L'Amour Vampire

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



I sat in the dark room, it was morning, yet I had shut the curtains. I stared at my hands. I could do it; it was easy, I was just afraid. I stood up and walked to the curtains but sat back down again. If this scared me, I really was pathetic. There was a knock on my door and I quickly stood up. “Come in.” I said getting in a position to attack if needed to. The door opened and the guy from yesterday brought in a plate of food.

“This is breakfast.” He said and placed it down. “Wow it’s really dark in here; you shouldn’t waste sunlight like that.” He said going to the window.

“WAIT NO-“ I started to shout but he already opened the curtains all the way. I clocked my eyes. I felt warm, was I burning? I slowly opened one of my eyes to see the guy looking strangely at me. I looked at my arms, they weren’t burning. No, I was fine. It was just, warm. It felt nice. Normally I’d always burn from sunlight, even if it was just a little bit. “How’d you do that?” I asked him fascinated but then shut my mouth. I wasn’t supposed to let him, or anyone else know I was a vampire.

“Uh, I pulled the curtains in one direction?” He told me, fortunately not thinking the same thing as me. I nodded and looked at the food, I didn’t require food.  

“I’m going to check out town.” I told him and began changing my shirt. When I finished I turned around to see him staring out the window. He tapped it impatiently.

“Uh, you’re not going to eat it? I made it for you.” I looked at the plate of food.

“Why would you make me food don’t you hate me?” I asked sniffing the cup of tea for poison, I could only smell herbs.

“It’s just that you we’re the first person who still went to the princess after seeing me.” He announced. “And I got to admit I’m impressed. Name’s Alex. ” He admitted and turned around to face me. “And I charged you more then I should’ve.” He sheepishly said with a laugh then stared at me for my reaction. I had already assumed he had, 1 silver per night, I mean really. He then stared at the food on the desk and I ended up picking up the glass of tea. I drank it all and his jaw dropped. I lifted an eyebrow at him, what was wrong with it? I turned around to check if there was something behind me.

“Ah no sorry.” Alex glanced at the window and then at the empty glass of water and began to laugh on his way out.  I licked the insides of my cheeks and realized he had put an herb that would knock a normal human out.  Now it was my turn to be the evil one.  I pulled down the tray and cup to the floor and lied on the floor with my eyes closed. In his mind he would’ve thought it had worked. I heard footsteps returning back and I could feel him leaning down to pick up the stuff. “For a second I didn’t think it worked! This’ll keep him out for days; he’ll never make it to any of the King’s meetings for his daughter.” He chuckled.

I grabbed his wrist, which I noticed was rather small, and grinned. “Boo.” He screamed and dropped the tray again. “Ow you scream like a girl.” I told him rubbing my ears before grabbing my cloak and walking away.

“HOW DID YOU-“ Alex started to say but I was already out of the inn. At least he’d given me some information about how I could meet the princess. I walked towards the castle, if I failed this, I’d have to keep searching, and that wouldn’t be able to see my comrades for even longer amount of time.

Without realizing it I had attracted a lot of attention. “He has blonde hair, I heard only royalty have blonde hair!” One of them said. “He looks elegant he probably is royalty!” Another said. “Yeah, yeah! I mean he’s going to the direction for the castle.” I stopped walking; they were annoying and drawing more attention to me.

I turned around to face the few women and children who were curiously following me. I gave a polite grin. “Don’t you think it’s rude to gossip?” I questioned them then turned around again and couldn’t hear them following me anymore. Why had I done that? My head throbbed and I was confused why. It was just a head-ache, I’d be fine. I noticed my breathing starting too heavy slightly and my footsteps slower at every step I took. Perhaps those herbs actually worked they just took time to effect. I went to the side of the road and put my hand on one of the stores. I was so close to the castle yet at the same time I couldn’t make it, I felt too weak. Was it blood? I had just had some yesterday! That should’ve lasted me 3 weeks or 4 if I didn’t use my powers a lot.

“Hey are you okay?” Someone ask me and as I began to turn around I tumbled forward. I couldn’t sweat, but I felt so hot and I couldn’t focus right. “Are you drunk? Or- Wow you’re really burning up! Come inside, come on.” I couldn’t see who was talking to me but they seemed very kind. Once again I’d probably have to drink a kind person again. I felt myself being guided inside somewhere, they helped me sit down on a chair and I felt slightly better and placed my head on something cool and smooth and I think it was a golden color. “Maria, is this guy drunk?” The voice asked someone else and I could hear their footsteps and a cool hand tapped my face.

“Oh, no Penny this guy is sick. He has a high fever!” A second voice announce. “I’ll go get some herbs to help him.” The second voice said and I could hear their footsteps leaving.

“Herbs won’t help me.” I admitted breathing a big sigh through my nose and smelling something sweet, like flowers. “Am I lying on flowers? I like flowers, they’re so free yet so many people pluck them, it’s a shame because they can’t defend themselves.” I asked smelling again. I laughed. Flowers, those were nice. “Why is it so hot though? I don’t like the heat.” I found myself acting childish and whining.

“Well you are sick.” The kind voice said. “Do you have any friends or family we can contact for you?” I frowned.

“That’s mean. Are you mocking me?” I complained and my vision fixed a little bit.

“Huh? No I’m just” She started to tell me but I found myself interrupting her.

“They’re gone. My family is gone, and my friends are far away. But they’ll die soon, people want us dead and if they’re not killed then they’ll snap each other’s necks off so I have to save them.” I found myself explaining. “When I save them we’ll celebrate like this!” I leapt forward with arms opened nibbling what seemed like skin. Then I was pulled back quickly.

“Penny, don’t let him do that! I don’t really think he’s sick he’s just trying to play around with you.” The second voice I assumed was Maria said.

“Maria, just help him. Let me decide my own judgment.” The kind one, who I assumed was Penny said. There was a big sigh.

“Okay, last time you went to sleep?” Maria asked me and I could hear her pouring something.

“I never go to sleep silly!” I laughed. What a weird question! Vampires don’t need sleep! Maria stopped what she was doing and slowly put down what she was pouring.

“What did you last eat?”

“Well, I wouldn’t exactly consider it eating.” I explained and laughed.

“Just tell me what it was!” Maria said and she continued to pour and I could feel her shadowing me with the cup. Oh! What if it was blood! I’d feel better. I turned to the cup but I still felt out of focus and nauseous so it took me a while. I leaned my head down and bumped the cup with my teeth. I picked up the cup with my shaky hands. I laughed childishly and attempt to drink the cup.

“WHAT THE HELL DID YOU PUT IN THIS?!” I screamed jumping back to my senses. I started to cough; I was choking, or perhaps even…

“Wow that worked fast. Well, I put some lemon,” no, don’t tell me, “water,” please, anything but, “chamomile,” I’m begging you “And garlic.” I’m dead.

I went onto the floor and began to cough so much that I had to speak between coughs. “Are” cough. “You” cough “Trying to” Cough cough. “KILL ME?!” I ended up forcing myself to puke on the wooden floor. Yet it was already too late, it didn’t work. “Sorry, there’s only one way.” I said with my eye vision out of focus. “I will not die yet, I will not disappoint them.” I said turning around to see the worried yet confused two people.  I leaned to the closet one and sharpened my fangs. I sunk them into the nape of her neck and felt slight satisfaction. How many times did I do this? How many times did I have to? Why must I be a monster? I breathed through my nose and had the refreshing smell of flowers. Flowers… they’re so defenseless. I instantly stopped and retracted my fangs. “Flower” I mutter, and for the first time, I didn’t suck someone to death.

“What the hell did you do?!” Maria screamed at me and threw me back. I looked at my bloody hands. Humans, I finally understood. I was always attacking them for fun, but they’re so defenseless, I shouldn’t have done that. Never again would I. Like a flower, I just plucked it away, it’s too fragile to fight back. I shook. I, I was a monster. “Penny! PENNY! Are you alive?! Pen…” Maria began to cry. Then why are you just sitting there? I stood up and walked towards Penny.

“Magic to bring back the dead is impossible, however. She is not dead.” I told Maria and learned to Penny. “To undo what you’ve done, you must do the opposite.” I explained. “Sorry Penny please forgive me for this.” I leaned to where I had bit her on the neck and gently kissed her there my touch healing the wound so blood wouldn’t flow out. I pulled back. “And I apologize for the frightful experience as well.” I made a mark on her forehead and there was glow, she wouldn’t remember it. I kneeled down to Maria and quickly made the mark on her forehead too and she looked at me confused.

“Who are you?” She asked me.

“Oh, you fell down, but don’t you remember? I found this girl nearly passing out outside, so I brought her here to the little hospital.” I told Maria after realizing where we were. She glanced over and noticed Penny and her eyes widen with realization. I waved a goodbye but Maria grabbed my arm.

“Thank you, you’re a very good person, please I must give you something as a reward!” She said with a smile. I felt guilty. However it would’ve been worse if they had remembered that.

“Ah. No.” I said and walked out. I felt the sun on me and felt hot again. That was it wasn’t it? The reason I had gotten sick. The sun, it still affected me.

I grabbed the door to the inn and swung it open desperate to go inside away from the hot sun. I shut the door with a loud slam and turned around to see Alex looking at me startled.  “You’ve only be gone for, say 2 hours. What did our town revolute you?” He asked joking around pointing at my face, it obviously looked sick, and not to mention my face was pale. I gave him a deadly glare; I didn’t find his laughter amusing. He noticed my annoyance and laughed louder. How in the world was he not scared of me? He was an idiot, it was that simple.

“Hey, when’s that tea-party?” I asked Alex taking a seat on a couch while gripping the table in front of me to hold my balance. He looked at me and shrugged. His outside said I didn’t know, but his mind said at sunset. I didn’t have a strong level of power left since the sun nearly killed me, so I quickly fled out of his mind.  I tapped my fingers on the table getting ready to steady myself as I lifted myself up. Sunset, it was such a perfect timing. I slowly walked backed to my room, I needed to hurry, I’d planned to only drink animal’s blood now; and that wouldn’t last me long.

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