrow. He took a deep breath and sighed relaxing. I’m really sorry. He said, his voice higher than I imagined it would be. “Do you have any rooms or not?” I asked him.

“Yeah, we- you’re eyes are glowing!” He stated the obvious and couldn’t calm down.

“It’s just the light.” I told him already used to that lie. I wasn’t about to say I was a vampire. He looked at me suspiciously and walked around me examining me.

“I don’t think you’ll make it. She’ll probably hate you.” He talked to himself.

“Excuse me?” What was his problem?

“The princess. That’s why you came right; to try to get her to marry you and earn the kingdom?” He asked me and he was slightly confused. I scoffed dumbfounded. What luck, I could easily capture a women’s heart, and I’d give my kingdom this land. I grinned on the inside of me. This shorty actually had helped me.

“Are you trying to scare me off or something?” I questioned him and his eyes widen as I uncovered what he was doing. “You know, I didn’t come here for that, but perhaps I’ll do that just because you said I couldn’t.” I shrugged and tapped the counter. “Now can I have a room?” I asked him with my most sinister grin. He crossed his arms and grunted. “Oh, well then go turn your parents you turned down a paying customer.” I told him and slowly went back to the door.

“Room 12, charge per night, 1 silver coin.” He said and I could hear the keys jingle as he tried to throw it straight at my head. I turned around and caught it in my teeth and tossed him a silver coin after reaching in my cloak and pulling it out. I picked the key out of my mouth and held it in my hand. “Actually, I think I’ll pay in advance. I plan to be here a week or so.” I told him pulling out the coins and putting it on the counter.  “You can keep the change if it I’m here that long.” I told him swinging the key on my finger.

“Yeah right, Penelope’s heart is like ice.” He warned me as I walked down the hall to the rooms. I opened the room and sat on the bed thinking of ways to make the princess fall for me. It would be easy, we would get land and the kingdom, and all I had to do was pretend I loved her. It wasn’t much of a sacrifice since I never really understood how to love someone, of course I liked my friends, my empire, but never have I really come to love someone. I’d probably never would anyways. I grinned, I was going to bring my empire happiness.

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