L'Amour Vampire

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013



I stared at the curtains and at it's bottom just a tiny ounce of sunlight began to turn orange. I got up  from the bed on cue, my head more focused now and grabbed my coat which hung on my bed post. I quickly put it on along with my shoes. I stretched out my arms and legs and walked out the door expecting to see Alex making an excuse to stop me from leaving. I walked over to the lounge and am shocked that he's not there. Oh well, less trouble for me.

I made my way to the castle, it was much easier than this afternoon when the sun was blazing, and noticed everyone starting to pack things up. This was the exact opposite of my town, everyone would start to unpack things in my town. Eventually I end up in front of the castle's walls where two guards stand in place guarding the door. Hmm, perhaps Alex was thinking of something else when I read his mind. Nevertheless, I'll still ask the guards when it is. I walks 5 steps and they say the words I've always heard in my kingdom, and they blocked the gate with their spears. "HALT! State you're propose!" I grin friendly and put my hands up in a tone which indicates harmless.

"I heard there was a party today for the princess.I wanted to check it out." I said innocently.

"Only nobles are allowed in, please return home." The guard on the left said. I sighed. I thought this would be the case, but I'd rather it not be.

"I am a noble." I told them with no hesitation.

The guards looked at each other surely not believing me. "You have no proof." They stated. This was great, these guards weren't stupid. I reached into my pocket and fumbled searching for it.

"Wait a minute! Aren't you the guy who saved Penny?" A woman asked from inside the gate, and instantly I looked up. Maria from earlier was there. My eyes widen, no, I came here to get away from them, why is she here? "Let him in, I owe him a favor." Maria ordered the guards and they opened the gate just like that. No backing down now. I walked in towards Maria and she smiled with gratitude. "That person you saved, was the King's niece!" She explain to me guiding me to a tunnel which lead through the castle, and I assumed to the outside quarters.

"Ah Maria Just who I wanted to see. We're-" A guard, well, he looked more important than a guard because of what he was wearing, I assumed a high knight. However, he was short. He pointed at me, and I pointed at him. No way, are you kidding me? "IT'S YOU!" We both shouted at the same time.

"Sir Alexander you know him? He's the one who save Penny from the Diamond kingdom." Maria told Alex, the guy who could definitely be no older than 17. I swore, how was he a high knight?

"Ah, Alex, we meet again, last time you tried to poison me as I recall." I gave a big grin, I honestly didn't like this kid. Maria gave a slight gasp.

"Don't get me wrong, you were suspicious, it seems though you are noble to get into this place. However if you aren't I can't allow you to pass." Alex said drawing his sword and planting it on the ground in front of him.

"Sir Alexander, please he's my guest." Maria said, however he didn't budge. I sighed. I had to ways to resort to.

"How about a duel instead?" I quirked with a evil grin. No way he could refuse.

Alex picked up his sword and placed it inside. "What a lovely idea. However it is also very foolish, let's fight in front of everyone then shall we?" He said turning around and guiding me to the party.

We walked out of the tunnel and there were a few tables set with white table-clothes. Maidens and who knows how important men where sitting at. It seemed as if the guest of honor wasn't here yet though, I could tell just by the aurora.

"Attention guests of this month's tea party!" Alex announced and it got silent as everyone turned toward him. "I hope to entertain you with a duel of myself, and...-" He began to say yet had no idea who I was.

"I am Petri." I announced giving a polite bow. As I rose I felt peering eyes from above and looked at one of the towards to see someone quickly shut the curtains from one of the windows. Alexander ushered a guard to hand him his sword, which looked very, very large and heavy. If I was a normal peasant it would've been heavy, however, I was trained for sword-fighting, and not to mention my extra abilities as a vampire. I grabbed the handle and swung the sword around trying to the get the hang of it. "Ah, this will do." Alex looked as if he couldn't believe it. He came close to shake my hand and when he did he whispered in my ear.

"Don't cry if I cut you're pretty face." He threatened and before he pulled back I warned him as well.

"As long as you don't scream once your feet are gone and you end up even shorter." I smiled wickedly at him and backed up getting into a position ready to fight. The guard who had given me his sword waved a red flag, and we began. Right when Alexander was going to blink I gave a swipe of the sword and grinned to myself.

"Ha, you didn't even cut me!" Alexander chuckled taking a step forward.

"That wasn't the goal." I explained and pointed to his clothes which slipped off after I'd cut the stapes. He quickly ran off. "I believe that states I won." I announced and the audience laughed. I handed the sword back to the guard who looked utterly shocked. "Thanks."

"You entirely humiliated my friend." A cold voice said and everyone stopped laughing. They turned around as did I. It looked like Penny, yet with a harder face, longer hair, and a more mature body. She looked cold as ice. By her aurora she looked as if she'd experienced everything in life.

"My deepest apologizes, Princess Penelope." I bowed.

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